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Long gone are the days of 36 shot films and disposable flashes. The evolution of the age of the digital camera has allowed novice and expert photographers alike to review, edit and improve the quality of their pictures. Be it for the family album pic or the artistic landscape shot, the Ciao Shopping Guide to Digital Cameras gives you overview of some of the major features to look for when making your purchasing decision.

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As you would expect, the average price of a digital camera can vary highly depending on the specifications you are looking for. For a camera that provides a basic offering, you can spend as little as £50, but expect the quality of your photos to suffer as a result. While improvements to the number of megapixels offered by cheaper cameras have been made, buyers need to look at many other factors if they want a camera that takes the perfect shot. The lack of a decent zoom, battery life, decent flash and sufficient image and editing features will all have a detrimental effect on the final photo quality. The better you want your camera to perform in these particular areas, the more you will have to spend. Good quality digital cameras will cost between £150 and £200, with the best products starting at just over £300.

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Looking for a pocket zoom Camera ? GO FOR Canon PowerShot SX600HS

Advantages: Creative filters, Wi-Fi connectivity ,18x Zoom, 16MP sensor
Disadvantages: No touch screen, Less manual control over creative filter,Poor macro focusing

... Introduction Finally another great device from Canon family. The All new Canon PowerShot SX600 HS !! Looking for a camera to carry while you are travelling ? And don't want to care about the settings ? Here is the Answer. PowerShot SX600 is made fo ...

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Review of Canon PowerShot SX600 HS

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