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Disney's Aladdin (Mega Drive)

Aka: Aladdin - Genre: Platformer - Publisher: Sega - Release Year: 1993 - For: Sega Mega Drive

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Review of "Disney's Aladdin (Mega Drive)"

published 06/08/2012 | JasonJRogers
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Pro A great aladdin Adventure game!!!
Cons End boss is really tricky to beat!
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"Aladdin "Rubbing the Lamp""

Disney's Aladdin (Mega Drive)

Disney's Aladdin (Mega Drive)

Disneys Aladdin

Platform: Sega Megadrive
Genre: Action/Adventure
Price: Varied


This game is one of my favourite on the mega drive, it is a really enjoyable, fun, action adventure with so many familar surroundings to what is seen on t.v. There's places you have to travel through like...Agrabah, Sultan's Dungeon, Cave of wonders and inside the lamp. Inside the lamp was one of my favourite levels because it was crazy, a bit weird when jumping on those genie hands, its certainly something different in a game. The levels in Agrabah were fun, escpecially travelling up the ropes and across the rooftops, one amusing part of this game is when you jump on the sitting camels back near an enemy and when he spits something at him he's trousers fall down, making it easier to kill him.

There was one bugger of a level where I kept losing most of my lives on and that was the cave with the falling bolders, you had to jump quick over the lava and into the cave and once a bolder falls from the gap it rolls down chasing you to the end of the cave until you come to the lava and platforms again, if you don't move quick enough or fail to jump the onto the platform you could either land in the lava or be flattened by the bolder, resulting in losing a life...I can't believe how many lives I used to lose on this one, all because I did'nt make that all important jump at the right time.

Once you do eventually reach the last level and fight the final boss (Jaffa) it's impossible to kill him, he like a snake firing at you and at the same time you have to keep jumping over the flames on the floor. Once I did have six lives when I reached him, but he soon took care of those and ended up not beating him in the end. If I can remember, only once I managed to kill him and complete the game, but that was years ago, I can't seem to knock him off this time...oh well, maybe I have to try again some time.

When playing throughout the game you have certain pickups you have to collect on the way, one of the most exciting pickups are gold head tokens of Abu (Aladdin's monkey) this having a chance to play Abu's bonus rounds. You get to collect gems which give you points and collecting up to a certain amount can help buy from the peddlers stall, one item to buy is some more extra lives and the other is a wish which can give you up to six extra tries. I do love the bonus games at the end of levels, you get to play as Abu and try to avoid things such as barrels and falling rocks...the longer you avoid them the faster they start to roll and fall, you have to react very quick in order to prevent losing the bonus game.

I love the idea of your energy being the smoke coming out of the lamp, it's displayed nicely on the top left corner of the screen and every time you get caught a little bit the smoke goes down. The lives are displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen with the number of how many displayed next to it, I like the idea of the icon for the lives being gold head tokens of Aladdin, collect these and you'll recieve an extra life. You get to pickup small apples along the way as well, as well as fighting the enemies with the sword you can throw the apples at them to get them from a distance without them getting you.

The enemies in the game are quite easy and quite fun to beat, there's one knife throwing enemy in the market I enjoy killing because the knifes can be rebounded off of your attack and can kill him. First of all you see him jugging them around and around and then he starts to throw them at you, using your sword against them can whack he's knifes back at him. Going back to guy with he's trousers falling down, you can also throw those apples at him and that will result in he's trouser's dropping as well.

The sound and music to the game and levels are very nice and soothing, its gives out a really good feel to the whole game. The story is to save Jasmine from the evil Jaffa and I love going through even the hardest levels to get the end to fight him. Even though the flying carpet level can be a bit of a bugger, its still one of my favourites because it's telling the story of trying to get to Jaffa and to save Jasmine. The most trickiest part of the carpet level is when its gets faster and there's no indication of whether to go up or down to avoid the rocks, on a certain part it just comes up with a question mark and you'll have to guess whether to go up, down or in the middle.

Inside the genie's lamp can be a little tricky too, the balloons you jump on can pop and the hands disappear in and come out again resulting in falling through them and possibly losing a life. The boss's at the end of certain levels are rather easy to beat, some take longer then others but there still quite simple to kill. The game has a very nice feel to it when playing through it, it's very easy to control and you can change the control type if your not very comfortable with them...In my opinion the controls are already fine and set at the comfortable handling for the game.

I love the picking up the charmer's flute, this will help you escape to a higher place, these are mainly found in the market and will help ascend onto building rooftops. The hearts you pickup will restore your health a little and collecting four halves of an apple slice with result in one apple. Along time ago I did'nt quite know what collecting the gold genie lamps ment, but now I know it helps you to rescue princess Jasmine and the black genie lamps help to knock out all near by enemies. You do get to a bonus slot machine round by collect the genie head tokens, you then get to play for gems, apples an extra lives, and knocking the blue genie vases helps you to continue from that spot once you lose a life. Finally, picking up two halves of the scarab lets you gain entrance into the cave of wonders.

For some strange reason I sold this one years ago and only just recently got it back, what was I thinking back then getting rid of one of the games I still enjoy playing. I've done that with most of the old classics, I sold them years ago and this year I have been getting them back...of course, there classics and childhood memories and this one for sure will not be going anywhere again.

ThankYou For Taking The Time Reading My Review!


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  • AliceBond published 13/02/2016
    Very helpful) Like it too
  • Theshield1000 published 11/02/2016
    Aladdin was always one of my favourites on the mega drive
  • RICHADA published 07/08/2012
    Oh that all games reviews published here were this good! R.
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Product Information : Disney's Aladdin (Mega Drive)

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Aka: Aladdin - Genre: Platformer - Publisher: Sega - Release Year: 1993 - For: Sega Mega Drive

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Publisher: Sega

Release Year: 1993

Genre: Platformer

Platform: Sega Mega Drive

Aka: Aladdin


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