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Die Hard: Vendetta (Xbox)

Genre: Shooter - First Person Shooter - Publisher: Sierra - Developer(s): Bits Studios - Age Rating: 16+

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Review of "Die Hard: Vendetta (Xbox)"

published 27/09/2017 | jb0077
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It has been fun all the reads and rates I have received were highly appreciated thank you.
Pro Looks good, decent shooting action.
Cons No hints to help you progress, too much of a head scratcher.
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"die hard vendetta on Xbox."

Die Hard: Vendetta (Xbox)

Die Hard: Vendetta (Xbox)

When we heard about this game back in early 2000 me and my friends were certainly interested in the idea of a new Die Hard game that was not directly a movie based tie-in. Sure the franchise and John McClane are from the movies as are other things you will see in the game but, the story itself is original if not unique. The first Die Hard Trilogy game was pretty awesome on the PlayStation even if the sequel to that was not up to scratch, this game is not a trilogy though it's just a single person first person shooter.

The Story

As John McClane the story begins at an art gallery in Century City, McClane works in a less dangerous position at the precinct there since Holly had left him and now works for Nakotmi's company in Japan. His daughter Lucy has recently graduated the police academy and is on her first assignment as a rookie cop at the gallery, when gunfire is heard on Dick Thornberg's live report [for an entertainment show not the news, guess they figured he was less likely to get involved with anything there] at the scene McClane wastes no time in heading to the location. This is where you come in and after a very short interaction with Al Powell [classed as a captain... but he has sergeant stripes on his uniform, oh dear] Powell wishes you good luck [as there is no talking John McClane out of an idea that has gotten into his head] you head in, after clearing out the gallery you save Lucy but the story is just beginning. There has been a major art theft involving Piet Gruber the son of Hanz Gruber and a couple of other unsavoury characters.

The Game

Die Hard Vendetta is a first person shooter, you play through the levels unlocking one after the other as you progress. Your goal as a cop is to do as you are told and keep civilians from harm, you also need to do some detective work as each level is a bit of a puzzle to solve. You have objectives to complete but you are not told what they are and you also have to occasionally figure out exactly where you are required to go as well. The game is complete when you finish the story [if you hang in there long enough to do so that is] as there are no other modes of play.


This is an easy game to play in reference to the controls which actually work really well, the scroll speed and movement speed of McClane is good, one strange thing is you move him faster with the gun drawn than you do if they are idle [as in out but pointed upwards not targeting]. You can set the difficulty from one of three options, Die Hard, Die Harder, Die Hardest. You can also set a few other options up to customise play, like the controls and if you want the game to be more or less violent which I found a rather interesting option.

Playing through the game is pretty tough though as you are never told where you have to go or exactly what is required of you for the most part of the game, depending on your setup the shooting can be fairly easy and fast paced but it won't take too long before you hit a roadblock and are left scratching your head thinking what now. The game's biggest flaw is there are no hints available in game on your next objective, you can speak to citizens by pressing the action button but they are no help either, they just come out with general statements relating to the situation and in some case just a random remark like one guy said "bite my balls". Well after half an hour playing this you may just want to take him up on that offer haha.


I had no problems with the game in this area, it looks sweet almost PC like in my opinion. Good detailing in all the environments if kept looking possibly a little too clean for real world impression from a players perspective but there is plenty of detail to the levels with regards to content of them though. The menu screens also have plenty of detial to them with interactive graphics in the background which I did like but I would give that up for a basic menu and get a hint option in the main game instead,w I think this would have been better for the game.


The game has the right type of sounds score for a game with the Die Hard title, I think it matches the Die Hard franchise very well. It is a shame the gameplay does not match the Die Hard style though, spoken dialogue is plentiful in the game also but they could clearly not afford Mr. Willis to voice John McClane and instead selected a lousy wannabe pretender who sounds very much like someone trying to voice him but not getting even close to the original. Granted he is supposed to be older and the voice guy has tried to reflect this I think, but it does not work.


As first person shooter games go the shooting element is perfectly suitable with varied degrees of difficulty there to suit all manner of gamers. Having to figure out what to do next with no true guidance means you get frustrated pretty quickly with the game. Instances like coming to a locked door and McClane utters "Damn! I need the key". You are like okay where could the key be or is there another way in... sure you can go online to find an answer but that is not the point and speaking of which a pointing the right direction would have been nice but no, you are on your own. Mixing an action style game with problem solving like this does not work and so the rating is poor for Die Hard Vendetta.


If you even considered this game for a first person shooter blast-a-thon, then forget it. There are better choices out for the Xbox far better choices, Halo for example is one of the best if you really want to kick some bottom. It is sad to think these two games actually share the same genre.

Thanks for reading, ©jb0077 2017 a massive thanks if you rated.

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    A pity
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    Very nice job.
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Product Information : Die Hard: Vendetta (Xbox)

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Genre: Shooter - First Person Shooter - Publisher: Sierra - Developer(s): Bits Studios - Age Rating: 16+

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Publisher: Sierra

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