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Find what's best for your teeth today. Read reviews on the best dental care products and compare the prices of the best toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, dental tape and other dental accessories. You can also write reviews about the dental products that you use, allowing other people to gain from your ... more

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~ TePe or not to TePe ~ TePe Interdental Brushes ~

29.11.2017 Review of TePe Interdental Brush X-Fine

"==TePe Interdental Brushes== A few months ago at my check up I was advised by my dentist that there was evidence of gum disease that had not been there 6 months earlier and he advised me to use a stick, one of these interdental brushes to clean around th ..."

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Interdental brushes help me keep my teeth

28.11.2017 Review of Wisdom Interdental Brushes

"Wisdom Interdental Brushes I have not been blessed with the best teeth in the world and so struggle to keep them in good condition. My dentist suggested that I give these interdental brushes a try as I struggled with flossing as it kept breaking on the ..."

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Bend but not break?

23.11.2017 Review of Wisdom Interdental Brushes

"Although the media stories about the importance of flossing your teeth seem to come round as often as those that say its a relative waste of time, flossing has been part of my routine for a long while. I think if there's any chance of it helping me avoi ..."

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Tongue twister?

16.11.2017 Review of Colgate Twister Fresh Medium Toothbrush

"...his is a review of the Colgate Twister Toothbrush I am currently using. I like to replace my toothbrush regularly and whilst I am not fussy about what toothbrush I have, I usually buy a Colgate branded brush as I generally use their toothpaste too. Descr ..."

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