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Genre: Action/Adventure - Publisher: Bethesda - Age Rating: 18+, 12+

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published 05/05/2013 | sammy_123
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Relieved from the tension of the semester!!
Pro Good graphics, gameplay, great sound
Cons Very short game
very helpful
Value for Money
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"Dishonored (PC)"

Dishonored (PC)

Dishonored (PC)

Launched in October 2012, Dishonoured is a very short stealth action, adventure game. This is a pretty good game for passing the time, but in due course, it becomes too addictive. The story of the game is pretty straight forward. I played Witcher 2 recently, and I felt that the storyline is somewhat similar to Witcher 2. This game offers a wide range of ways for completion of mission, which is more like Hitman. At some points, the game becomes too difficult to handle, and a bit boring too. But overall, I found it to be a very good game.


At the starting,_ Corvo_ (the protagonist) who is the bodyguard of Dunwall's Empress comes to meet her under a Gazebo where she stands facing the sea. Corvo is accompanied by the Empress's daughter. At this point of time, some assassins, who can teleport come to the Gazebo and assassinate the empress and takes her daughter. Corvo takes out his sword and tries to fight them, but they vanish in the thin air. Immediately, the other soldiers come at the spot and find Corvo with his unsheathed sword. They take Corvo to be the assassin responsible for the murder of the Empress. Corvo is now imprisoned. From here, he is smuggled out by the Loyalists which is a resistance group fighting to reclaim Dunwall. This point marks the begining of Corvo's quest to assassinate the people who conspired against him and reclaim Dunwall.He meets a superpowered man, the Outsider who gives Corvo supernatural powers because he thinks that he is a man who deserves the powers which are very useful while playing the game. He has to go on missions given by the leader of the Loyalists and fulfill all the tasks. Here, one boring thing is that, every time you go on a mission, Samuel- the boatman takes you to your desired destination on his boat. These cutscenes cannot be skipped and it takes a lot of time to reach your destination. I won't be disclosing anymore of the story, otherwise, the game will become boring. For the story, I would give it a rating of 7/10


The game has been set up in a plague ridden city of Dunwall where the people are dying. The streets are filled with rats spreading plague and eating up the dead corpses, and the waters are filled with piranhas. Those who are not dead, act like zombies. Dishonoured offers a wide range of ways to complete the mission. Since it is a stealth combat game, you can either go stealthily and sneak past guards and animals, use alleys, underpasses, rat holes and enter your desired place or building, or you can just take out your sword and keep slaying the guards who come in your way, and enter through the front door. However I always use both to get past the mission. Killing a guard while hidden is absolutely great. One good thing about this game is, if you talk to the strangers, they give you clues, and side missions which earns you more points, and you can get more money by doing those missions. There are also paintings, gold ingots and coins scattered throughout the city. You scavenge the city for those, which will be helpful in upgrading your weapons. After meeting the Outsider , he gives you special powers and in the course of the game, you acquire powers which are absolutely worth explaining. These are: -

> HEART :- This looks a bit yucky but it is actually a mechanical heart which if held in the direction of runes and bone charms(which are scattered throughout the city), starts beating, and as you close in to those, it starts beating faster. It also gives clues in cryptographic words which you need to decipher to overcome the obstacles.

> TELEPORT :- This power lets you teleport over to short distances so that you can quickly move from one place to another without being noticed by the guards. You can upgrade it using runes to increase the distance of teleport.

> BEND TIME :- This power lets you slow down others in the world while you move at normal speed. Upgrading this power lets you stop all other people while you move in normal time.

> DARK VISION :- Dark Vision gives you the power to see through walls. You will be able to see the guards through walls and also their range of vision. This is very helpful as you can hide more safely using this.

> DEVOURING SWARM :- Using this power, you will be able to call a swarm of plague rats who will attack your enemies sparing you.

There are many character upgrades too which can be used to increase health bar, increase adrenaline level and also increase agility of the character. The gameplay is not too much difficult. However, maintaining stealth is one hell of a task.One good addition is the concept of tallboys who stand on tall metallic legs and highly shielded. This addition brings a futuristic taste in an otherwise old scenario. I can give the gameplay a rating of 8/10


The graphics is pretty good. it is much comparable to Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. The special effects are also very good. You won't be put down by the graphics of this game. Since I played it on PC and found it very appealing, I believe that the graphics will be much better on PS3 or Xbox 360. However nothing seems to be real in this game, but the quality of detailing is very high in every aspect. The graphics hardware need is also not too high. For best performance, it will be needing a Core 2 quad processor along with a GeForce GTX 460/ Radeon HD 5850. For compatibility mode, you can use a simple celeron E1500 dual core processor with GeForce 315 512 MB/Radeon HD 4350. Based on the quality, I can give it a 7.5/10


Since this is a stealth, there is no background music in this game. Only the environment sounds can be heard. These sounds too are very well detailed. The combat sounds seems to be real. Since the sound detailing is good and are well placed according to scenarios, I will be giving it a hefty 9/10.

This game doesn't have any extra features as well as multiplayer option. Once you finish the game, its over and you can very well delete it.
Why Should You Buy This

If you like a historic as well as futuristic game, this is for you. It blends both the things in perfectly. Stealth like Hitman, combat like Assassin's Creed, Powers like Witcher, All have been perfectly put in this game. This game is a must try for all those who like RPG(Role playing games).

Why You Should Not Buy This

Clearly, kids won't love this game very much. Since you have to use your brains at many points during the game, it becomes a bit tiring for the kids. Also this has an age rating of 18+, however I did not find any reason for which it has been given that age rating, because, except for violence, there is nothing in this game.

Value for Money

I think £ 20 is a bit steep price for this game, because the length of the game is too short. However, considering the graphics and gameplay of this game, it is worth a try. However, I would also suggest to look out for games like Witcher 2 which gives more or less the same game experience except the stealth.


According to me, this is a very good game and is worth trying for all gamers. Even if it is a bit steep in its price, I would suggest to go for it. You won't regret spending money on it. I would give an overall rating of 8/10 to this game.

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    You can still play!!! Its a very short game!!!
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Genre: Action/Adventure - Publisher: Bethesda - Age Rating: 18+, 12+

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