Do you believe in life after death?

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Do you believe in life after death?

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Review of "Do you believe in life after death?"

published 21/07/2008 | susannaspecial
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"Who really knows ??"

Do i believe in life after death?

I absolutely hate this question, especially right now, as it is mostly all that i think about!

My grandad died six days ago, and until then i was skeptical.

Actually, i think it would be fairer to say that i didn't really ever give it much consideration at all.
I certainly feared death, just like most people, but i didn't want to sit alone in my bedroom in the stillness and ponder what happens to one after they die.
Why would i want to depress myself any further?

Then i heard how my grandad had died and i'd be lying if i said i hadn't given the whole "life after death" debate a good long hard going over.

I would absolutely love to believe in it. Right now, i still haven't managed to go a day without thinking about my grandad and where he is, which of course just starts me off crying again. I'd love to think he was somewhere nice, back with his mum in the "spirit" world but do i really really believe that?

I am so torn when asked this, and i really can't answer "yes" nor "no".

My argument for there NOT being life after death is what i call my "birth theory,"
OK, i know it sounds weird, but stay with me.
Basically what i am meaning by my birth theory is this- does anyone remember anything from before they were conceived? Anybody remember their spirit being in another place before they were born to their parents?

Well, of course there are people who will claim yes because they believe in the whole past lives thing, but most of us will answer "no."

That simple fact that we are nothing before we are born leads for me to believe that it is the same for when we die- one day we exist, the next we die.

But then, when i have pondered this in my head and totally believe in it, i start thinking about spirit.

Think of the times you've been so overcome with emotion it's almost given you energy, a kind of vibe... perhaps it was the birth of your child/ren, or perhaps a time you were in, or nearly in, an accident.
Or the strength for life you feel when you've just been told you may not have that long.

It is that spirit, that energy that we all posess deep inside, that makes me reconsider the whole life after death.

We did not exist before we were born.... but then again, we did not have a soul because we had yet to be conceived. So just because we were a "nothing" before we were born does not mean that we go exactly the same way after we die, does it?

But because we all experience emotions and memories and concerns for others, does that mean we continue to live after we die?

I seriously have no clue, and it absolutely twists my mind inside out when trying to figure this out.

And, until i myself die, i guess i will never be able to give a proper answer.

Because i simply do not know. And i don't think i ever will.

But i think, deep down, i like to BELIEVE that there is.

The thought of my grandad having gone through all of his life and suffering at the end of his illness, to die and simply become a "nothing" breaks my heart, and i can't help but think that it is this sorrow, this unbearable reality that leads us to believe in life after death.

I don't always think we can use the sightings others have had of ghosts either. I believe very much in the whole "trickery of the mind" and so the ghost argument doesn't sway me.

I think the only thing that would make me believe in life after death would be to see a medium and get something out of that medium that they wouldn't possibly know.

Some memory of something my grandad and i shared that only i and he would know of.

That's what would convince me.

Until then, my answer is just a rather sad shrug.

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  • n13roy published 05/08/2008
    Yes, I agree with you to a certain extent, and I also believe that we never think about Death, until we lose someone very close to us, as in your case, and I am so sorry for your loss too. Take Care.........Roy......
  • majeedkazi published 25/07/2008
    Nice Review
  • manlybeach published 23/07/2008
    Sorry to hear about your grandad. It's times like these you want to believe in life after death and hope your loved one is now free from pain and with other family members who have passed over. Like you say we'll not know until happens to us. xx
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