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Doodle Jump (iPhone)

Genre: Puzzle, Platformer - For iPhone/iPod Touch

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published 11/06/2010 | World-of-Bones
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Pro Very Fun, Will Keep going forever, Great Competitivity
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"Forget About Doodling When Bored, Just Play This"

Doodlejump is one of the thousands of practically useless yet brilliant applications to grace the Iphone's App Store. Now, I say it is practically useless, and this isn't entirely true, it's actually counter-productive, making it worse than useless. The fact that it has taken away hours and hours of the 3 million people who have downloaded it's lives is staggering. Combined, the hours it has taken away could have probably been used in a more helpful way, but I for one wouldn't change a thing.

Doodlejump is a simple game (Come on, we all know they are the best) that is based around the Iphone's surprisingly sensitive accelerometer. The aim of the game is to guide your primitively sketched, erm, creature (?) as high as you can by tilting the Iphone, therefore guiding the creature to various platforms on which it can bounce higher. Sounds simple yeah? Well, that's because it is. And that, my faithful readers, is what makes this such a fantastic game, open to all ages, able to be played by absolutely everyone who has use of their hands.

Along it's epic journey towards the stars (Or the top of the paper it is doodled on) your creature will encounter a few obstacles. There are equally roughly drawn monsters, which you can either shoot (By tapping the screen), jump on, or evade entirely. There are also different types of platforms: There are you standard, stationary platform to bounce on, then there are the frequently seen "Fake" platforms that break away if you try and jump on them (You learn to ignore these quite quickly), there are moving platforms and then there are the platforms that evaporate after you've jumped on them once. But it just would not be fair if you had obstacles yet no visible advantages, so along with you monsters and break-away platforms come a list of perks. The most frequent of these are the springs, these are simply springs on the platforms that cause you to jump higher than your average bounce, there are also trampolines which result in an even higher jump. Then we come across the Heli-Helmet (As I like to call it :)), which is a hat with a propeller on, when you acquire one of these it will let you fly upwards for a short amount of time. Next we have the lesser spoitted Jetpack, which, if acquired, flies you quite a lot higher than the Heli-Helmet. Now, I haven't mentioned the different scenes yet, for example, you can set a jungle or a space theme to your Doodlejump. This basically changes the skin of the game, including the creature, and monsters and platforms as well as the background. The space one does come with a little perk as well, which is the fact you can find a Rocket Ship. If you hop into this little beauty you'll be soaring to the skies instantly, and gain a much better height advantage over the Jetpack or Heli-Helmet.

So, i've explained the game, but none of you will really know how fun, competitive and addictive this game really is until you download it. It costs a measly £0.69 (Just over the equivalent you would make for writing a DooYoo review). There's a reason it is one of the most downloaded ever applications for Iphone, why it is STILL in Apple's App Store's Top 25 over a year after it's release. I do strongly recomment this app. And even better, if you're a fan of football, there is now a World Cup skin that comes with it :-).

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  • MEL0611 published 11/06/2010
    Great review x
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Product Information : Doodle Jump (iPhone)

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Genre: Puzzle, Platformer - For iPhone/iPod Touch

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