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published 28/12/2005 | kittyfluff
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Pro A great barrier cream..
Cons It smells of funny medicated things...
very helpful

"Keep on Rubbing.."

Pump Dispenser

Pump Dispenser

Here I am trying to struggle with my Eczema and the cold weather.My preference would be to stay in doors from October until the Daffodils are out.But unfortunately I have to work for a living,so Its not really an option.

At the moment my skin is so dry and red,that it actually stings when I get in the bath.It has formed attractive red patchy flakey bits,inbetween my great nut cracking thighs,my toned and taught belly,and all the way down my arms.This is not doing anything for my self confidence at the moment! Its worse than having a big whitehead on the end of your nose.

So at the moment I am having to cover up at every Christmas party, for fear of being cast asunder and put on a leapers Colony somewhere in the North Sea.

The only thing that I can do is moisturise about four times a day.And I dont mean any moisturiser.Not any of your pansy cheap watery, cosmetic ones.I need lard..I need pure grease..but I use Diprobase as a substitute for udder cream.

What is Diprobase Fluffster?

Well its basically an emollient cream but also doubles as a barrier cream. It seals the top layer of your skin to prevent it from losing any more moisture. Craeting a barrier between itself and the harsh elements. Or for instance if your clothes rub against you, such things as nylon and any other man made fibres really can exacerbate eczema and other dry skin conditions.

Dry skin can be made worse by frequent washing with hot water and soap.So Diprobase can actually be applied before having a bath or a shower to prevent even more moisture being stripped from your skin.

The Ingredients that make it Work..

The cream itself does not contain any active ingredients that will magically make dry skin conditions disappear. Its a mixture of Water and heavy , greasy emollients, such as Liquid Paraffin and White Soft Paraffin. These both create that extra layer of oil that your skin needs when its dry. However as they have been mixed with water, this just about gets away with being a cream, as opposed to a really heavy, thick Ointment.

It also contains something called Chlorolescol ( say what!)..this is to help preserve the cream so that it doesnt go off. Or so no nasty little bacteria hang around in your bottle of cream.

There are no Lanolin products which I can see in this bottle, or wool alcohols. So would be fine to use if you have any adverse reactions to animal fats.

Well then How Do I use it?

The cream should be applied as a thin layer on to the affected parts of your skin. I tend to use mine when my skin is red,sore, or just really stings like hell. I must admit to not using a very thin layer.I normally slather it on and wait for it to absorb into my skin.

If your skin really is dry,what works a treat is putting on a real thick layer and not rubbing it in. Then proceed to the kitchen and wrap yourself in clingfilm. Seriously..you may look like a complete tool, but it keeps the moisture in and forces the cream deeply into the skin. I normally leave the cling on for about half an hour as you start to sweat after that. And I never ever do it when I am expecting company!

Despite this cream being an emollient, it absorbs well into your skin. I usually pump a walnut size amount into my hand, and this is enough to do one whole arm. But I do generously apply it, so you may not need to use quite as much.

Its quite a firm cream, more like the consistency of a good face cream.It wont run out of your hand, and is pure white in colour. The only problem is the smell. It isnt pleasant. Its quite medicated, and smells a tiny bit like paraffin wax. But oh the relief! It instantly calms and soothes very dry skin. If my skin is very bad, then I will apply the cream up to four times a day. And over the period of around a week, if I aplly it religiously, then my dry skin will have diminished almost completely.

I see that my pump dispenser tub expires on 08/2009, and I got it in April 2005.So It has a very long shelf life.

Are There any Precautions I need to Take Doctor Fluff?

Yes..dont eat it on toast.In fact dont eat it..you will be ill. As long as you havent got any reactions to any of the ingredients then you will be fine. It is also suitable for children.But you do need to get advice on the dosage for children, from either your Doctor or Pharmacist.

If you have any allergic reaction to the cream,stop using it immediately, and let your Doctor or Pharmacist know.
The cream needs to be kept in a dry safe place under 25c. Also dont let the kiddies get their mits on it.

If you are pregnant you need to see your Doctor before using this cream.

The product Licence holders are Schering Plough. Thats just for your information.It does'nt make a jot of difference to me!

Where can I get it then Smarty Knickers?

Well, to answer myself..I get mine on prescription. But you can buy it from any Pharmacy, such as Boots or Tesco. It will not be on display, you will have to ask for it from over the counter.
You will be presented with a bland white box or pump depending on which size you ask for. It will have Diprobase in thick black letters, and a Red Stripe going down the side. Thats it! No exciting pictures of scabs or itchy people or owt!

Price and Other Products in the Range!

Diprobase Cream 50g £2.78 Pharmacy2U.co.uk

Diprobase Cream 500g £10.65 www.easi-med.com
(The one I use with the pump,
cheaper on prescription!)

There is also a Diprobase Ointment.This is oil based as opposed to being water based. So it will be ultra greasy.Those were the only two prices that I could find after scouring the net. So my advice is actually go to a Pharmacy in real life and have a chat with the Pharmacist first.

Kittys Final Thought

Well this cream has been a lifesaver for me. I do like the fact that it comes in a huge pump dispenser.It is so much easier to pump out the cream than fart about with a screw cap. It does also work. But you have to be patient.
I tend to decant some into a small tub and take it with me everywhere I go.
The only downside is the queer whiff.So it has to lose a star for that really.But all in all..a great product..

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  • piggypine published 10/03/2007
    Great review. We recently got this stuff for our son whos been diagnosed with excema, its early days but ive got my fingers crossed.
  • 4leafclover published 10/04/2006
    Great review, well done. I just wanted to say thanks for rating some of mine too. I'm looking forward to your other reviews. This sounds like a cool product.
  • mum52 published 18/03/2006
    Good review, not surprised it won a diamond. I'm glad you've found something that helps your eczema. ... :-)
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