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Dermol 500 Lotion : A multi-use product


Unscented, anti microbial, can be used as a soap substitute or an emollient

Expensive, not effective for me as a moisturiser as it caused a severe reaction on one part of my

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Since being diagnosed with the silly auto-immune illness I've contracted and which I regrettably seem to keep banging on about, I've been medically advised to use lots of Dermol Lotion on the damaged areas of my skin which my condition has caused. On an almost day-to-day basis, my skin will adversely react to many different types of food (particularly fruit, vegetables, spicy foods and wholemeal bread) causing small raised bumps to appear, which are prickly and itchy (this isn't an allergy - it's a symptom of the illness I have). It's also very difficult to wear most types of clothing, as even the slightest friction from various fabrics irritates my skin, rendering it quite dry and sore. It has been the thinking of the hospital that the Dermol Lotion will help alleviate my prickly/itchy/irritated/sore skin, together with giving anti-microbial protection and providing much needed moisture to the affected areas.

Upon being discharged from hospital last summer, I was given (amongst other things) a couple of containers of Dermol 500 Lotion, being advised to liberally apply it at least three times per day to the problem areas of my skin.

Dermol 500 Lotion can be purchased in most, if not all chemist shops, and is available over the counter as well as on prescription. It comes in a rather fat, attractive looking pale green rigid plastic bottle and has a white plastic pump dispenser on the top. I have found that in some places where I've obtained my Dermol, the plastic bottle is inside of a cardboard box of the same colour, yet in other places the bottle is unboxed. If the bottle is boxed, there is always a paper leaflet inside giving instructions for use together with a list of ingredients and manufacturer's contact details, but if the bottle is unboxed, the less detailed ingredients, instructions for use etc. appear on the label and although briefer, are still detailed enough to use the product without needing to ask or search for any more information.

The white plastic pump dispensing device on the top of the bottle has to be turned anti-clockwise in order to unlock it, then to get the product out of the container, you must gently press the white pump a few times and the lotion will come out in bright, white blobs onto your waiting hand.

Dermol 500 Lotion is unscented and has anti-microbial properties. It is intended for use on various skin conditions (such as eczema), as an emollient or a moisturiser. It can also be used as a soap substitute. The active ingredients are benzalkonium chloride, chlorhexidine dihydrochloride, liquid paraffin and isopropyl myristate, plus there is a warning on both the bottle and the accompanying leaflet (if bought in a box) not to use the product if you know you are sensitive to any of the ingredients. The product is suitable for all ages, and instructions for use are the same, regardless of the user's age.

I personally found Dermol 500 Lotion not quite as suitable for me as was recommended by the hospital, possibly due to a sensitivity towards one or more of the ingredients, or some other reason. After a few days' use, I had a tremendously painful and unsightly flare-up underneath one of my arms, to the point where I couldn't even bear the air against the area, let alone clothing, water or anythng else. One of my hospital appointments was imminent when this flare-up happened, and I showed my underarm to the specialist, who told me that I was merely suffering from exceptionally dry skin in that area, and that I should greatly increase the frequency of my Dermol 500 Lotion applications as that would re-hydrate my skin.....he recommended applying it at least 10 times per day, preferably more.

Suffering the agonies of the damned each time my fingers touched the badly inflammed skin under my left arm, I followed the specialist's advice and not so happy-slapped liberal plasterings of Dermol 500 Lotion to the affected area, but the inflammation merely worsened, so I decided to stop altogether. It took a few days plus half a large jar of soothing Vaseline to calm the inflammation down, then I began to use a different cream which was recommended by the pharmacist in my local village chemist - I have not suffered any kind of reaction from that recommended cream. It is strange though that applying Dermol 500 Lotion to other parts of my body doesn't cause any inflammation at all, which puzzles me.

Just as an experiment one evening last week, I applied a tiny, tiny blob of Dermol 500 Lotion to my left underarm (where it had appeared to cause all the problems as described above), and the area began to flare up again....so I instantly washed the Dermol off and applied the other cream, which had a very soothing effect. I do find it a bit confusing that just one small part of my body reacts so very badly to the Dermol, yet I can apply it to other parts of of me without any problem at all.

A couple of times a week I will use Dermol 500 Lotion as a soap substitute, but I find that it goes very globby and isn't easy, when my body is immersed in water, to massage it into my skin as I would do with ordinary soap. If using Dermol 500 Lotion as a soap substitute, great care must be taken when getting out of the bath, as it tends to plop into the water from your skin, forming little beads of white, greasy substance, which clings to the bottom of the bath and can make it very slippery.

I have concluded that it seems Dermol 500 Lotion has a very drying effect on my left underarm area, and it's true that whenever I've applied it there, it does seem to form an almost concrete-like film over my skin - it just doesn't seem to get absorbed, whereas the other cream I've since been using, just soaks in like a dream and leaves no residue.

Overall, I'm happy to apply Dermol 500 Lotion to the parts of my body where it doesn't have an adverse effect, and I have since the above-described bad reaction occurred, been using it as an emollient on the safe areas, to hold in various other creams I have to plaster all over various parts of my body on a thrice-daily basis.

Dermol 500 Lotion can be viewed as very expensive or very cheap, depending on how you personally need to use it. If you need to apply it (assuming you don't have the same adverse reaction as I had under my left arm) frequently and regularly to large areas of your body, then it can work out very expensive as you'll use a whole bottle up quite quickly - but if you use it just as a soap substitute or just as an emollient, then as much less of the product will be needed, it won't bankrupt you, and a bottle will last quite a long time.

The cheapest bottle of Dermol 500 Lotion I've so far bought was at £7.99 in a privately-run chemist situated in the closest town to where I live, and the most expensive has been at my local village chemist, costing £10.99. As far as I'm aware, the product is only available in 500ml bottles, possibly hence the use of 500 in its name.

In summary, I would recommend Dermol 500 Lotion as an emollient above all, and to a lesser extent as a soap substitute if you have a skin condition which needs the anti microbial action the product offers, but as far as its moisturising properties are concerned, for me it's been a huge thumbs down. It can also work out very expensive if you need to use large amounts of it on a regular, daily basis, whether bought on prescription or over the counter.

Thanks for reading!

~~ Also published on DooYoo under my GentleGenius user name ~~
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Bigbaz 06.02.2011 19:18

Strange how your affected by it, still as long as it offers relief in some areas it has to be good..x

Deesrev 25.01.2011 00:37

Wahay back :D x

GillyMN 16.01.2011 16:10

Poor you! Did you tell the consultant that he was wrong?

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