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Pro Moisturises, neutral smell
Cons Cost, more aimed at women.
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"soft, silky, smooth, simple"

dove logo

dove logo


Dove, everyone has heard of it nearly, with their advertisements on the television, always stating that it leaves your skin like "silk".

Usually this isn't a brand I'd buy, but I thought I'd review on it because my mum constantly and repeatedly buys this for the bathroom and the kitchen. Overall they are a big brand, they have creams, soaps, gels, you name it - they really are one of the biggest skin care companies out there which springs to mind. To put it simply when you come to wash your hands, do you prefer just water, soap or a dispenser, well I want my hands to feel clean so it is logical to have this product, I don't believe in just washing my hands with water, it doesn't leave them clean, doesn't get rid of dirt or grime and leaves your hands feeling rough and dry. Unlike Dove, easy, simple to use, pleasant smell, looks neutral, leaves your hands feeling soft and clean - as well as moisturing them at the same time, doing good to your skin making u for all your neglect to them - the most used part of your body during the day.

Personally for me I like things in squirty bottles, and in liquid form. You know in England how hard and chlorinated the water is that it takes a while to make a bar of soap lather. Well this just feels like silk but when mixed with water throths into a lather. Despite the brand seeming to be aimed more at women., the smell of Dove doesn't compensate for this, it isn't flowery at all, and isn't spicy. It is neutral, so both women and men can use it. And most of their range is for sensitive skin. Here again, many other brands out there like Palmolive and Carex are doing dispensers so other brands are wanting to keep up with this idea. Soap just seems so unhygenic to me, picking it up its been tocuhed with someone elses germ ridden hands and been sitting there for up to weeks. Dispensers are more effective, being a liquid in the first place it doesn't take much effort to lather it up unlike a bar of soap.

Dove Website can be found at the following URL showing all their range of products and lists of ingredients:

Or alternatively call their line: 0800 0851548


The Cream Wash is in a medium sized bottle with a dispenser on the top, so you just click it around to activate it. Then a gentle press down makes the liquid trickle onto your hand. The colour of it is like white pearl, and looks like it has a marble effect in it. The bottle comes in 250ml. The packaging is fairly simple, yet bold so it still stands out. I don't really have much to say on the packaging all that it does really is inform you what the product is - never judge a book by its cover - I know the container isnt really that appealing but it does its job. Right?

Furthermore the logo is plastered all over the thing, Dove in italic writing, which everyone seems to remember how it looks, and definitely stands out on the shelf. When you think of Dove you think of blue writing, and that colour hasn't changed since they've been a brand. Personally I believe they could make the product look more appealing to attract more customers, meaning that they could make it neutral still, but more of a modern out look. You know like LYNX bottles of shower gel, they are see through and the liquid is coloured, and it just attracts your attention more. Fairly neutral colours, and also unisex colours so it isn't seeming to lean towards either gender; however their adverts just seem more geared towards females than men.

All their products seem to have white bottles with blue caps, and a blue logo - just so you remember what you're looking for on the shelf.
Their logo is large so you can recognise it, although they have four of these liquid soaps in their range, in 4 different bottle styles, just colour wise, light green, pale yellow, and white. Very light colours, not bold so it makes the logo really noticeable. Different colours to distinguish which product is which, which always helps.


As mentioned earlier, I said the smell is neutral, neither feminine or masculine, just refreshing and mild. I'd say it's stronger than a bar of soap and you can use as much as you need to but two squirts are enough. Despite a neutral smell, the brand just seems to me to appeal more to women, you see men buying other brands that don't sound or look so feminine, especially products like Lynx, or Tea Tree. It isn't too strong or weak, just enough to eliminate odours.

Upon some research on their site ( all that Dove mentions about is women, and anti-aging, and moisturising. I think they'd be more successful if they targeted all areas of the market, including age and gender so they'd increase their sales - but there is nothing stopping men from using the product, especially if their mother or wife buys it.


This product comes in a range of four different smells and purposes, which is always good as will be placed in different parts of the house, i.e kitchen or bathroom, or even appeal more to men/women.

Fresh Touch - which has a cucumber on the bottle - and is mint green colour. I have tried this once and believe it has a more distinct smell, men probably would prefer this more.

Skin Purifying Cream Wash - Neutralizes ( a kitchen product that removes odours on hands).

Silk - softer feeling. Probably will appeal to women more as they are into the idea of soft skin.

Cream Wash - moisturising. The one with the most neutral and unisex looking bottle. Simple and does what it says on the bottle.

I suppose that is an advantage with this product as it looks similar but in a range of smells or purposes. Again this may appeal to certain people. Especially all of them are designed to moisturise your hands when washing, remove grime and smells. Especially useful in the kitchen if you've been cutting onion or garlic...


It does feel silky in your hands, leaving them soft. The actual product feels like milky treacle. I definitely notice the difference when I've used it at my mums, especially if I've been doing the gardening, or changing oil it a car, it gets rid of all the muck from your hands leaving them soft. Overally it is a thick and creamy texture that doesn't break up in your hands too much when mixed with water, and feels like silk when mixed with water. It reminds me of a thick milkshake consistency even though it looks a pearly off white colour.

It is relaxing as well to just put this into your hands, it's like when you go to a beach and you let sand run through your fingers, it's just flowy and soft. It really is silky and soft and leaves your hands feeling that way. Definately better than using soap it doesn't take ages to lather up and there is plenty.

Again Dove are on about the "silky" and "moisturised" feeling that they give your hands. So without a doubt, of course - they've put in moisturising cream along with the soap to leave your hands feeling as soft as they do.

Just a quick mention, Clean and Clear I use for face wash, has little beads in it, this really exfoliates and softens your skin, removing dirt. I wonder if any other hand wash brands use it, but it has quite a nice texture.


I think my Mum tries to stick to about £1.60-£2.30 for hand wash soap. I prefer liquid form than bars of soap and I believe it's much more hygienic, especially more than a bar of soap because everyone touches the soap when they wash their hands, and with a dispenser, nobody comes into contact with the soap until it is dispensed, and better it isn't sitting on the side taking up room like a bar of the soap, it doesn't therefore dry out into a weird texture.

I believe my mum spent around £2 for this product, which is alright because I know we both prefer it than bars of soap. Dove products usually cost a little bit extra than supermarket or other brands, but they really live up to their "silk and moisturised" message.

As for offers, I've never really seen it on offer in the shops but it probably would help the product sell better as to be honest, there are tonnes of brands out there which people probably prefer for different reasons. Again not too much of a price issue, but generally people shop around for the best price, or use other cheaper more appealing brands.


Although people do not believe it is necessary to list ingredients, I do, because these ingredients have a function. I won't include them all but some of the main ones that make the properties of the product.

Skin conditioning agents
Urea ( urea isn't that wee? Ha-ha, sounds scary actually and off putting )
Isopropyl Palmitate - (that's a lot of conditioning agents so far, 4)

The fragrances.
Alpha-Isomethly ionone
Butyl phenyl Methylpropional
Citronellol - reminds me of citrus fruits and is refreshing.
Hexyl Cinnamal - probably the Latin name for cinnamon or something - spicy smell

For a full list of the ingredients and what they are used for can be found at: roductid=1345399

And unlike some brands, Dove's products are pH neutral, that means they aren't acidic, or alkaline so won't be damaging your skin, only cleansing it.


The brand has tonnes of products to suit anyone, in all ranges of sizes, colours and purposes. I think that this is one of their best, purely because it is hygenic, and simple. Dispensers are a better idea than soap as i've mentioned because soap just seems like its going to catch germs whilst drying on the side.

Their reputation is good as a brand, quality for money I guess. Always sticking to the hygenic and healthy idea. Revitalising your skin, freshing your skin, and moisturising it. Many people probably dont moisturise their hands so this can substitute as being an alternative, wash and cream.


This product does leave your hands feeling cleansed and smooth. But I think if I was older the brand would appeal to me more, I prefer things that catch my eyes on the shelf and have a more distinct smell, not so mild and neutral. Dove do live up to what they say though, it does make your skin silky soft.

I'd say get out there and try some, you can't say you don't like to something until you've tried it yourself. Though I tend to flick through brands to see which I prefer but dove leaves your hands the softest.

Thanks for reading.
Sorry near enough 2000 words, hope I didn't bore you.

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  • ilusvm published 15/12/2008
    i love the smell of dove products. Em x
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    excellent review x
  • Expired-Account published 04/04/2008
    I buy whatever is on special offer, Dove sounds nice though
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