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Dogalog - Bruce Fogle

Dogalog - Bruce Fogle

Contains over 1000 pedigree dog portraits, each accompanied by key facts about the breed, ... more

including its place of origin, physical features,
temperament, grooming requirements and breed
colours. This work is suitable for every would-be
purchaser of a pedigree dog.

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If you love dogs, you'll love DOGalog - an indispensable photo-encyclopedia of pedigree dogs. A gallery of captivating canine portraits, showing over 400 breeds Written by best-selling author and vet Dr.

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Type Non-Fiction
Genre Animals / Pets
Subgenre Dogs
Title Dogalog
Author Bruce Fogle
Publisher Dorling Kindersley
Edition Paperback
ISBN 0751338710; 0789483947


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