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Pro good value, cleans & keeps germs away, child safety cap/lid
Cons strong smell of product
very helpful
Value for Money
Do you need to use much for each clean?
Irritable to skin?
Longlasting effects?

"Keeps germs away for longer."

The Product
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The product I am reviewing is by Domestos which is a Unilever product. Domestos are part of a well known cleaning range, in which all their products contain bleach to help clean and kill all germs. The cleaning power of Domestos is better than most other products due to its high availability of chlorine. The product helps to kill germs and keep them away after very flush of the toilet. Most germs usually comes back after your toilet is flushed by domestos with Extended Germ Kill helps to keep them away for longer after every flush. The product comes in a dark blue bottle and has a bright red lid which is a child safety cap so smaller children cannot get into the bottle easily. On the front of the bottle it states what the product is and has Domestos in large white letters across the front of the bottle. On the back of the bottle it has some information about the product and how to use it. It also gives you some warning information about the product as well. When buying a new product I always read this information.

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I purchased this from my local Poundland store for . . . yes you guessed it £1.00. You can also buy this from most supermarkets such as Sainsbury's, Asda and Tesco and it can also be purchased from some small local shops, how-ever prices may vary. The product is available in 750ml bottles and comes in Original (blue), Pink Power, Aqua Blast, Sun fresh, Citrus Fresh. You can also purchase a 2litre bottle; how-ever this is only available in the Original (blue).

Using the Product
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To remove the lid from the bottle you need to squeeze the sides and twist at the same time. This is a safety lid to ensure children can't open the bottle easily. You will see that the lid on the bottle has a tip to it. Ensuring the tip to the bottle was under the rim I squeezed it and moved it around the rim ensuring the product was around the whole of the toilet bowl. The bleach was clear and I could see it slightly as it ran down the inside of the toilet bowl. The smell of the product is quite strong and does has the obvious smell of bleach so when applying the product and leaving over-night I tend to keep the toilet door shut and open the window a little to let the room air. When flushing the toilet for the first time in the morning there is a build up of bubbles and foam but this doesn't really last long. The toilet appeared to look much cleaner and the bowl itself looked much shinier than it had done before. As the room still smelt slightly of bleach it also gave it a very clean feeling to the toilet. Although this makes the toilet look shiny & clean it doesn't really work very well on lime scale and touch stains. Sometimes I apply the product, leave it over-night and then use the toilet brush to scrub the stains a little, which helps to remove the stains a bit better rather than leaving the bleach to do it.

Overall Opinion
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I purchased this bleach to use in the toilets at work as there is a total of 4 different toilets, and seeing as I work with men the toilets can become rather dirty and a bit grubby so at the end of each day I use the bleach on each of the toilets to help get rid of stains and germs. The product is great at leaving the toilet smelling clean and fresh and also does a good job of leaving the bowl shiny and looking clean. As I paid just £1.00 for this product I can't really complain about anything as it does the job it's supposed to. I would recommend this product to others and I would also be very tempted to try some of the other products in the Domestos range as this one was so good.

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