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... Coca cola have recently introduced Diet Coke with Cherry as one of many new flavoured coke varieties (others include with lime, with lemon, with vanilla and with citrus zest). The cherry variety had immediate appeal. I like most things cherry (perhaps the best bit of my Babycham youth was ... Read review

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Community Level 7susie191


♫ Cherry Popping ♫ Review with images

AdvantagesIt's cherrylicious

DisadvantagesCherry coke's a bit kinky

" alternatives), always of the diet variety. I canít stand the thought of drinking so many teaspoons of sugar in one drink (itís about 17 spoons I believe, per can). My teeth already have enough fillings to set off an airport metal detector so Iím trying not to get any more. Cherry coke is not a new drink though, just remember the Kinks were singing about it back in 1970 with Lola (although I know the cherry bit was added later) ♫ Where ..." Read review

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Very Cherry Bad! Review with images

AdvantagesNo Sugar, 1 Calorie

DisadvantagesOdd taste, nasty when warm.

"...sugar versions, as drinking the diet ones had made me ill during my pregnancies and habit made me stick to the more unhealthy versions, but i'm always up for trying new varieties which included the vanilla, lemon and lime verssions as well as the classic cherry coke. I'd never really liked cherry but my husband raved so much about the diet version that I gave in and gave it a try. Diet Cherry Coke was actually released in 1985 but recently in 2005 ..." Read review

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Your Diet Coke break just got Fruity! Review with images

AdvantagesAll the great taste of Diet Coke with Cherry's...with no calories!

DisadvantagesMakes you burp like a trooper!

"...was pretty much addicted to Diet Coke. I would often plump for a Cherry Coke, but often felt the guilt that it was a fat boy and not a diet...then low and behold the beautiful people in Cokeland released a diet version - all my Christmas' had come at once! I was a sucker for the brand, I loved the image, the logo, everything. I used to collect anything that had 'Coke' on: Clocks, T-shirts, Sweatshirts (I'll leave it there before I embarrass myself ..." Read review

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More Than A Hero Than Zero Taste Pepper!

AdvantagesSmells nice, tastes great when chilled, a good thirst quencher.

DisadvantagesNot to all tastes, I've yet to find large bottles of the drink in stock, tastes bland non chilled.

"...drink version of Coca Cola's Diet variety, I allowed the can and its advert to pass me by. Largely I'm forever a fan of Diet Pepsi and have always remained close to the brand for a good number of years, only being displaced by Pepsi Max. So it has only been in the last couple of years that I have been drinking Diet Coca Cola on occasion, particularly a choice that has to be made in bars and clubs where Pepsi Max is not available either through the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5xalala


Very Cherry, but not very nice

AdvantagesNew flavour of Diet Coke, a diet cherry flavoured drink for the first time

DisadvantagesStill not as good as the original Diet Coke

"...there's a new flavour of Diet Coke available in a shop near you. Unlike last year's Diet Coke with Lime launch, this time the utterly revolting Diet Coke with Vanilla is being withdrawn from sale, and Diet Coke with Cherry is all set to replace it in your affections. Personally, I think this is a great idea, as the vanilla flavour Diet Coke really is repulsive, and it's been nigh on impossible to find cherry flavoured fizzy drinks that don't contain ..." Read review

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