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"Ultra Cleaning with Domestos"

Domestos Bleach

Domestos Bleach

Cleaning the toilet is not the most pleasant of chores, but it is something that just has to be done on a regular basis - especially in a household of five and with two separate toilets in the household. I am not always brand loyal but do have a range of products that I'm happy to repurchase and will look out for price promotions and offers when shopping. I use Domestos products regularly as I find it to be a reliable brand and it is frequently on offer at most supermarkets or Wilkinsons.

The Product

There are numerous versions of Domestos bleach available nowadays, from the trusty original version in its traditional blue packaging, to ones with vibrant eye-catching coloured bottles and exotic fragrances, right down to this particular version that I am currently using and reviewing - the Domestos Ultra 'White and Sparkle' thick bleach.

This Domestos 'Ultra' bleach caught my eye mainly due to its predominantly white bottle which contrasted with the red and blue colouring around the rest of the bottle and the familiar reassurance of the usual Domestos logo. I was also drawn in by the promotional price of £1 per 750ml bottle, although the full RRP is only slightly higher (around £1.10 - £1.15) which I don't feel is overly expensive for a branded cleaning product. Domestic are keen to promote their association with and support for the Unicef charity with this bottle and advise that £0.03 is donated with the sale of each of these bottles. That is, obviously, a very tiny amount but as Domestos is a major multinational brand, these small amounts will quickly add up to a substantial sum. Unfortunately, that particular promotion is now over although this bottle was purchased fairly recently from a local Wilkos store.

The bottle has been designed with practicality in mind and is quite long and slim, so it is comfortable to hold and pour even when full. I also like that the plastic used is quite flexible so it is easy to tip the bottle over the toilet and give it a gentle squeeze to release the bleach. The dispensing tip is cleverly angled to make it simple to position the bleach directly under the rim and get at all the germs lurking under there. I find that the bleach comes out evenly and is easy to control, without any potentially dangerous drips or spillages.
Safety Advice

Safety is obviously a key concern in light of the highly toxic contents and all relevant safety information and health warnings are visible on the back of the bottle to minimise any potential harm, particularly to children. To counteract that, the bottle features a sturdy plastic safety cap, requiring squeezing and twisting to open although, obviously, the bleach should be stored well out of the reach of children anyway.

As this is a bleach based product, all the usual precautions should be taken such as not using this alongside other cleaning chemicals due to the risks of potentially dangerous gases being released as a result. This is also not suitable for use on enamel or plated metal surfaces as it can be corrosive or on certain fabrics including wool, silk, man made fibres, leather and coated materials. This is also harmful to skin, so gloves are recommended when applying this Domestos although I don't always follow that advice. Prompt action is needed if this does accidentally come into contact with skin and washing with copious amounts of running water will help to minimise any potential skin burns. This stuff is also harmful to aquatic life, so it is certainly not a gentle 'eco friendly' option and should be used sparingly.
Appearance and Odour

This Domestos bleach is much thicker than many cheaper (and inferior) brands of bleach and is an off white colouring so it does not stain surfaces but it is still possible to spot where it has been applied as it tends to cling to the surface before slowly working its way down.

There has been no attempt at masking the distinctive Domestos odour - this is unmistakeably bleach and very strong bleach at that. I find that the smell of bleach quickly takes over the entire bathroom and it isn't a scent that I particularly like but it is undoubtedly associated with cleaning and disinfectant so it is a price worth paying to know that germs are being dealt with effectively as well as removing visible dirt.

In terms of effective cleaning performance, I have no issues at all with this product and do find its simple claims of leaving surfaces 'ultra white and safe from germs' to be reassuring and achievable. Leaving this Domestos Ultra down the toilet overnight, or even for just a few hours during the day if the opportunity arises, helps to eliminate any unpleasant marks or stains in and around the toilet bowl. I find that this is effective and thick enough to remove most stains around the inside of the toilet bowl, meaning I don't need to spend time scrubbing away. I tend to squirt this around last thing at night and leave to soak but, even if only left for 15 minutes during the day, the toilet bowl is still left visibly sparkling clean with a gleaming and reassuring whiteness and sparkle.

Domestic bleach can be used for various other purposes around the home, including disinfecting floors and surfaces and stain removal on appropriate fabrics, but I find the smell too unpleasant to use elsewhere in the home and prefer to use specialist (scented) products for cleaning the kitchen floor or work surfaces. I generally prefer something a little more attractive smelling elsewhere in the house and leave the bleach for the toilet bowl and, occasionally, to remove any stains and marks around the ceramic Belfast sink in the kitchen or bathroom sinks and to use neat to disinfect plughole and drains, if they start to smell. The strong smell of bleach does not lend itself to everyday use in the kitchen or living areas, in my personal opinion and I prefer to restrict its use to the bathroom unless I have completely exhausted my supply of cleaning products and have no nicer smelling alternative to hand.
Price and Availability

This is widely available from most supermarkets and from discount stores such as Wilko. A quick online price comparison reveals that this currently costs £1.10 in Tesco but is slightly cheaper to purchase two bottles for just £2. This brings the price down to the level of much cheaper non-branded cleaning products. Unsurprisingly, Wilko is the cheapest place I can find to pick this up at just 95p per bottle, making this an inexpensive everyday purchase.

Overall Recommendation

The Domestos brand has a well-established reputation for quality, ease of use and germ killing cleaning performance and I will continue to purchase their products whilst they remain competitively priced.

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