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published 11/03/2002 | ms19
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"Safari Around The Park"

This isn't one of my favourite parks, because to me I felt too much like I was in the jungle or safari, because the day I was there it was boiling and I thought I was going to faint but still it was a lovely day.
The park is split up into different countries, Dinoland USA, Camp Minnie-Mickey, Discovery Island, Asia, Africa and Rafiki's Planet Watch. As soon as you walk in you pick up a guide and most people usually make their way up to:


First thing I went in hear was-
It's Tough To Be A Bug-This is brilliant, it's a Bug's Life 3D. It's about the bugs talking about how humans are nasty to them. You get sprayed by bug spray, then you see spiders, I couldn't look half of the time because I'm scared of insects. At the end it's funny because it says some bugs are leaving and you feel something crawl behind you. This was brilliant, I enjoyed all 3D shows in the parks but this was one of my favourites.
Tree Of Life-This isn't a show or anything, this is just the big tree which is the main part of the park, it has animal carvings it which is really beautiful and a lot of work I would take a picture of this.


This was brilliant and this land held one of my favourite rides in the park which was-
DINOSAUR!-This is brilliant, at first I was getting scared but then I sat in the car and made sure I was at the back and in the middle of the row. What it is, is you are on a journey to find a T-Rex, so your car identifies all the dinosaurs until you find the T-Rex. It keeps saying warning, you only have 5 seconds left and things like that. Thankfully I made it and I am alive!This ride is in dark mostly but it's fun, the car goes fast, so hold on!
The Boneyard-This isn't that great if you're older, this is for little kids it's just a playground of bones for little ones to play on.
Tarzan Rocks-This show is good, this was a summary of the film with lots of singing and dancing, it was nice to watch and atleast a break from walking. I would recommend this, although you might have to wait a while to get in.

After the show I got really hot and the heat was too much, so I decided to cool off by going to


to go on the-
Kali River Rapids-These had a very short queue when I was there so I sat in and off we went. It's good because in the centre there is a circle for putting your bags in, there is plastic part over it to cover them. You kept your feet on the bar so your trainers weren't ruined. A hill part took you up then all of a sudden you dropped and that was where I got wet most. When I came off all my clothes were sticking to me so when you go on it I suggest you wear your poncho, either get wet if you want or wear something that dries easily. Most of the time you're just floating on water.
Maharajah Jungle Trek-This was quite good, when you start off you take a map and follow the trail, you will see tigers and antelope things like that. You can take nice pictures here. There is a part for you when you take a bird spotting map which is quite good although I hardly saw any birds. This takes about 20 minutes depending on how long you want to stay watching the animals.
Flights Of Wonder- This was quite nice, you got to see all the different birds which is also interesting if you don't know much about them or if you like birds. This show lasts 25 minutes but it's good to see.

After all that I needed to sit down somewhere so I took a break and walked to Africa, here I went on the-
Kilimanjaro Safaris-This was one of my favourite rides in the park, I loved it. You had a tour guide and you all sat on your safari car, above you there is pictures of all the animals you will see on the safari. The tour is interesting and the guide will get radio calls from others. There is a surprise on the bridge but I will leave that to surprise anyone wanting to go. The radio call comes through that there is poachers and it's brilliant because the car moves and you follow it, it's so realistic looking. This was brilliant and anyone that goes has to do this if they don't do something else.
Pangani Forest Exploration Trail-This is interesting, you walk through the trail with a map and you see meerkats which are so sweet, and easy to take pictures of. You can also see gorillas which when I was there I got a talk on. There are plenty of other animals to see, another is hippos.

I caught the train after this and went to

This was quite nice, I first went to-
Habitat Habit!-This was nice you got to see tamarins and learn other things which was nice.
Affection Section-This was great you got to touch animals, mostly just goats and sheep but it was nice and they just walked up to you and I made a friend with one of the goats.
Conservation Station-This is interesting, you find out about veterinary medicine and animal surgery. You hear tales and and interesting facts.

The last place I went was lovely. This was


Here you get to meet all your favourite Disney charactrs and get your picture with them, I met mickey and minnie in safari suits, I also met Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tiger, Eeyore, Goofy, Baloo, Pluto, and that was it.
I didn't get to see the two shows because I missed the Last showing of
Festival of The Lion King- this is meant to be all the lion king people having a tribal celebration, dancing and special acts. I heard it, it was musical and looked good and lot of friends have said it was excellent.
Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends- this wasn't there either, there had been a storm in the week and the stage had been washed away. This was about Grandmother Willow, I would have liked to have seen it but couldn't do anything about it.

This was a great park, nice to be in and I had a good day for it, it wouldn't be the same if it had rained.

At the end before walking out you can buy all your safari toys or souveneirs.

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  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 30/12/2016
    Nicely done
  • juicyfruit1961 published 09/04/2003
    Loved your op it brought it all back to me - we had a fantastic time there last november and I must say this was one of my favourite parks, a little more laid back than the others and you didnt have to rush from one ride to the next which, in the Florida heat, is a godsend!!
  • susanjane published 12/03/2002
    Great opinion. We went there last year and had to come away because of the heat. I didn't understand why they didn't have more air-conditioned areas like the other parks. too realistic!!
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