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I have my 2nd Dell desktop pc now, at present I have a dimension 5100 bought august 2005. I have full warrenty- 3 years at home cover.
I am using windows XP service pack 2, home edition- paid extra for a GE Force 6800 graphics card, a sound blaster 5.1 surround sound card, 5.1 speaker set up, floppy drive, modem, and a multimedia keyboard & laser mouse.

when I bought this pc- it was the most current model in the '5' range- which is midrange. But as I put in better hardware- its better than a basic would be.

I bought this pc from RAJESH MENON, via the phone- not just via the net. This salesperson, like all Dell's staff- Is based in India, and at the end when you give your credit card details, will say ' if anything isn't right, just email me or call me (they will give you an extension number) and I will sort it out.


My pc arrived several days late, apparently whilst I was waiting for it to arrive the van broke down, during the night?! They didn't let me know, i called when it didn't turn up.
The monitor was damaged, and also was the wrong one- as I suffer from migraines, and had expressed my need for a certain monitor- which doesn't trigger my migraines- I was pretty angry. I emailed, called, for days- before getting an email from the sales person, whom said they aren't able to help- and will pass on the details- I waited 6 weeks until they delivered the correct monitor!
How about the wrong one? The left that here, and wanted to book an all day call out- I cannot do that, delivery is always 'am' or 'pm'- not an all day- if it were- i couldn't order from Dell (not that I will again).
In the end, after 2 months- I called my solicitor and great news! UK law states that unless I were a business- I have to store the monitor indefinatley!
Dell collected it after 11 months.
Then my pc started to make a loud noise, I called up Dell- after an hour of struggling to be understood by the technician- finally she passed me to her supervisor 'Jatan', after another 10 mins he reluctently agreed to send out a pc repair person & also confirmed my address- but it was wrong- they have had the correct address for me for 4 years- as that's how long i had my last dell dimension & kept in touch with them...I always have everything delivered to my parents home- as they live in a nicer area- and where I live- a Dell delivery would attract too much attention!...So- i gave the correct address and although I have next business day for Dell, it had got late in the day- so the visit was down for Friday...

Friday, no-one showed up. I called Dell & was told the woman whom had trouble understanding me had failed to put the call out down, and I would have to wait until Monday.

Monday, the guy called- but had gone to the wrong address- the delivery address- as the pc isn't there he came to my house finally. He replaced the faulty part, but that made no difference- he then put in a new fan, cpu and motherboard...a strange thing here- the 'new motherboard's box said 'recon' as it turned out it was reconditiond- meaning it was faulty and then 'fixed'...or not...
it caused alot of pc problems, so I asked him to put my old one back in.
He had to re-visit 3 more times, once again going to the wrong address (yes the same man), and once without the part!
The final time he fitted the part- the pc had enough and crashed.

I could go on and on, but I am going to copy and paste in this entire load of mistakes- as I wrote to Dell in the UK in Bracknell, only to get a response from India- so just to clarify at no point will you ever be able to deal with anyone in the UK- and due to them wearing headsets, or long distance and their accents- you will get a very quiet line, with a strong accented polite Indian man or lady- whom will mess everything up and then walk away from it, they will promise to call you, they will not...they will offer you their email, but not respond to you when you need help.

I am also C&P'ing the spec they offered me for the new replacement pc, and then the packing slip showing they built the new one wrong!


Customer relations
Dell House
The boulevard
Cain Road

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to advise you of the bad service I have had from Dell in the past year.
I am not new to Dell, actually this is my second dell- to replace an old dimension I had for about 4 years. I bought this one August 2005 approximately, and then bought another for my daughter, and another for my father-in-law & have recommended several other people to you- not to mention the review site I post for.

I stayed with Dell, for their great competence and after sales care. However, that seems to have declined- and I don't believe its just my bad luck- every call I have made for help, even the order placed went wrong.
I first got sent the wrong monitor, I couldn't have made it any clearer which one I wanted- a CRT with a flat screen, when I got my order- it was an old fashioned CRT with an extremely curved screen (I since found out they aren't even made as monitors any more), and it was damaged. I contacted Dell immediately- as I had explained that I use a certain monitor- as it doesn't bring on my migraines. I waited aprox 6 weeks for them to send the correct monitor, and so couldn't use my pc for ages.
They then failed to collect the mistake monitor, and I sought legal advice- after lots of calls, and emails from me- asking them to collect it. I found out that I had to store it here, and could not dispose of it- it took Dell a year - they have only recently collected it.

I then had my multimedia keyboard stop working, at least with that - a replacement came quick.

Most recently, I purchased a firewire card- but discovered that I had no spare pci slots- having had a Dell previously- I had always raved to potential buyers how expandable Dell are- as my old Dell had at least one spare slot- (two taken up by sound card and graphics card)- this had none. I called Dell, as to be honest I was pretty shocked. The tech said my only option was to remove my MODEM- I paid extra for that, and then had to just take it out. Now I can't send faxes.

The latest thing was a loud noise from my pc, so I called tech once again.
This time I spoke with the most unhelpful and incompetent member of Dell I have ever dealt with. Her name is '' (I have mislaid the notes with that name- but have them somewhere), she kept me on the phone for an hour. Other than her calling components "competent", over and over- she also kept asking me to take out my graphics card- I told her I am disabled and the way the pc is- I would have to lift it, but can't, also that I wasn't confident to do that & that I have taken 3 years next business day so that I don't have to do things like that. Over and over she told me to lift the pc, then my husband came home- so he did it. I was asked to remove the graphics card- but I couldn't get my hand in- nor could my husband- she IGNORED me! She kept asking me to take it out, and putting me on hold for 5-10 mins- and coming back and repeating the same thing. Quite frankly she was rude. I kept asking her for a supervisor, and finally after an hour- she put me on to 'Jatan'.
He apologised, and said he would get her trained more- he too was reluctant to send out a tech- but in the end said he would. They were saying that they couldn't identify the problem- but if we can't take out a part- we cant take out a part! It was that part anyway- as I had insisted it was!
Jatan said he would have '' arrange the tech to come out- as it was then late in the day- it wouldn't be the Thursday, but the Friday & that the tech would call me on the day, and although I have been with Dell for 5 years now- they only had the delivery address on file, so I confirmed my correct address with Jatan.

No-one turned up, nor called. I called Dell, and they said '' hadn't put the appointment through- so it was now a wait until Monday. Making it 5 days from the day of the phone call- I have next business day.

Monday I had a call from 'Sunny' the Tech, he had gone to the wrong address- the delivery address, he then finally got here. He tried a new graphics card, after hearing the loud noise from the old one. The new one was no better, so he tried a new fan, cpu and a mother board. Nothing helped- when I realised from seeing it on the box- that the mother board was second hand, I asked for my old one to go back in. I paid for a new pc, not a recon.
Sunny has been back three more times, once again to the wrong address, once without the part, and the last time the pc had enough and crashed.

Dell then offered me a brand new pc, and that they'd call me that day to arrange spec and put through the order.

They never called, luckily Bank Tec did call. They escalated for dell to phone me- and finally they called me today.
I actually got a call! A Mr Abishek Kalliparambi called, his excuse for not calling Thursday, Friday, and Monday (without being pushed by bank tec) was that he was away- I would like to think Mr Kalliparambi isn't the only member of staff you have!
He said he would email me today or tomorrow with the spec for another 5150 (as you stopped selling the 5100)- I said I had expected a better offer than that- after the bother and stress dell have caused me. He put me on hold for 10 mins, after which time- I will be honest- I hung up- my mobile was 'hot' and burning my ear. He called right back, and said they would let me have a 9150 (not made anymore), and he gave me his email. He said he'd call me tomorrow as well as sending the spec via email.

It is 'tomorrow' (12th) (I thought I'd wait until I know more before ending this letter), he did email me, and the 9200 he offered was great- however two things needed attention- the 'car' cover should have been 3 years, and the disc drives weren't as good as that which I already have and paid extra to have.

I am now waiting once again, to hear back from him. And will once again wait to end this letter- for the record Mr Kalliparambi did NOT call me today as promised.

17TH September, having decided that I just wanted the PC, and having not had a response regarding the 'car' nor the disc drives- I decided to just agree to the spec of the new pc.
I was given the wrong number to use on the net- to watch my order. But managed to get it & tracked the order from the 14th to today. Dell were waiting for parts to come in, and today the status has changed to '4'. I scrolled the page- to see I could view an electronic version of my packing slip.

Once again- Dell have messed up!!!
They have put the wrong graphics card in, the sound card doesn't say whether it is the 5.1 or the 7.1 (which is the one I should have) & even the 15 month McAfee that I should have, is not correct- is says I only have 90 days trial.

The rest seems to be correct- which isn't a great comfort. Especially as according to the status- my pc is already made and now boxed up and sealed.

I have included a print out of the packing slip via the net, also of the email from Dell with the spec I agreed to.

I would hope this be treated as urgent at your department, as I have been without the use of my pc for ages now- and by the look of this situation- even the new one is wrong.

Customer relations
Dell House
The boulevard
Cain Road

Dear Sir/Madam,

Once again, I am having to update the situation.
Having emailed the Dell Technician whom was dealing with this, I had no response to the 4 emails I sent him- although they were read at 9am today.
I emailed him for the 5th time, asking for him to update me, and got a short reply saying it will take him a long time to find out as he is based in Tech and not sales- however it was him that sent me the specifications for the new pc, and not anyone in sales.

I then tried calling Bracknell, but they would only put me through to India. I spoke with 'Regina' in the customer care dept, in India. She said as the pc is ready to be shipped, there are only two options- during the 50 min call- to cancel the order, or to just accept it with the wrong parts!
I said, whatever you do, don't cancel this order- I don't even know if the wrong parts are defiantly in the pc- it could just be an error with the packing slip I viewed online- and also if this order is cancelled it will just delay my getting the pc for a longer period.

I then called Ireland's dell products, in raheen industrial estate, limerick- as that is on the online packing slip- I thought maybe someone there can tell me if it's just an internet error/mistake with packing slip- or if the wrong parts were put in the pc.
They couldn't help, as I am in the UK, they put me on hold- for UK sales- so someone can assist me. After 25 mins (on to Ireland), I said I can't hold any longer- due to the phone call cost.
I would also point out- that I am suppose to get a 7.1 surround sound card, but according to the packing slip- no speakers are coming with this pc- and at the present time I only have the dell speakers for 5.1…this isn't a huge problem- but I would have thought as I have had all this trouble, and they were meant to give me a 7.1 sound card in the new pc- I thought they might have included speakers to fully appreciate it.

To only be able to speak with unhelpful, staff based in India- whom need me to repeat what I say- usually more than 3 times- in a slow and loud voice, before they understand- is absolutely appalling! How has this happened to Dell? I used to deal with Irish staff, whom were fantastic- then all calls were passed to India. At least have staff there that are knowledgeable of PC's, and can understand English.
I have suffered many migraines due to stress relating to this mess, I get extremely hot, and sick too.

Just after calling Ireland, I got a call from Welsh Western, to arrange delivery for this Wednesday 20th September 2006, I explained the problem to the lady, she too (as they are just the delivery company) couldn't check what the specification is, and she gave me dell's number- and said to get through to the uk sales- in UK, I press option 2, and option 2 again…I tried that- and got India.

So, currently the pc is being delivered on Wednesday 'PM' 12-5pm- at the delivery address of: ********
I am basically now clueless as to what is happening with the apparent new pc I am meant be having delivered, as I don't know if the wrong parts are actually in it- or not- and no-one at dell knows either!

I am now leaving this with your department to rectify, and would hope someone will call me- to help asap. I would also appreciate a letter of response also- but obviously this matter needs immediate attention, so I would hope I get a phone call prior to a letter.

Dear Ms *****,

Given below are the specifications for the new system.

Intel® Core® 2 Duo® E6300 Processor (1.86GHz, 1066MHz, 2MB)
Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005
Standard Package, 3 Year At-Home Service
1024MB Dual Channel DDR2 533MHz [2x512] Memory
250GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB DataBurst™ cache
16x DVD+/-RW & 16x DVD Drives
256MB nVidia™ GeForce™ 7900GS graphics card
Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music card,PCI w/Dolby Digital,7.1 speaker surround and THX certification
Internal 13-in-1 Media Card Reader
Dell™ v92 Data/Fax modem
Microsoft® Works Suite 2006 - English
McAfee® Security Centre™ 15-month subscription
Collect & Return, 1 Year Service only
90 days trial of Network Assistant included
Dell Internet Order.


Order QTY Item Description Item #
1 Dimension 9200 Core Duo E6300 1.86GHz (1066MHz)
1 MS Logo Label for Vista Capable
1 English - 9200 System Docs (UK power cord)

1 Memory Dual Channel 1024MB (2x512) 533MHz DDR2
1 Internal 13-in-1 Media Card Reader
1 250GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive
1 Sonic Software for DVD/RW+R (Read/Write+ Reader) (No Recovery CD)
1 PowerDVD 5.1 Software (No Recovery CD)
1 DVD+/-RW (Read/Write) 16x max and DVD (Read) 16x (2 drives)
1 Monitor Not included
1 256MB ATI Radeon X1300 Pro (1xDVI, 1xVGA, 1xS-Video)
1 Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme music card 1 Speaker Not included
1 UK Modem Internal V.92 Data Fax
1 Mouse Pad with Dell Logo
1 Mouse Dell Wheel USB 2 Button Scroll Black 1 UK/Ire (QWERTY) - Dell Quietkey Black Keyboard
1 English - Genuine Windows XP Media Centre 2005 (No Recovery CD)
1 PC Restore Recovery System by Symantec
1 Works Suite 2006 English
1 AOL 8, BT + Tiscali UK ISP
1 English - Photo Album SE Basic (No Recovery CD) 640-10339
1 Paint Shop Pro X STD - ENGLISH
1 English - Adobe Reader 7.0.8 (No Recovery CD)
1 English - Dell Support 3.2 (No Recovery CD) 1 Network Assist 90 day
1 No Secure Data Software - Eng
1 Antivirus English McAfee Security Centre 90 day Trial Version (No Recovery CD)
1 Base warranty
1 1Y CAR (Collect and Return)
1 Svc Standard 3Y At Home Service incl. Evenings and Saturdays
1 CompleteCare 3Y Accidental Damage Cover
1 PC Security package, English, 90 Days - Go to to register'
1 PROMO - Exploring the Internet e-Learning Lite Pack, 60-day, En/Fr/De/es/It - Go to to register
1 SUPPORT PACK MultiMedia e-learning Lite Pack, 30 day - En/Fr/DE/ES/IT - Go to to register
1 Dimension Order - UK
1 Road Freight Charge Per Unit 1-10 unit

(first review dissapeared from ciao- so this might be a duplicate)


I get the replacement pc, with the wrong graphics card inside...I wait a week for the right one to arrive- but it comes with no installation software- as was promised (they were sending a 'kit'). No kit arrived, just the card- not even paperwork. In the same box was another 'trial' version of McAfee, I contacted a manager- whom said the full version was out of stock at the time, but its been sent with my new speakers.

Speakers arrived, but no McAfee.

So I am still missing an item- and its been a month.

If you want a new pc, my advice is: Unless you deal with stress well & can be extremely patient with Dell's foreign staff- DO NOT BUY DELL.

I would add, don't accept a free dell printer- the inks are very expensive & rather hard to buy unless you get them from dell, which is why they are giving the printers away for free- the profit from ink is very high.

If you get a quote on the phone, don't ever take the sales person's word for ANYTHING, get it via email and read it fully. They will say anything to get a sale, so you can HAGGLE with the price. Run through all the spec you want, if the final price is too high, tell them its too much, and you will buy from somewhere else- that is how I got a £1,000 machine for £800.

If you have taken the time to read this review- please can you rate it and leave comments if you have time.

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  • pgn0 published 10/10/2007
    Without wishing to sound like I am defending Dell (ptui, ptui!), you write "that is how I got a £1,000 machine for £800" - and you have had more than £200-worth of hassle by the sounds of it! Would it not have been worth paying the £200 you "saved" for a PC of the spec you wanted from a less cut-throat firm than Dell? As for call centres, regardless of whether they are in India, Poland or the UK, they all have one task - to make you stay on the phone for as long as possible, often at premium rates, only to pass you on to someone else who'll half-diagnose your problem, agree a suitable fix, then not be available whne you end up going through all the same hoops again because the diagnosis was incorrect, or the fix did not work... (well, ok, maybe not their ONLY task, but I'm sure you get my drift!) - did you know that all the calls into one of these centres are recorded, and that a supervisor can "listen-in" on any call, at will? I am afraid they are, sadly, a necessary evil - so go find a local PC bod who'll help you out in person if you get stuck, and buy your PC there. And give him/her a bottle of something decent after a job well done ;o)
  • cutiepie84 published 27/10/2006
    My daughter's harddrive died two weeks ago and we have had a truly appalling time trying to resolve the problem. All we need to do is swap old for new. You'd think it would be simple but it's like one of Alan Ayckbourn's famous farces. Hoping engineer will call tomorrow (that's my Saturday wasted because they won't turn up until 5pm) What worries me is that my husband has just bought me a laptop from Dell as a present......................... Please please please please can we have a UK based custome service centre and soon!
  • Biggles19 published 23/10/2006
    I also bought a Dell Dimension 5100 in August 2005. I too was very unimpressed by their Delivery Company Welsh Western who managed to deliver the computer minus its keyboard and speakers and were very difficult to track down and sort out the problem. Unfortunately, I didn't have a spare keyboard as I was upgrading from a laptop and so the computer remained unfunctional until the keyboard arrived. The computer has worked well enough over the year and I love my Dell 20" widescreen monitor which is a definite "keeper" when the other bits get upgraded or passed on. I think frustration is a fact of life when dealing with computer and computer based industries i.e. pretty much everything these days. Does anyone know of a firm that always delivers to near 100% satisfaction? do but they only retail PDAs!
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