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"Not my idea of a good film!"

"Don’t breathe’ is an American crime thriller/horror released in 2016. The film is about events that occur when three thieves target a wealthy blind man’s house for a break-in. The film is rated a very high 7.2 out of 10 on IMDB and is given a guidance certificate of a 15 for some of its quite disturbing scenes. The film is an hour and a half long.

The beginning: The opening scenes of the film are not too bad, and I like to check the IMDB rating before watching a film so as you can imagine I had high expectations for this one. The scenes that start the film are promising and the viewer can only hope for the plot to get better as the story goes on. The film starts with a bizarre snippet of a horror-like scene that basically fits into the plot of the film later on. That’s a creepy beginning but unfortunately the story doesn’t continue that promise the viewers might have built up in mind.

The plot: So the plotline revolved around these three thieves - Rocky, her boyfriend Money and friend Alex. They decide to break into the house of a man where they believe they can walk away with a small fortune between them – however they realise they are dealing with a blind man, the guilt kicks in for some of them, but things quickly take a turn when they blind man turns out to be the worse victim they could have dreamed off. It soon turns from breaking into the house to a game of how to escape the house and the events and consequences are quite shocking. This plot is not the most original however it is the events that take place within it that really have an overall effect on the viewing and the horror factor.

Horror: The horror figure in this film is of course the blind man, but the question of who the victim of this situation is becomes really questionable as the plot progresses - things take turns so many times over in this film that the suspense is through the roof! That’s definitely a good thing as the viewing is very gripping and has you on the edge of your seat – so there are your positives. It does become very disturbing especially towards the end as the motives of the blind man are brought to light. The horror of this situation also revolves around the feeling of being trapped and that claustrophobic feeling and with films like this we hope for the daylight and the open door to escape being trapped.

Characters: There are four characters in this film that make up the plot – the three thieves and the blind man. We get a little insight into Rocky and her background, enough to realise she lives in a rough family and she going along with the robbery for the money, for the sake of taking care of her little sister. The acting is not too bad and they are definitely convincing in illustrating their fear. They are also good at being convincing as thieves. There is also a decent connection between the three characters and they didn’t feel disconnected at all, but I’m not sure how connected the viewers will feel with the three thieves in this film as times I didn’t care for the blind man’s attacks on them during the early stage – but for the sake of creepiness, we are suddenly drawn to feelings of sympathy.

Theme / Tone: The film does succeed in feeling quiet creepy especially as the blind man’s actions are revealed. It really is a weird one and it just gets even more bizarre as it gets more tense reaching the end. There are some dark and twisted elements, just very clichéd based on breaking and entering stories, but there is a new theme revealed towards the end of revenge.

Psychological turns: The weird thing about this film is you start off with the 3 people who break into the old man’s house, and we don’t care for these three characters – especially the lead of this trio. They are vile, hateful and they are basically robbers. But when they break into the blind man’s house and the plot goes on, we see the events unfold within the house and the antagonists are trapped in the house, we are led to feel different to how we initially thought of them. It messes with our thoughts until the end.

The ending: The film takes a whole new turn. Not only is there a twist in the plotline, but the events are just as warped and cruel. And the plot twists just keep coming! I think some of the events are a little overkill – there is a lot of suspense towards the final scenes. I did think though some of the ending just felt so unrealistic and ridiculous yet the happenings just keep coming and are really just relentless, making the ending feel more and more like it was never going to arrive. It felt exhausting! - which I suppose was adding to the suspense and horror but I was looking for the final scene much sooner.

Overall: I really don’t know how this film got a IMDB rating of 7.2. I have seen so many brilliant films and they are given really average rating nowhere near the 7 mark. Maybe this film just was not my kind of thing. I did find it gripping and I did carry on watching it, but I couldn’t help thinking how ridiculous and silly the plotline was unfolding out to be. Yes we have unexpected things in store, but some are not really welcome– it was just too weird for me. I won’t be the one recommending this one. It’s just not worth the one and a half hour, but ill kindly give it 2 out of 5 stars for its ruthless scenes towards the end suitable to the horror genre.

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