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published 21/08/2017 | kiss_me2070
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Pro easy watching, easy to follow, good storyline, good special effects
Cons only really focuses on two characters
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"Once To Wake Her From Her Bed, Twice To Raise Her From The Dead."

Don't Knock Twice

Don't Knock Twice

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Don’t Knock Twice is 2016 British supernatural horror film directed by Caradog W. James and written by Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler. The film stars Katee Sackhoff (starred in Riddick and Battlestar Galactica), Lucy Boynton (starred in Sing Street and Ballet Shoes) and Richard Mylan (starred in Immortality and Speak Like a Child). I saw this film on Netflix a couple of weeks ago but have only just recently got around to watching it. The film is about a mother that is desperate to reconnect with her troubled daughter that becomes embroiled in the urban legend of a demonic witch.

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As I subscribe to Netflix I was able to watch this through there; how-ever you can purchase it on DVD from Amazon for around £11.99

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• Katee Sackhoff as Jess
• Lucy Boynton as Chloe
• Javier Botet as the Russian Witch/Mary Aminov
• Nick Moran as Detective Boardman
• Jordan Bolger as Danny
• Pooneh Hajimohammadi as Tira
• Richard Mylan as Ben
• Ania Marson as young Mary Aminov

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The Film
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At the beginning of the film Jess is in a room with her husband Ben as they are trying to get custody of Jess’s daughter (Chloe). When Chloe walks in the room things are very tense and she doesn’t even seem to want to look at her mother, let alone talk to her. Jess left her daughter 9yrs ago and now Jess is back, she wants to reconnect with her daughter. Chloe how-ever isn’t very keen on this and tells her mum to leave her alone. Danny (Chloe’s boyfriend), shows her an old house. This house is the only one left in the neighbourhood, but Danny tells Chloe how a demonic witch in it and that they are waiting for someone to knock on the door twice. (Once to wake her from her bed and twice to raise her from the dead. Despite Chloe being scared, Danny goes and knocks on the door twice and tells her that there is nothing to be scared of so she then goes and knocks on the door twice as well. Nothing happens; how-ever as they are leaving the camera zooms in one of the windows and it looks as though someone is standing in the window. When Chloe looks at the window again the face has gone. That night at Danny’s flat strange things start to happen and he thinks he is seeing things; how-ever he’s not as we see the figure of a woman with a white face in his room. That night Chloe is talking to Danny via video link and when she moves away from the laptop, something drags him from in front of his laptop screen up to the ceiling and out of the door. From here Chloe can’t get hold of Danny and is starting to worry about him. Chloe starts seeing things and things start happening to her so she goes to her mother’s house and asks her if she can stay with them.

Ben has to go away on a work trip which leaves Jess and Chloe on their own together. That night Jess wakes up when she hears someone drying. She naturally thinks that its Chloe crying so she goes to investigate. Jess finds an old lady in the laundry room crying and when Chloe asks who she is the old woman turns around and we can see that she has a knife in her hand. Shortly after Chloe is startled and wakes up in bed to find Jess in the bedroom. Chloe tells Jess about the dream and so Jess tells her mother about her and knocking on the door to the witch’s house. When Sarah (one of Chloe’s customers), comes around to the house so that Jess can continue sculpting her out of clay with her baby, she suddenly says that she has to leave when Jess brings them some coffee through. It’s obvious that Sarah senses or see’s something in Jess that she doesn’t like and can’t get out of the studio quick enough. Later detective turns up at the house looking for Jess because Danny has been reported missing. We learn more about Jess as the detective who turns up has known Jess since she was very small. The detective tells Chloe about her daughter and what happened when she and Danny tormented a lady (Mary) whom was accused of taking a small boy from the children’s home where Danny and Jess were staying. This is the witch that Jess is convinced that is now after her after knocking twice on her door earlier on in the film with Danny.

As Chloe and Jess try to bond, we learn more about why Jess had to give up her daughter. Later on, that day when Jess takes a customer through to the studio everything has been trashed. There are things all over the floor and naturally Jess thinks Chloe has done it because she was the one taking boxes into the studio a little earlier. We know that Jess didn’t do it as the studio was fine the last time Chloe took a box in there. Jess thinks that her mother is going to send her back to child services and starts to pack her bags how-ever Jess tells her that she wants her to stay. That night strange things start to happen. As Jess goes outside to investigate something she has seen Chloe gets woken up from sleeping and starts looking around the house for Jess. Whilst she is looking for Jess, she becomes scared. There are various scary figures that we see walking around the house behind Chloe. Some of these figures are quite scary looking and there are various scenes which did make me jump a couple of times. As Jess and Chloe and getting ready to leave the house the following day something lifts Chloe up in in the air and then throws her into a glass cabinet to the side of her. Jess is naturally shocked and immediately tends to her daughter on the floor.

In the last half hour of the film Jess is called into the Children’s Home after Chloe is returned there by a detective. Sarah tells Jess how they can stop the witch from taking Chloe. Jess must work out who took the little boy all those years ago and clear Mary’s name in order for Mary to stop taking Chloe. Jess thinks she has worked out whom took the little boy and the other children all those years ago; how-ever will she get the chance to prove it? Will Jess be able to find her daughter in time? There is no real telling how the film might end. There was a twist in the film that I really didn’t expect. I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed with the ending of the film, as the way it ended it’s as though they could make another film; how-ever you do get answers at the end of the film, so it doesn’t leave you wondering what happened or what might happen.

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The two main characters in the film are of course Jess and Chloe. Both of these play their characters very well and their characters are very likeable. It’s clear that Jess is guilty of giving up her daughter years ago and wants nothing but to bond with her and make up for the time she has lost with her. Despite Jess wanting nothing to do with her she does eventually go to her mother and they form a strong bond together. Chloe comes across as though she may be a bit of a trouble maker at first; how-ever that does change during the film. Jordan Bolger whom plays Danny isn’t in the film for long and to be honest I think that’s a good thing as I don’t think his acting is particularly very good. Richard Mylan whom plays Ben does a good job at playing his character how-ever he only has a few short parts in the film due to the film mainly being focused on Jess and Chloe.

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Special Effects
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There are obviously some special effects in the film, particularly towards the end of the film when it focuses a little more on the witch. The special effects are good and look very realistic. The make up on some of the characters that appear in the film are fantastic. There are a few scenes where we do see blood and other things and again these have been done very well to look very real.

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• This film has received mixed to negative reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave a 28% approval rating with a weighted average of 5.2/10.
• On IMDB this film is rated 5.2/10 by 6, 129 users.
• The Metascore rating of this film is 45 based on 7 critic reviews.

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Overall Opinion
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This is an easy to watch film as it’s very easy to follow. The film has a good storyline and I didn’t personally get bored when I was watching it; how-ever some people may find it boring due to the fact the film is focused mainly on two characters; how-ever other characters do appear during the film but only for short periods of time. This may not be the most exciting supernatural film that I have watched but it’s certainly not the worst either. I did find a couple of parts of the film a little jumpy as there were things that were unsuspected; how-ever I think that what helps to make it a good film. I didn’t really find the storyline predictable and there were a lot of unsuspected things during the film such as twists that you really don’t expect. There is a part of the film that you do think you have worked out something which is what I thought; how-ever I turned out to be wrong so although parts of the film may make you think something, you are likely to be wrong. Although there were two scenes with blood I didn’t personally find them very gory. This isn’t the kind of film that I would bother to watch again, as I don’t tend to watch a lot of films twice unless I really like them. Overall this was a decent supernatural film and one that was easy to watch.

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Other Information
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Director: Caradog James
Genre: Supernatural, Horror
Classification: 15
Running Time: 93mins
DVD Release Date: April 2017

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