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published 23/01/2012 | savvyshopper6476
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An entire year has gone by and I only managed 1 review. I promise to be back on top for in January 2015 x
Pro No outlay, non commission based earnings, no canvassing, good exercise
Cons Vehicle is essential, not great earnings, boring, mundane and unsociable
very helpful

"The Yellow Book Road"

This picture pretty much sums up the job description!

This picture pretty much sums up the job description!

~~~ Introduction ~~~

I'm a stay at home mum with young children, one who's just at nursery and a hubby who's full time driving job varies on a daily basis depending on his work load. A lack of flexibility on my part means finding work particularly tricky as I can't guarantee when I will be available and child care costs usually total more than I would earn working on a part time basis. I wanted a job that I could fit around my home life and supplement my husbands income without an initial outlay and without canvassing where I would yield a guaranteed payment on a non commission basis. Once, sometimes twice a year I deliver the Thomson Local, BT Phone Book and Yellow Pages for extra pennies, the latter two through a company called Deya. Distribution of the Yellow Pages has been my most recent job and the one I will concentrate on for the purpose of this review. It's fair to say that door to door distribution is not for everyone. If you don't like outdoor work or walking long distances there's no point applying although Deya offer several other opportunities that I will explain a little later.

To offer you some background on the business, Deya are a distribution company based in Wokingham, Berkshire who specialise in mass door to door deliveries of items such as the BT Phone Book and Yellow Pages amongst others. Deya has a fairly extensive client base which includes BT, Yell, Cable and Wireless and Marks and Spencers to name a few. Started in 1989, Deya, according to their website have, to date distributed in excess of 450 million directories, catalogues and flyers contracting more than 300,000 door to door distributors. Deya contract individuals on a casual basis as and when the directories are available for distribution which varies from county to county.

~~~ The Employment Process ~~~

Essential criteria for a distributor is either owning or having access to a vehicle and secondly the ability to walk great distances as there's a fair amount of ground to be covered, generally up to a couple of miles in total which is predominantly completed on foot. The first step is to register through Deya's website, full details are found under the "jobs" section although the entire website is simple and easy to use with all sub headings being self explanatory. An on line application requires not much more than providing your name, address and contact number. A full breakdown of the UK delivery schedule can also be found on their website, which handily details approximately when the books are due to be delivered in each county and town, allowing you to first see if you will be free to deliver in accordance to their timetable. A couple of weeks before delivery is due to commence in your area you are contacted by a team leader, whom provides details of the number of directories to be delivered, when and where to collect them, which from my experience is generally within a five or so mile radius of your delivery area and most importantly the amount you will be paid upon completion of your allocated round. You obviously have the chance to decline the work at this point if your circumstances have changed or your just unable to complete the work, however you stand less chance the following year of being offered work in your area.

~~~ Preparation ~~~

The first stage is collecting the directories. On collection day you will receive a brief induction, which lasts around ten minutes explaining all paper work pertaining to the job which includes a map, an address list detailing all the streets you must deliver to and if you are unable to deliver to a property, some cards stating that you tried to deliver without success and finally your employment contract. Loaders will be on site to assist in loading the directories into your vehicle although from past experience I usually help to speed things up otherwise I could be on site for hours waiting for loaders to help me do a job that will take me only thirty minutes or so, it's a pain and I don't get paid any extra doing the job myself but it saves considerable time. Bundled together in groups of twelve, I can load three bundles at a time but anyone stronger can easily do more. My last job was 84 bundles (1008 directories). I have a Vauxhaul Zafira and all 1008 easily fitted into the back of the car with the seats down to extend the boot, smaller cars may require two collection trips which eats into your time and petrol. Also worth mentioning, you will need somewhere to store the directories. I have spoken with other distributors who leave directories in their house or garage taking only what they need each day. I prefer to leave the directories in my car rather than creating extra work for myself by repeatedly loading and unloading but then owning a people carrier, I have the luxury of this option where others may not.

~~~ Field Work ~~~

Distributors are given a specified time scale to complete work which is dependent on the number of directories you have and your allocated route. As an example, my last job was 1008 directories to be completed in seven days (144 per day). Deya recommend completion would take approximately 16 hours but even dawdling with children in tow it won't take that long. I prefer to complete my route in three to four days, just to get it out of the way. 300 directories a day realistically takes me roughly two hours. I do walk briskly and my route is densely populated which helps to speed delivery. Last year delivering was made substantially easier as the Yellow Pages are considerably smaller, around A5 size which makes them lighter to carry.

Distributing is certainly not rocket science but you do still need to operate in a methodical and organised manor to prevent wasting your own time. I pre plan my daily route and know exactly how many houses I have to deliver to and what time I want it done to keep organised and give me a goal for the day. As a distributor for Deya it is my responsibility to ensure that my directories are delivered to all addresses within my allocated route. Make no mistake, if you decide to discard half your directories and still hope to get paid, think again. Deya are thorough at quality control and your earnings are not released until they are satisfied that you have fully completed your job.

~~~ Other Job opportunities ~~~

As I mentioned earlier, there are other job opportunities with Deya, all on a casual basis and although I have registered on Deya's website to do all the other jobs as well as distribute I have never once in two years been asked to do any so I assume that Deya trust and use the same individuals year on year. I have only provided brief job descriptions as full details can be found on Deya's website.

Team leader:
A distributors main point of contact and support whilst working. A team leader manages several distributors within their catchment ensuring they have the correct number of directories as well as organising the route that each distributor must complete.

As the name suggests a loader assists with off loading directories from the delivery trailers and assists with loading into distributors cars.

Route Checkers:
The route checker works from home contacting households after the distributor has completed their route to ensure that your work has been completed satisfactorily.

~~~ Potential Earnings ~~~

What you earn per route depends on two main factors. Firstly how many books you deliver and secondly the area you deliver to. There's no rate negotiation as each route is pre-planned and pre priced. Distributors covering rural locations tend to receive the greatest rewards as generally their route is harder than mine in a built up area and may include slightly more walking. It's not lucrative. My last job was 1008 directories for which I was paid £106 which, to save you rushing for a calculator is 10pence or so per directory. To be paid £106 (gross) for Deya's estimated 16 hours to complete my route works out at £6.62 per hour, however I finished in approximately 8 hours so my pay was be more accurately £13.00 or so per hour (Deya do not offer any financial rewards for completing routes early which is a shame as other distributors do offer an early completion incentive which I've found to be an average of £20 or so) Included in this payment is an allocation for your petrol but not for any deductions such as tax and national insurance. It is the individuals responsibility to declare their earnings. Deya state that payment will be received within three-five weeks, after quality control however I have found them to be prompt and usually receive mine after two weeks or so which is paid directly into my bank account.

~~~ My Overall Opinion ~~~

It's no great secret that as a distributor you are at the bottom of Deya's food chain and the lowest of the pecking order. Earning potential is fairly limited unless you want to cover a wider area and then you need to take into consideration that you use more petrol and more time for more or less the same money. I know of some distributors who are prepared to travel twenty to thirty miles or more simply to gain additional work, they tend to be much older than me with no family commitments that could hinder their work. I prefer not to take additional work more than five miles from my home simply because the routes would take me much longer, firstly because I'm unfamiliar with the area and secondly becuase the additional travelling not only eats into distribution time but also petrol.

Putting in the hours is the key to gaining repeat work. You need to be thorough and consistent just like in any other employment which will not only guarantee you work the following year but also if other opportunities arise in your local and/or surrounding areas you will almost certainly be granted first refusal. Without a shadow of a doubt the worst aspect of the job is the delivery or to be more precise the constant back and forth to my car to pick up additional directories which becomes time consuming. This can be avoided if you have a method of transporting several bundles together other than carrying.

I like walking and exercise and to be honest I don't get as much as I would like of either so once or twice a year for one week is usually a welcomed excuse to get out of the house and earn some pocket money. I quite enjoy the work, particularly when the weather is favourable otherwise delivering can become a hard slog. I certainly could not stomach participating on a permanent basis all year round although I have always had the mindset that if a job is available within your capabilities there is no excuse for being unemployed and whilst this work only lasts for a week or so once a year, even after my deductions for petrol and the like I am still quids in. It's not particularly hard work but it is mundane and tedious and by the end of the week I have normally had enough of shoving books through letter boxes. Financially it is no more or less rewarding or boring than spending twenty minutes completing an on line survey to receive just a £1.00. I would recommend the work to anyone looking to earn some extra income as it's suitable for pretty much any ages so long as you can walk the distances with relative ease and can tolerate the monotony of shoving yellow books through letter boxes for a week, although in the two years that I have participated in this work I have developed an aversion to the colour! Overall I have awarded Deya a three star because it is not particularly fun or sociable and I feel for the foot work and effort required as a distributor the earnings could be slightly higher.

One last point that is worth some consideration is that I was told my car insurance may be rendered invalid if I do not declare it's used for work purposes during the week that I am delivering. I had not previously given any consideration to this until now. I would advise that you double check with your own insurance company the legalities of undertaking this work on a private insurance.

Deya Company Registration Number: 2694232
Company VAT No. 59171032

St Paul's Clockhouse
Reading Road
RG41 1EX

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