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I have always believed I have a healthy attitude towards death,
As far as I am concerned when you die one of two things may occur.
No 1....I don't know anyone who can tell me the exact moment they fall asleep. Well, I believe that death is like that, even extreme death, i.e. accident or worse. The actual moment of death is non-existent because if there is nothing else you won't know anyway. You will pass away and that will be that...
No 2....If No 1 is not the end, well, this could be the start of the most incredible adventure of your life or death.

I feel that a belief that there is something after death stems from fear. A fear so strong that it makes people create another world. How many times do you hear, "This can't be all there is" or "There must be something else otherwise why are we here" We are here because the force of mother nature made our parents procreate, and those of us indoctrinated into religion at an early age have our minds conditioned to believe that there is a heaven and far, far worse infect our poor childlike minds with the fact there is a hell!!! What kind of sick puppy dreamed that one up. Leaving religion aside, and I think, with respect, that any decent minded person amongst us would or should do exactly that, after all that is purely man made and worthy of a review all of its own.
Where is the proof? Do we turn to 'Most Haunted'? A program based on some people with extremelly lively imaginations wandering around 'haunted' locations contacting souls who have passed on but not 'over'. The central figure being a rather dubious Liverpudlian who talks to a chap called Sam (who has shufflled off this mortal coil) and who can only be heard by himself. Now, call me a sceptic, but are we really supposed to believe that this guy is taken to a mystery place which he knows nothing about and is let loose to advise the presenters about all the souls who gather in that dwelling? Oh, give me a break, they, like every television production you watch, do it to make money. If this guy was for real would he be working on a TV production? I can assure you he would not. He would be locked away whilst every scientist in the country examined him and the information he gives can be obtained by logging on to any search engine and typing in the location.

I bet you are thinking that I am a disbeliever and do not believe in life after death. You would be wrong I niether believe or disbelieve but until someone gives me proof either way I will remain undecided. There have been two occasions in my life when something has happened which has made me stop and wonder but being the person I am I have proceeded to find a logical explanation. I will share these with you.

When my father died I was nowhere near home and took the call from an extremely hysterical mother, who kept shouting "Your father's fainted and I can't wake him up". Given the fact that 6 weeks prior to this my father had suffered a massive heart attack I very much doubted that it was just a faint. I asked if she had called an ambulance and she said "No". I immediately told her to call the ECRU (Emergency Cardiac Response Unit), which she did. When i finally arrived the ambulance men were still working on him but to no avail. He died that night. He was a lovely man. Once my mother was settled with my aunt I made my way back home promising to return the following day when I had sorted everthing out kids dogs etc. It was only when I had gone upstairs to bed that I realised I had not shed a tear. I sat on the end of the bed and thought...that's it...I will never laugh with my dad again. It was then the floodgates opened and once open I could not stop. After what seemed like an age I heard a voice inside my head, not through my ears, (I know that sounds strange but I dont know how to explain it). It said "It's all right cocky it's all right" That's all it said. No more. But it was my father's voice using a phrase he only said to me. I wasn't frightened and I didn't answer. I just felt it was his way of letting me know it was all right. I suppose you are thinking at this point that that should make me a believer, and it would be easy to be, but at a time when there was extremely high emotion and a wish that I could have had more time with him, could it have been my own brain giving me a solution.

I was in a violent unhappy marriage with two small children and at times doubted my own sanity. I remember one night when I had gone so low that I contemplated suicide. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that in the next rooms were a 6 yr old and a 4 yr old who would have found me. I was in such a state that I sat on the bed and locked my arms round my knees, and rocked back and forth, and wept and wept till my legs were wet through from the tears, when I took a moment to breath, I looked upwards and said, "GOD help me, if you are there help me, I have never asked for anything till now because I didn't really think you exsisted, but if you are there Please Please help me"..it was at that precise moment that a feeling so strong overtook me completely, I felt like someone, or something had put ther arms, or a huge blanket around me, and a feeling of complete Peace came upon me, so much so that for the first time in a long time, I felt no need to lay awake waiting for the key to go in the lock and wondering what was going to happen, all traces of sadness and fear seemed to vanish, was that a being from beyond giving me comfort, or just my brain shutting down to save me anymore hurt. A self presevation button...

So do I believe in life after death, I have to put my hand on my heart and say I dont know, and finally, if I have upset anyone with my views, I am deeply sorry, it has not been my intention to derride, or to discourage anyone from their beliefs, We are each in turn responsible to our own conscience
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dbirse 01.04.2007 11:07

Very Good. Well Done. I liked your take on this discussion alot.

garleon 14.11.2005 17:15

I don't dish em out to often so take it as well deserved. E from me Lass. gar

Wearsidelass 25.10.2005 17:20

A very passionate review - excellent. Julia

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