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published 18/03/2011 | supersonic75
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"Deflame that pain"

A few months ago my son complained of having a mouth ulcer which was sore. On closer inspection I found he had two small red ulcers and one very large yellow ulcer that covered the entire of his lip on the inside. After whisking him immediately to the doctors as I really didn't like the look of the large one especially, the doctor informed me that it was just caused by a viral infection and along with regular doses of calpol to apply this spray - Difflam - to the area twice a day.

Luckily for my son this spray eased his symptoms within a few days, and after reading the leaflet in depth I found it was also ideal for sore throats. As I suffer from severe sore throats sporadically throughout the year I decided to ask the pharmacist on my next visit if it would be suitable for myself to use, and they told me that Yes it was.

What does it contain?~
Difflam contains Benzydamine which is basically a pain killing medicine which also acts as a local anesthetic by numbing the painful area and therefor alleviating pain.

What is it suitable for?~
Difflam throat spray can be used for
  • painful throat conditions
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Treatment following dental surgery
  • For treating inflammation of the throat following surgery (tonsillectomy etc)

The bottle of Difflam is small and neat and is in a basic cylindrical shaped design. The colouring is predominantly green with a white base and makes this slightly different from the norm is the long thin nozzle (about 2 inches in length) which is attached to the top of the bottle.

Size, Price and Availability~
To my knowledge I have only ever seen this available in one size which is a standard 30ml. My son got his bottle on prescription though when I purchased my own it cost me £6.19 from my local Lloyds pharmacy and the average RRP seems to be around the £6 mark give or take 20p. I believe it is widely available in most chemists over the counter (and on prescription), though until my son was issued it from our Doctor I had honestly never heard of it before.

Using the spray~
As mentioned there is a long thin tubular nozzle which is located at the top of the bottle. This is where the contents are emitted from by simply pressing the large integrated button which is also found on top of the bottle and is very easy to use.

The directions state the first time you use the spray you must press the plunger (button) several times to activate the spray (whilst keeping pointed away from the face and eyes). I found it took several attempts with my son's and my own bottle of Difflam so don't be disillusioned if nothing seems to be happening as it simply takes a while to dispel the air and work the contents to near the nozzle. (*Note that this only needs to be done the first time of using as it works fine on occasions used afterwards).

Who is it suitable for?~
This can be used by
Adults - 4 to 8 puffs every 1 and 1/2 to every 3 hours
Children 6 to 12 years - 4 puffs every 1 and 1/2 to 3 hours
Children under 6 years - Treatment based on weight so discuss with appropriate persons (i.e Doctor or Pharmacist)
To use just aim the nozzle towards the intended area and press the nozzle down to dispel the spray for the correct dosage required.

The Do and Don't list..or maybe not~
I'm not going to go into a whole 'Do and Don't' essay as any of this information is easily accessible on the enclosed leaflet in the box along with the spray, let's just say common sense should prevail as with all medication (i.e keep away from eyes, do not take too much etc).

My own experience~
As mentioned my son was given this for a bout of severe mouth ulcers that looked raw (and according to my son were very painful). I was very surprised at how quickly these seemed to heal on him when we applied this spray and he said it felt instantly better on application. I was hoping that it would have the same benefits on my sore throats as it did on his mouth ulcers as my throats can be very severe when they strike!

When I bought this for myself it was when my last sore throat was at it's worse - I could feel it 'brewing' for a few days by that getting overly dry feeling and swollen glands so by the time I purchased this I was at a point where I would have tried anything. The nozzle is quite easy to use as it simply folds flat against the bottle when stored and when in use folds out to a 90 degree angle ready to be sprayed.

I found that the Difflam spray emits in 'blob' like tendency as opposed to it being more of a mist. The consistency is a watery type of fluid which is transparent and has a mouth wash texture to it, as does it's fragrance which is an odd mint/ medicinal combination. It's not unpleasant but rather odd and reminds of Chloraseptic Spray that is also used for throat complaints (though I have not used this for a number of years so maybe it's the same ingredients which is why it reminds me of it?).

I decided to use for the maximum amounts over the course of a day - every 1 and a half hours - as my throat was indeed very painful at the time. I found that 4 puffs of the nozzle each time seemed enough to comfortably numb the pain in my throat and caused a significant change in the discomfort I was feeling by bringing that longed for relief.

I get sore throats as I have a low immune system due to type of diabetes I have. There is normally nothing that can be given for my bad throats unless they turn into a chest infection which is when antibiotics are usually given, though the rest of the time it's a case of 'putting up' with them. I have tried just about every type of pain relieving medicine, tablet, lozenge etc over the years and found I had limited relief with the majority until I tried this.

Now don't get me wrong my sore throats were still very much there and as soon as the effects of the spray started to wear off I could feel the pain back with a vengeance, though this numbed the back of my mouth and throat accordingly and eased the pain for at least 30 minutes. This may not sound a long time but anyone who has had severe sore throats will agree this is quite effective. I don't believe anything gets 'rid' of sore throats as some products claim but if something is available to help take some of the sting away then I'm all for it.

Any negatives?~
Apart from the price being a bit steep (I pay for prescriptions so it would have worked out more expensive to get this from my doctor) I found the nozzle becomes blocked up very easily despite wiping with a tissue as advised after each application. Those two things aside I can't really fault this spray as it does really help with the pain of sore throats and I only wish I had discovered it sooner.

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  • Gooseydyoo published 31/03/2011
    Back as promised. Fortunately I do not suffer sore throats, but know people who do so can advise them of this product
  • Gooseydyoo published 30/03/2011
    Excellent review. Will return tomorrow to rate:-)
  • Dentolux published 27/03/2011
    Good to hear that it helped your son. I might have to look into this if it helps with sore throats. I had a few bad ones at the end of last year.
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