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Disney Junior (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) - Disney

1 CD(s) - Children's Music - Label: Disney, EMI Music Distribution - Distributor: EMI Operations/CEVA Logistics, Discovery; EMI Operations/CEVA Logist...

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Review of "Disney Junior (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) - Disney"

published 23/09/2011 | joshuas-mummy
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"Hot Dog!"

My one year old son has been in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since he was tiny, mostly because we watched it together from the day he was born. As he grew he learnt to recognitse the mix of sounds and colours and the characters voices, so now when I put it on the television for him he is transfixed!

Disney' Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a funtastic as any other Disney product. It's shown on their sky channel 'Playhouse Disney' almost constantly so there is very few times when I need to distract my son and it's not there at the press of a button. The show is very simple in nature it features Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck and Daisy, Pluto and Goofy. They all come together in Mickey's magic house and each episode they have to solve a problem or overcome something with a few select handy tools. These tools are given to Mickey and his friends by 'toodles' the computer friend in their magical world. He is summoned by all the characters chanting in unison 'oooohhhh toooooodddddlllleeesss'. It's very sweet and always creates excitement amoungst young viewers.

The songs that feature on this program are one of the reasons we enjoy watching this particular show. Disney has a way of creating children's entertainment that's not completely mind numbing for adults, which is useful because I would go mad if the same songs were played on every episode! Luckily the theme tune and end tune are the only ones that are the same each time!

I've been trying to occupy my son when we are in the car recently and it's not easy trying to drive and keep a baby entertained! When I saw this CD in Sainsbury's for £3 I bought it straight away without even pausing!The Cd has a very bright and fun front cover featuring all the characters and the clubhouse too so it's very familiar for little eyes! When I looked at the case I saw it said 'songs from and inspired by the hit TV series'. This was brilliant for both me and my son! It meant he would recognise some songs and also get to hear new ones!

The Cd has 18 songs, none of which are particulalr long but it's got enough tracks to accomadate for that. The opening track is the theme tune sung by They Might Be Giants which works a treat to calm a screaming child in the backseat! The first time I played it my son instantly stopped crying and began to look around for Mickey and Co!

A nice feature on this childrens CD is that the songs switch between the characters-they aren't all by Mickey and they have some very cute takes on nursery rhymes too like Goofy Singing Twinkle Twinkle! Donald and Daisy sing too and Minnie has her own songs too so it's nice to have variation which eases the annoying repatition that children's songs often create.

The final song on the album is our favourite-it's the Hot Dog dance! Again by They Might Be Giants, this theme tune song is played at the end of each episode and encourages the viewers to get up and dance away as fast and imaginatively as possible! It's so cute to watch your child go from watching this part, to being involved in it. Joshua and myself always have a good old car boogie when this comes on, and he almost always claps with glee!

the track listing is as follows:
1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme (They Might Be Giants)
2.Mousekedoer (Mickey)
3.Mickey's Countdown (Mickey)
4.Daisy Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep (Mickey & pals)
5.Donald went a courtin' (Mickey & pals)
6.Your Library (Ludwig Von Drake)
7.A Mouse Like Me (Mickey, Minnie and Goofy)
8.Where Has My Little Dog Gone (Goofy & Pluto)
9.Bicycle Built For Two (Donald and Daisy)
10.Party at Mickey's House (All)
11.Twinkle Twinkle (Goofy)
12.Beautiful Dreamer (Minnie and Daisy)
13.Blow the Man Down (Mickey & the Gooey Fish)
14.Muffin Man (Minnie & Daisy)
15. Clubhouse Birthday (Mickey and Goofy)
16.Technology (Ludwig Von Drake)
17.Mousercise (Mickey)
18.Hot Dog (The Might Be Giants)

Our overall rating is 5 stars! It's a great CD album for children and for an increadably reasonable £3 I couldn't complain about anything! It's perfect for using in the car, although it doesn't really provide much entertainment in the house because Joshua just wanders over to the television expecting to see the characters too if we play the Cd inside. However the lack of things to do in the car for hildren means that it's a great boredom ease and most of all from my point of view-it doesn't totally do my head in! And to be honest when I'm driving, thats the main thing!

Summary: A very worthy purchase

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  • cha97michelle published 23/09/2011
    Great. I have hot dog in my head now just before going to bed. ;-)
  • Spottydog11 published 23/09/2011
    We have this CD, it's brilliant, you're right, the first couple bars of the first song in the car really quiet my little girl down too x
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