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I was prescribed Diprobase emollient a few years ago, when I was suffering bouts of skin irritation on my legs that resulted in itchy, dry and flaky patches. I have never suffered from that since that particular occurrence cleared up, but I have had outbreaks of something similar on my hands on and off over the years. When I was prescribed it the doctor told me I may want to use it at night as it's greasy, but I have not experienced this, I think it's fine so long as you don't use too much.

I got the 500g pump dispenser rather than a tube of it since I was using it all over both legs, which is great as not only do I have plenty of it but it's easy and clean to dispense. The bottle is white plastic and the pump has a red attachment that lets you close it to prevent accidental spillages or leaking. When this is in place the pump will not depress. It pulls off really easily and clips back on just as easy, so it's no hassle and not fiddly.

The cream itself is white, thick and does smell quite strongly, though to me it's not an offensive smell. It smells 'medicinal' if that makes sense. I do notice some lingering smell on my skin when I've been using it, but after a while it's not noticeable. It goes away quicker if I wash my hands, and doing so doesn't undo the good work of this cream so it's win win!

The label is chock full of information, most of which I will summarise, but remember to read it properly before using. Diprobase is usually used on really dry damaged skin, where it works to restore a lot of moisture. It is also used to soothe and protect raw skin which can result from many skin conditions. It is recommended for those suffering eczema, who can apply it before bathing to help prevent moisture loss. I used it this way for my hands as well as I was working in pubs during my worst outbreaks, and as such my hands spent a lot of time wet. I found this really did help stop them drying out, which in turn helped prevent them getting too itchy and flaky. Obviously as a result of this I scratched less.

Some side effects have been reported but these are generally quite minor and include things like itching and a rash (ironic!) I noticed no adverse effects at all when using this quite regularly, even when applying it more generously than the 'thin' the label recommends. I used to put it on my hands and slip on a pair of cotton gloves before bed. My hands felt great after washing them the next morning and it really sorted out dry patches.

When you put this on, you can almost feel the moisture being replaced. It is very soothing especially when you have quite severe dry flaky patches. When I used it on my legs, I would apply a little at a time direct to these areas and rub it in until it was all gone, and repeat this until the flakiness disappeared. Obviously it would come back over time but doing this really did help. I like the action of rubbing as well, as it helps satisfy my desire to scratch!

Since I got this on prescription, I can't comment on prices, but what I can say is that it really worked for me to hydrate my poor skin when it badly needed it. And a little goes a long way so whatever size you get it should offer decent value.

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pgn0 12.07.2011 18:47

If you spend any part of your day with your hands encased in rubber or nitrile gloves, this product can really help ease irritation or skin cracks that result. Nice review.

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Diprobase Cream 500g Dispenser Pump

Diprobase Cream 500g Dispenser Pump

Diprobase creamworks by providing a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent ... more

water evaporating from the skin surface.Themain
ingridients in diprobaseare liquid parraffin,
white soft paraffin and water , it also contains
cetomacrogol and cetostearyl alcohol as
emulsifying agents, chlorocresol as an
antimicrobial preservative, phosphoric acid, and
sodium dihydrogen phosphate.To get the best
results when using diprobase cream apply to skin
frequently and liberally, as often as required.
Most people mistakenly just use diprobase and
similar emollients to treat the skin when there is
a flare up, however regular use can prevent such
flare ups and patches of dry skin.Diprobase cream
is available in a 500gm pump dispenser this is
recommended if it is going to be used regularly as
this offers the best value.You can also get
diprobase cream in a 50gm tube which is more
practical to carry around with you if at work or
travelling.You can use diprobase cream on babies
aged one month onwards.Useful InformationApply
gently in direction of hair growth, and avoid
vigorous rubbing of skin.There are no known
harmful effects whendiprobase cream is used by
pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. But as with all
medicines always inform your doctor if you are
pregnant or planning pregnancy if you intend to
use this product.Emollients should be used
frequently, even when the skin appears to be
clear. This should help to reduce the number of
eczema flares that you, or your child, has. If the
skin is very dry, emollients should be applied
every 2-3 hours.To ensure that you, or your child,
is able to apply emollients frequently, you may
wish to consider keeping separate supplies of
emollients at work, or at school. Diprobase 50gm
pack may be useful for this purpose.It is very
important to keep using your emollients during a
flare-up because this is when the skin needs the
most moisture. During a flare-up, you should apply
emollients very frequently and in generous
amounts.Emollient treatments should be used
instead of soap. This is be

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DiproBase Cream 500g

DiproBase Cream 500g

DiproBase is an emollient, moisturising and protective cream. It helps soothe, smooth and ... more

hydrate the skin and prevent moisture loss.
DiproBase Cream is used to treat red, inflamed,
damaged, dry or chapped skin and to protect raw
skin areas. If you are suffering from a skin
condition called eczema and your skin is dry, the
cream can be applied before having a bath to
prevent your skin from drying even further.

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Diprobase Cream 50g Tube

Diprobase Cream 50g Tube

Diprobase creamworks by providing alayer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent ... more

water evaporatingfrom the skin surface.Themain
ingridients indiprobaseare liquid parraffin, white
soft paraffin and water , it alsocontains
cetomacrogol and cetostearyl alcohol as
emulsifying agents,chlorocresol as an
antimicrobial preservative, phosphoric acid,
andsodium dihydrogen phosphate.To get the best
results when usingdiprobase cream apply to skin
frequently and liberally, as often asrequired.
Most people mistakenly just use diprobase and
similaremollients to treat the skin when there is
a flare up, however regularuse can prevent such
flare ups and patches of dry skin.You can use
diprobase cream on babies aged one month
onwards.Useful InformationApply gently in
direction of hair growth, and avoid vigorous
rubbing of skin.There are no known harmful
effectswhendiprobase cream is used by pregnant or
breastfeeding mothers. Butas with all medicines
always inform your doctor if you are pregnant
orplanning pregnancy if you intend to use this
product.Emollients should be used frequently,even
when the skin appears to be clear. This should
help to reduce thenumber of eczema flares that
you, or your child, has. If the skin isvery dry,
emollients should be applied every 2-3 hours.To
ensure that you, or your child, isable to apply
emollients frequently, you may wish to consider
keepingseparate supplies of emollients at work, or
at school. Diprobase 50gmpack may be useful for
this purpose.It is very important to keep
usingyour emollients during a flare-up because
this is when the skin needsthe most moisture.
During a flare-up, you should apply emollients
veryfrequently and in generous amounts.Emollient
treatments should be usedinstead of soap. This is
because most normal soaps irritate atopiceczema.
Replacing soaps with emollients should help to
reduce the riskof experiencing a flare-up. You can
also get emollient bath and showeradditives which
can help to prevent your skin from becoming
aggravated.Please check our extensive range of

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