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Defender - Peter Andre (Single)

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Review of "Defender - Peter Andre (Single)"

published 09/07/2015 | Expo
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"Defend My Ears"

Pete looking uncomfortable showing off his crouch on the single cover

Pete looking uncomfortable showing off his crouch on the single cover

Defend My Ears


Defender was a single release by Peter Andre and written by Peter Himself, Dantae Johnson and Nait Rawknait Masuku. Apart from Peter the other two are relatively unknown and work for Conehead Management who who brought this single to Market, they are well know for dealing with failed pop stars such as Rhydian and Dane Bowers. The song was on Peters Album “Accelerate” album and was marketed using performances on This Morning, The Alan Titchmarsh Show and Strictly come dancing which If I was watched this programs I would be appalled that they let such an artist market there sub par music this way.

The song was released on the 24th October 2010 for digital download and on hard copy the day after exclusively to Asda (everyone else must have had the sense to not let this be sold). It was supported by a video that had dance moves based on Janet Jacksons Rhythm Nation, not the best way to stand out pete? but I suppose it was tried and tested, In this review, I will be looking at the following : -
  • The Lyrics & The Melody
  • The Listen
  • Chart Performanc
  • Price & Availability
  • Recommendation and conclusion

The Lyrics & The Melody

The lyrics like most of Peter Andre's song are relatively weak and you could say you need to be defended from them. I would recommend if you don't like reading trash skip reading the lyrics I have included, the.

The song starts of with the lyrics

“I’ll be your defender.
I’ll be your defender. “

Moving on to the lyrics :-

“When the days are dark,
And the nights are only getting longer
When you’ve lost your heart,
And it seems the opposition is getting stronger “

Showing us that the song is about defending a person who has had some kind of heartache in the past, which Peter wants to help them defend them from, although how do you defend someone from something that's already happened?

The song moves on with the following verse

“If ever you cry,
And the enemy calls your name.
I’ll take a fight,
I’ll never leave your side. “

By which point however I'm losing interest in what he's actually saying in the song, but this bit is about staying by this special someone's side who he wants to defend.

This is followed by the verse:-

“So baby don’t sleep on me.
I Know you’ve met a lot of guys with super egos,
But I’m going to save your heart like a super hero.
Yes I’m, Gonna protect you,
Never leave your side, I’ll be here to protect you.
They can say what they want, they can all surround me,
But I’m gonna save your front like a military army. “

These are relatively poor lyrics for a main opening verse and quite hard to remember which is bad for a pop song, they seem like they have been written by a child who is writing a poem as part of there English school work however they continue on with the basis of the song which as I have stated is about defending that special someone.

This is followed by the lyrics

“No I’m, not a pretender
I’m here for you, I’ll be your defender. “

All I can say is good use of Rhyming Pete. Sticks a smiley face stamp on the work

Then we get a treat, which is the first use of the chorus,

“Baby don’t sleep on me,
Let me give you everything that you need. (oh wooah)
I’ll be your defender, I be I be I’ll be your defender.
And every time your world comes crashing down.
If you need a shoulder baby I’m around for ya
I’ll be your defender, I be I be I’ll be your defender.“

For a pop song this a poorly constructed chorus and like the opening verse is hard to remember, not that you want to remember this. I would go on with the rest of the lyrics analysing them fully however they all follow the same line which I would describe as cheesy, boring and childishly written. The lyrics are poorly constructed and unmemorable. You can find the full lyrics on AtoZ Lyrics if you really want to be disappointed. I think the concept of the song was a good idea that could be built on for a good writer but execution was awful, it's something that's almost unbearable to listen to or read.

The melody fades in with some piano based music which is built on with the use of percussion instruments and a repetitive beat that plays right through the song, the tempo doesn't change much until the song fades in and out again, the melody doesn't seem to help Pete sing the lyrics and at points they seem missed matched to what the vocals are doing, It not very memorable and almost drowns out Pete's singing for most the song as he is such a quiet vocalist, I will say this the lyrics compliment the melody as they're both dreadful.

My Listen

So the first time I herd this song, I woke up in the morning and checked my e-mails as usual and had a purchase confirmation from iTunes, to my surprise it was Peter Andre song which I wouldn't of bought but it turns out my girlfriend at the time would, this was an unpleasant surprise. I went on to iTunes and had a listen to the song, I was utterly disappointed that someone would let this come to market never mind that someone would be stupid enough to buy it. I listened to the song right through and forgot all the lyrics pretty soon after as well as the melody, thankfully. I remember thinking is Pete doing the Eurovision as it had that amateur feel to it. Words can describe how mad I was that I had to pay for this.

I had the unforunate issue of this appearing on shuffle a couple of times, which i skipped as qucik as I could. I never wanted to this song again. I had to share how awful it was though with you guys, I'm sorry if you end up listen to this and are nor pelased.

Chart Performance

As you can imagine the single didn't do amazingly well and only charted at a peak of number 14 on the singles chart and weirdly number 2 on the Indie chart, what I will say about this is the fact that people bought this and allowed it go into the charts at all is atrocious , I will also state this is not Indie music and who decided it was is disgraceful person. Thankfully people are a bit sane and it dropped out the top 40 within in 3 weeks and very nearly within two weeks.

In regards to the single performance in general it was one of those songs that's there and gone the you tube video which is terrible has only had 870,000 hits which is pretty low for a pop song and it hasn't had many plays on spotify. It's unlikely that you will here this song on any radio station but might be played in TK Maxx. The song had absolutely no chance of doing well and I feel sorry for peter if he thought it did as he seems like a nice guy, but the song had no longevity which is where artists make most there money building on a portfolio.

Price and Availability

Defender is available on iTunes for a phenomenally expensive 79p on digital download, you can also get the single on hard copy for 6.99 on Amazon and listen to it on Spotify if either a premium or free user. I will say this the single is available but this doesn't mean you should buy it or listen to it. If you want to see a rip off of Janet Jacksons Rhythm nation dance video you can also watch a less then spectacular performance on you tube for free. I really must stress I think paying anything for this single is a bad idea you would be better off giving it to a more worthwhile cause such as the budget deficit.

Conclusion and recommendation

I conclude this song is terrible but thankfully its also not catchy which is good beacuse you really don't want to remember this song, I know I really didn't. I will never understand why Pete' keeps trying to make it big again as he is much better at Iceland adverts rather then singing, so I hope he just sticks with that in future, I wouldn't recommend you listen to this single but if you need me to defend your ears I promise I'm not a pretender baby and I will be your defender, you should of just gone to Iceland.

Thanks for reading, I am very sorry you had to see Peter's Lyrics.

Disclosure : I do not own the lyrics thankfully and they belong to the writers and artist, I can claim no right to them as part of my review.

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