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Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll

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published 07/01/2017 | daylehall
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Pro Looks beautiful, sings and lights up
Cons No off switch, dress cannot be taken off
Value for Money

"Snow Glow Doll"

Molly unwrapping her Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll

Molly unwrapping her Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll

Luckily (for me anyway) my daughter was only two and a half when Frozen-mania hit! However, Molly has a cousin who is three years older than her and she was completely obsessed with all things Frozen. As a result Molly went through a phrase of loving all things Frozen too but I think compared to some other parents I had it pretty easy and she didn’t quite hit the obsession stage. However, due to the fact that Christmas followed her interest in Frozen, her main Christmas present for Christmas 2014 was the Snow Glow Elsa Doll.

This Snow Glow Elsa Doll cost a whopping £35 when I bought it back in 2014. I must admit I was pretty gob-smacked at the price but knew that Molly would be thrilled on Christmas morning. Getting hold of the doll was particularly hard as it was the ‘toy of the moment’ that year and I actually only managed to get hold of it as one of my Mum’s friends works for Toys r Us in Birmingham and she put one aside for me and posted it down to us. I am surprised to see that three years later, the price hasn’t come down a great deal and this currently retails for £27 on Amazon.

Snow Glow Elsa
Snow Glow Elsa is roughly 14 inches tall and it made from hard plastic. She is solid all over and doesn’t have a soft cuddly tummy as some dolls do. It is easy to see that the doll is Elsa from Frozen but her looks do differ somewhat to the character in the film. Her face is slightly chubbier and she looks like a baby version of the character but this is certainly something that went unmissed with my daughter. Her eyes are rather large and blue and they are printed on her face so the doll does not blink like some dolls do. Elsa hair is very long and blonde (just like the film) and her hair is plaited and falls over one shoulder. She has a pretty blue tiara which sits on her head. This is actually attached to her head with small elastic bands and I opted to leave these in as I knew full well it would get lost if Molly could take it off.

Elsa has a necklace around her neck which has cleverly been molded to the doll. I thought this was quite a nice touch as it helps to make her look really pretty but you don’t have the worry of the necklace getting broken or being taken off and getting lost. The necklace is made up of white beads with a snowflake shaped pendant on the end. The middle of the snowflake pendant has a sparkly blue gem in the middle.

Elsa's outfit is identical to what she wears in the film. The dress is blue and it is sparkly at the top. The bottom half of her dress is made up of two layers with the bottom later being a turquoise blue colour with snowflakes printed all over it. Over the top of this later is a white lacy looking layer, again printed with snowflakes. The arms of the dress are made from a white netted material from the shoulders down. At the back of the dress there is a Velcro strip which enables you to access the back of the doll for batteries and the various settings. However the dress cannot actually be completely removed as it is connected to a wire which comes from the doll, as I found out when Molly attempted to remove the dress.

Elsa also has a pretty blue pair of slip on shoes attached to her feet. Again, these are cleverly attached with see-through elastic bands and these helps to keep them on her feet.

The doll itself is quite sturdy and has limited movement. Her head can be moved from side to side and her arms and legs move at the top joints only (shoulders and hips).

To make her work, Elsa will need 2 AA batteries. Elsa actually came with batteries already in her and these lasted a surprisingly long time before they needed changing. The battery compartment is located on Elsa's back and the cover needs to be taken off with a screwdriver which is good because it means your child cannot access the batteries.

On Elsa's there is a switch with 3 settings. The settings are numbered with 0, 1 and 2 with 0 being play mode, 1 being try me mode and 2 being the setting which changed Elsa from English to Spanish.

I cannot write a review on Snow Glow Elsa without mentioning the fact that she also comes with her friend Olaf. Olaf is much smaller than Elsa measuring roughly 5 inches tall. Again, he is made from hard plastic and does not have any moving parts at all. Molly was thrilled to find Olaf alongside Elsa.

Play Value
There are various ways in which Elsa can be operated. First of all, you can raise her right arm up and she sings the chorus from "Let it go". While she sings, her dress flashes and her necklace lights up. I must admit, Elsa does look rather pretty when she lights up as her dress is beautiful already and seeing the lights coming through the lacy material of her dress does look rather striking.

Elsa comes programmed with 15 phrases. In order to make her say one of these phrases you need to press the middle of her necklace. While she is talking, various spots within her dress light up. She says things such as “I’m Princess Elsa of Arendelle” and “Do you want to build a snowman?” Molly loved the phrase “Do you want to build a snowman” and spent hours on end working through all the phrases until she got to this one, and then repeating the process!

As well as having her singing and light up features, Elsa can of course be used like a regular doll and to be honest, this is how Molly played with her most of the time. She spent the first month after Christmas with Elsa firmly by her side and she even took her to bed with her every night! She also enjoyed sitting Elsa down with her little friend Olaf and re-enacting conversations between the two of them.

In summary, I would recommend this doll for any Frozen fan as it is incredibly beautiful and will certainly be well loved by any child that loves Frozen. However, I do think the initial price tag of £35 was very expensive. When I compare this product to other products that cost the same, I really do not thing it compares when it comes to play value. Two years after Frozen-mania and it still retails at £27 which I still think is on the expensive side.

I do have a few slight grumbles about this doll. Firstly, there are three settings on Elsa, none of which are an off switch. For a toy that costs as much as it does, I think an off switch would have been a nice added feature. Next up, is the fact the dress cannot come off the doll. This is obviously due to the fact that the dress lights up so needs to be connected to the internal part of the doll but when you have a child that thoroughly enjoys undressing her dolls, this was a little frustrating. Last of all, I am not entirely sure why you can switch Elsa from English to Spanish and I don’t really understand the relevance of her being able to function in Spanish – I would have much preferred an off switch instead.

Having said all that, I do think the doll is beautiful. You can see that a lot of effort has been put into her dress and it really is beautiful and typical of any Disney princess. The fact that her dress lights up as she sings is obviously the main selling point of this product and you can see why – she really does look mesmerising when she is lit up and Molly gasped the first time she saw her working! For me, memories like that are priceless. I like the fact that the necklace is molded to the doll, especially as this is a working feature of the doll, it ensures that it cannot be lost of broken.

As I mentioned earlier, Molly was only two although nearly three when she received this for Christmas and initially she loved this doll. However, after about a month of taking her to bed with her every night, Elsa ended up in a corner of her room and has pretty much stayed there ever since. Maybe Molly was too young to fully appreciate the doll but personally I think £35 is a lot of money to spend on a doll that she got bored with in just over a month. Once you have seen her light up and heard her sing a few times, she doesn’t really offer anything more than other cheaper dolls once the novelty wears off.

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  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 30/12/2017
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    Looks like a lovely doll. I'm quite fortunate that neither of my daughters are particularly into Frozen though so has saved me some money!
  • frofrog published 19/02/2017
    E review.
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