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Find what's best for your teeth today. Read reviews on the best dental care products and compare the prices of the best toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, dental tape and other dental accessories. You can also write reviews about the dental products that you use, allowing other people to gain from your ... more

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Its Hammer time!!

10.07.2017 (06.08.2017) Review of Arm & Hammer Original Coolmint Baking Soda Toothpaste Tube

"So some bloke in Rome apparently invented toothpaste during their Empire and today toothpaste companies made a lot of money from a simple practical design with fancy colors and packaging. But in the 1950s a man went to Colgate and said if I can up your pr ..."

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Great classic toothpaste

30.06.2017 Review of Colgate Total

"'''Introduction''' I normally use whitening toothpaste even though I am always terribly skeptical about its performance. This time, however, I decided to settle for a more ordinary product that doesn't promise to whiten your teeth or protect your gums. It ..."

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Colgate Optic White seems to be working.

27.06.2017 Review of Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

"I've started using Colgate Optic White a few weeks ago and in my opinion it is actually making a difference with my teeth. I am seeing where the stains are slowly fading away. From my point of view it does take some time before you start seeing a differen ..."

Read full review by boii.26

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

Feeling sensitive? Colgate Plax Gentle Care Sensitive Mouthwash

23.06.2017 Review of Colgate Plax Sensitive

"As I grow older I have become more conscious of the fact that I need to look after my health more. One of the ways I do that is to ensure I look after my teeth, so I have started to use mouthwash this year in addition to brushing twice a day. Now, I rea ..."

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