Do you believe in life after death?

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Do you believe in life after death?

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Review of "Do you believe in life after death?"

published 20/08/2007 | karimkha
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Have you ever thought about life after death? Is thinking about death makes your skin crawl? Thinking about the subject of death might be a depressing matter. Human nature always have the instinct of survival, tried all ways to stay alive that's why ancient Egyptians were the first thought of life after death,

the matter of life after death was very vital to them ,so they mummified the dead bodies in order to stay in perfect condition, that's not all, when the pharaoh was dead, after mummifying him they buried him in a large coffin in a large airy room like pyramids! with all their gold, mines, clothes and make up and little rock statues which were thought to help the pharaoh in after life as servant.

In other religions, like Christianity, Islam and Judaism, life after death is part of religion , we all believe in judgment day, hell and paradise but did you really come across someone who experienced this before? We all know that when someone is dead there is no way for him to come back and that is a fact but what I'm going to revel is real and happened in real life . There is no scientific explanation for it and still talked about .

There were stories about people who travelled outside their dead bodies for seconds , they saw their bodies just lying around and then came back to life! but my story is a lot complicated and unbelievable!

I wanted to write about this subject long time ago...but I couldn't write anything until I talked to the person who I'm going to reveal his story in the next sentences. He refused at the beginning , I tried with him so many times and finally I convinced him to tell me his experience with it's bitter and sweet side, I translated our dialogue from Spanish and Arabic in to English, some words might be not as powerful as they should be but I'm only translating what he said by the letter.

This man is 26 years old , married with 3 beautiful boys and a lovely wife . When you look at him you can't see anything different that any body else other than his hair...It was totally and I mean it ...totally white! not a single hair is black or even grey, it was very weired seeing a young man with hair like that but he never wanted to dye it, he said he loved it as it is and will never change it, as it is a reminder for him that he is blessed!

He used to be my school mate, very popular with lots of friends and girls loved talking to him , he was very lively person never stopped moving around.

I invited him around for dinner so he can relax and tell me the mysterious part that no body knows about it.


The story by Zach him self:

On very hot day of July a bunch of boys were playing near the beach , swimming and playing volley ball, I was with these boys . normal 9 years old boy swimming. A friend of min dare me in put my head under the water or 3 minutes, so I did bravely, every body was cheering I was proud ,so they asked me to do it again I did it , I put my head under the water , I heard them shouting ..stop it Zach , stop it Zach it's five minutes, I didn't listen , suddenly I felt strange, I don't know what to say as if I'm in coma , I don't know for how long but it was long , After that I saw my self lying on the beach people shouting and some one trying to wake me up! WHAT ARE THEY DOING? I talked to my self , and why I can't get up , and I can't talk too? I can feel their hands touching me, carrying me to my house, I can see my mum crying , there is my sisters crying too! what is going on, I can't move , I can't talk, mum, dad help me , please look at me but no one looked or listen.

I don't know if i slept that night or I'm asleep, the very next morning , they took me somewhere and...WHAT!! they started to prepare me to be buried! what are they doing I started to shout , please don't , I'm not dead look at me but no body listened again , and there is my mum dressed in black from head to toe and my sisters, my dad too and looking at me and cry.

Here i am wrapped in white sheets put in a box and ready to be buried, i wasn't scared but i was sad , I 'm already missing my family.

They prepare the land and i buried next to my grandfather.

At the night I went to my house I don't know how I did that , I saw my mum holding my photo hugging my clothes, she was very pale, her eyes were very red I came to her hugged her but she never looked at me.

I don't know If that's next day or the same day but I moved my arm, my legs , yes I can move them I shouted , my voice was loud, suddenly I felt men digging and shouting and here i was wrapped with that sheet , they all stood and stair , and one said to me are you a ghost? you are dead! I said NO, I AM A LIVE , they took me out back to my mum who was shocked when she saw me, is that because I came out of the dead ? or because of my all white hair?

She hugged me and cried, she said that the doctor announced me as a dead, i was drowned and they couldn't save me. I didn't say anything I smiled and thanked god that he gave me another chance to live again. now I'm married with 3 boys a doctor i became to save peoples lives and always thank god for his gift.

This was Zack's story, Was he really dead? how did he survive the grave ? can people really have a second chance? or is it one off?

This story still people talked about it and this man still people looked at him and said this is the man who lived twice! the man with 2 lives.

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  • paulpry118 published 11/09/2010
    I beleive in life after death, my Mother-in-Law passed away 6 years ago, she new we had been trying for a baby but I kept miscarrying. On what would have been her birthday after she had died, I found out I was pregnant and went on to have my Daugher Holly and I beleive she helped me from the afterlife. Holly is very much like her
  • MizzMolko published 03/08/2010
    A really interesting read : ) Eleanor x
  • Suavilous published 21/07/2010
    Great review. Can I meet him? :-)
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