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Dell Inspiron 1300

The Dell Inspiron 1300 provides an affordable solution with robust features to create a practical wide-screen notebook for essential computing tasks. ...

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published 06/02/2012 | doriee.jay
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"Dell Inspiron 1300"


The dell inspiron 1300 is a 15.4 inch notebook, from research this looks like it came out in 2005 however this was given to my sister a few years ago and now my notebook is being repaired I am forced to use this as a back up. The inspiron is made of a sturdy thick plastic unlike other laptops that are made with aluminium and plastic. The lid is very thick measuring almost an inch thick which compared to today's standards this is extremely unnecessary and hideous. The base of the laptop measures just over an inch thick so as you can imagine this is not very light weight. The screen itself measures approximately 13 inches and I'm not sure if it is LCD or not. The keyboard itself it located in the centre of the laptop below that in the middle in the touch pad and the mouse left and right keys. This laptop is a dark silver and a grey/black colour, because this is so old I very much doubt that this comes in any different colours but I'm sure you can get laptop covers to fit it as it's the same size as a normal laptop.
Keyboard and touch pad

All the keys that would be on a full sized keyboard aren't here but the majority of the keys are present such as all letters, numbers, F numbers, arrow keys and significant others. The keyboard itself is set into the base of the laptop but the keys are slightly raised, they are the thin type keys but the very old version, so they have slanted sides and are very square making them seem very bulky compared to today's keys, Because they're flat it easier to type a lot faster but because of the slanted sides sometimes I do stumble over the keys and type the wrong letters in words this proves to be a lot of effort to type because you have to go back and correct yourself. The mouse pad on this is tiny considering the size of the laptop measuring only 3 inches by 2.5 inches approximately, this is also set into the base by a few millimetres this does get annoying with it being so small because it means instead of doing one big scroll across the page you have to do several small scrolls making you take more time so it isn't very efficient. The buttons are very small and sometimes I press the wrong one but this doesn't really do a lot of harm.
Cleaning the laptop

Like everything else, you're going to have to give this a good scrub. Just getting a really lightly damp cloth you can run this over the casing and the screen without doing any damage. You're also going to have to do this to the keys but a little harder because it's proven your keyboards can carry the most bacteria because we touch it a lot! Because this is an old laptop there are lots of gaps between the casing and the laptop, so if you can get a cotton bud, lightly wet it (HARDLY WET) and run this around the outside of the keyboard, this will pick up any dust, crumbs and where ever else might be hiding down there also the mouse pad that is set in the base you will need to lean the edges of this with a cotton bud too.
Set up, Start up and connectivity

I can't really comment on the set up because it was handed to me already done, but it will be done the same way every laptop is done, with installation disks which will come with the laptop, just put the disk in, turn it on and follow the instructions while doing this set up you will have to put all your internet details in as well. Starting this up is very slow, the power button is a big silver button located above the keyboard, the lights will flash green and it will start turning on, the process takes several minutes before the windows loading screen comes up, when it does load to the main screen, this takes a further 2 - 3 minutes before it is fully ready to use. This is frustrating especially when your in a hurry and it's taking ages to open Google chrome. This will automatically connect to the internet you set this to in the set up, if not all you have to do is double click on the wireless internet located at the bottom and click the right connection which will be yours.

I don't think this originally had windows XP on it considering it's age but turning it on now it has XP on it because I think my brother updated it when my sister first got it second hand. My sister decided and was successful in deleting the hand installed drivers, they we're installed manually because the laptop is so old, I don't know what these are but I don't that they set up the presentation of the laptop, browsers and other things. My sister deleted them by accident and we've never been able to find the right ones to install again so when opening up internet explorer it took several minutes to load the page and even then, it was plain white with a few black lines and a search bar, this wasn't acceptable so it took me around 15 minutes the other week to download Google Chrome (something that should take less than a minute) After installing this the internet browser loaded considerably faster so I think it was a mixture of missing some of the much needed drivers and the fact internet explorer is on it's way out. As for other programmes it only really comes with what it needs, it doesn't have any Microsoft software not even Microsoft office, this doesn't bother me much because I do have different ways of pre writing my reviews on the laptop.
USB, Disc Drive and Durability

This has 3 USB ports for camera, camcorders, Ipod wires and anything else you might need to plug in, these are all located on the left hand side of the laptop, 2 above each other and one at the side, this would make it difficult if you are trying to use all 3 at the same time because they aren't spaced out there might not be enough room. The is also a head phones port, I plug my Ipod speaker into my laptop through this port and play music via Itunes or youtube. There is a disc drive on the right hand side of the laptop, This is for DVD's specifically however you can put installation disks in this or any other disc that you might need. So far the durability has been good considering it came out in 2005 and we got it second hand and I'm using it now third hand. This has been dropped countless times and it does make a massive thud, it has two keys missing from being dropped, the F6 button and the [ button is missing however you can still press them without the key, also the hinges for the lid which is now squeaky and lose so when I type really fast it does rock about and squeak, but through all this it still lives.
Downloading, Gaming and Watching movies

There's certain essentials a young person like myself will need and the first one is Itunes, we all have an ipod meaning we all need itunes, downloading this on here takes a few minutes longer than it should and the start up of it is slow, but once it is open it runs smooth and fine, other things that might be needed are an up to date MSN, I don't use this but for the purpose of the review I just downloaded it and it took again several minutes for it to completely install, which isn't bad. If you download music or films, Music takes a few seconds to get a song and films take a considerable amount of time, more than they should some can take up to a day to download, I put this down to my sisters error rather than the laptops fault. Watching films is a little awkward, it does have the dvd rom already installed so you just have to put it in and it loads automatically and the programme opens on it's own, The film takes awhile to start and is a little jumpy at first but then it sorts itself out and runs very smoothly. As for gaming this does have a Graphics card but an old one so this is fine for old PC games but cannot play with ease new PC games because of course the graphics are bigger. It is hard playing some facebook games even so I wouldn't recommend that you use this to play games although it seem like that's what this laptop was best for when it came out.
Battery power

The wire on the battery pack is really long which is handy but it isn't very compact, the laptop with the wire takes a couple of hours to charge until it is 100% This is then supposed to last 4 hours without the wire in although it doesn't it lasts about 2-3 hours, this is probably because of the use and the age of it however you can't have this without the wire because the screen is very dim and you can hardly see because it's saving power where as with the wire in it is very bright.

  • Intel Pentium M Processor 740 (1.73GHz/2MB Cache/400MHz FSB*)
  • 15.4-inch WXGA display
  • 512MB of RAM (2 stick configuration)
  • Intel integrated Media Accelerator 900 graphics card
  • 60GB Hard Drive (5400RPM)
  • 24x CD Burner/DVD Combo drive
  • Dell 1470 Internal Wireless 802.11a/b/g
  • 56Kbps Modem and Integrated Network Card (ethernet)
  • Dimensions: Height 1.41", Width 14.0", Depth 10.5"
  • Weight: 6.7lbs (with 4-cell battery)
  • 4-cell Lithium Ion Battery
  • Ports: 3 USB 2.0, VGA out, Modem RJ-11, Ethernet RJ-45, audio line-out (for speakers headphones), external microphone port, ExpressCard 34 slot

At this point in my life this insprion 1300 is a life saver, I don't think my net book will be able to be fixed so until I can save up enough money I will have to use this laptop, it is very bulky and heavy meaning I can't really transport this anywhere except to and from my bedroom and to another room, I have to take the wire everywhere too otherwise the screen is ridiculously dim, the speed of the start up is annoying as is the speed of loading the internet browser, I choose not to watch films or play games on this because I think it would in the end be a big waste of my time but having said all that it's perfect for general browsing and review writing(once the browser loads)

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    Great review. E.
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    Excellent review. John
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    i like Dell and try to stick with them when i can
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The Dell Inspiron 1300 provides an affordable solution with robust features to create a practical wide-screen notebook for essential computing tasks. With the latest Intel processor available, the 1300 is optimized for mobile computing without sacrificing performance and provides basic multimedia with a wide-aspect display.


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