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published 18/09/2008 | kat74_uk
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please rate my reviews-v.important.I'm a keen gamer, luv my gadgets-always trying out new things-so u don't waste ur money!
Pro Good food, easy to cook
Cons Dangerously low calorie intake, doesn't work!
very helpful
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"Diet Chef Danger!"

How I came to going on this diet
I put on weight a few years ago- I found that my usual ways of losing weight by cutting down on what I ate- didn't work, I tried several diets- nothing worked- I went on Atkins- lost a stone in 6 weeks & then for health reasons- began weight watchers diet- I ended up losing 2 ½ stone in total.
A while later- I put half of it back on, and tired the weight watchers diet again- but wasn't losing anything- I then saw the 'Diet Chef' diet- recommended in the daily mail, it sounded so easy & reasonable I thought I would try it.

The way it works & What you get for your money
You can order online or over the phone- either a week's worth of food- or a month's worth.
They advertise a full instant money back guarantee if you are not happy, so I thought it was worth a try…
I ordered online- I opted for choosing each days meals myself- as I had food allergies- this option costs an extra £5. The way this works is:
They send you breakfast (granola - similar to muesli), lunch in the form of either soup or a milkshake, dinner, and a snack bar- the quantity depends on how you order- I did it weekly- so I got 7x of each.
It arrives by courier; you have to wait in- no idea of a time. Inside the large cardboard box is all the food- the soups and dinner's are in pouches- they need no refrigeration- you just keep them in the cupboard & they are long life, they are also high quality, no added junk & they can be cooked easily in the microwave, they taste great too…The cereal is also in a pouch- it needs to be measured out- although I think now they do individual ones, and you add semi skimmed milk yourself. The milkshakes are packaged similar to slimfast, and taste similar- I didn't like it at all. The snack bars are nice- but one a day wasn't really enough.
The diet is based on calorie intake- and is advertised as 'We all know how hard it is to diet but imagine how easy it would be if you had your own personal chef who planned your meals, measured out the portions and did all the cooking for you. Well now you can! Diet Chef is the easiest way to lose a stone in only four weeks while enjoying delicious, chef-prepared ready meals.'
Here are the facts!
It costs about £7 per day, however- you do not get anything near to a complete diet in any way at all. You are missing your 5 a day for a start- they do not provide you any information accurate enough to know how much fruit, vegetable or salad to eat- as we know- things like pea's, sweet corn, avocado, and mostly all fruit- does contain calories- and when on a diet- especially a calorie controlled one- you need to know quantity and calories so you don't go over…not much danger of that though- due to the other extremely scary fact about this terrible diet- to maintain weight- you would eat around 1500 calories a day (for women), if you fall too much under 1200- your body begins to literally starve itself- this will cause your body to hang on to any fat/weight, and will make you tired, give you headaches (especially as this diet has very low sugar content) and can cause light headedness/dizziness.
I know my body- and when I am on a diet- if I follow it correctly- I will lose weight in the first week- if not- then the 2nd week I will lose around 4-8lbs…when nothing at all was lost on this diet- I began to think I had a medical issue- I had called diet chef several times for the assistance they say they give- and their diet knowledge was very poor indeed.
I was told to see my doctor- which I did- and my doctor luckily told me why I wasn't losing any weight- and also gave me a couple of web sites to check if I doubted him.
I was also told that I did not need to add anything to the diet- that although they recommend eating some fruit and veg- it is not necessary. It is & it is also necessary to try to calculate an extra 400 cals a day- to make up for this diet falling below 900 cals per day- on some days I found it even as low as 700! This means extra expense to make up the calories- which almost needed to be doubled on some days- and as it is low sugar- it meant it was too difficult too.
I felt dizzy, I suffered terrible headaches, I lost nothing at all- and I finally gave up and asked for a 'full instant refund' as they promised on their site…I took screen shots of their promises- incase they changed them after I complained- I can provide these for anyone that wants to see. But basically they wanted to charge me for any food I'd already eaten- and any I hadn't - they wanted me to arrange collection, wait in, and once they get it back- I'd be refunded for just that- so it was neither a full refund, nor instant!
In the end- I got a full refund- however it was sent as a cheque- and I waited a total of 10 working days to get my refund- and waited for it to clear before writing this!
I am very sure at some point- one of the staff- *****************************- will comment on this review and try to either discredit it- or pretend to have been on the diet and have lost weight- but the truth is what I have written.
Here is an average days food:
• Granola including milk=248 cals
• Crab soup= 159 cals
• Beef Casserole= 219 cals
• Snack bar= 100 cals
• Total for day = 726 cals.

What is wrong here?
To make up the missing calories with fruit and veg you would need to eat so much - it would cost around another £10 per day!
It is a real shame- the food was delicious, and easy to prepare- and good for you- if only they made up the calories with maybe extra snack bars- or maybe a milkshake added to the food you get- or even a proper booklet with a calorie count and advice on what to eat to make up the missing calories- then this would be great- and it might work.
As it is- this is a waste of money, and a very very dangerous diet to go on- which will make you hang on to weight and not lose any.
Avoid this like the plague!

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  • orlando-revisiting published 06/11/2011
    They now provide a booklet, which also includes recipes. They also tell you how much, and what type of fruit to add into the diet, so maybe they took notice of your complaint. I have been on it for two months, and finally lost 16 lbs. I am so bored with the food though!!
  • Amazingwoo published 22/09/2008
    726 calories for one day - no wonder you were headachy, dizzy and probably downright miserable. Will count the days til your review 'disappears'.
  • mum2boys82 published 18/09/2008
    All 'diets' where they provicde the food are too expensive for me! Rebecca Xx
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