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Dove Derma Spa Uplifted+ Body Roll-On

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published 09/11/2015 | kiss_me2070
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Pro reduced appearance in cellulite, did seem to firm, easy to apply
Cons takes a while to soak in, feels a little sticky on the skin
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"An amazingly good product that showed results."

Dove Derma Spa Uplifted+ Body Roll-On

Dove Derma Spa Uplifted+ Body Roll-On

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The Product
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I was in my local Boots store looking for some specific body lotion/serum which I saw a couple of weeks ago and when browsing the body care section with the lotions and moisturisers I saw that Dove had a few new products that were on offer, which included this product I am reviewing. I have to admit that I don't often purchase Dove products, just because I prefer other brands but as this product seemed good value at the price it was as it was reduced I thought I would give the product a go to see what it was like. This product was also very different to any other lotions I have used before. As I am getting older I now get more paranoid about my skin and how it looks as I want to keep looking good and young for as long as I can. I have always had body confidence and self-esteem issues anyway so I try to keep my skin the best I can. This new product from the Dover Derma Spa range is a body roll on which massaged the skin whilst moisturising for firmer skin from the very first use. This sounded pretty good if what a little unbelievable but I was willing to give it a try anyway so see if it really was any good or like most other creams and lotions a waste of money and a load of rubbish! This product is enriched with cell-moisturisers and gives your skin a cool sensation as the gel revitalises the skin. The spa-inspired application tool uses a trio of massaging rollerballs to tone, smooth and firms the skin which helps to improve elasticity and firmness all over.

The product claims to have a water-lily and cucumber fragrance, freshened with green violet leaves which are combined with sandalwood, patchouli and sweet musk. This product is suitable for sensitive skin which is good as I have quite sensitive skin, especially now the weather is starting to get a little colder. The product comes in a tube and has a lid protecting the bottom of the tube which has the massaging balls in so you can massage the product into the skin. Once removing the lid you will need to turn the head to the on position. This is marked so you can tell when it's open or closed. There are a total of 3 silver massage balls in a line and these can be pressed in slightly to allow some of the product to come out. The idea of this product is to massage the product into your skin using circular motions. This way the product gets an even application over the skin and the massaging helps to boost circulation and also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well. You can use this product on your thighs or tummy to see your skin spring back to life; although I only planned on using it on my legs as this is the area that I most needed help with in terms of the appearance of the skin. Once you have finished applying the product you can turn the head to the off position so as not to waste any of the product or so that it doesn't leak out into the lid when not in use.

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I purchased the product from Boots when it was on offer for £4.49; otherwise I wouldn't have purchased it as the full price of this product is £8.99; which seems a little bit pricey.

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Using the Product
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I try to use this product daily, normally in the evenings after a shower. I use this product on my thighs instead of my normal moisturiser/firming lotion. I twisted the head to the ON position and holding it firmly I pressed the rollerballs against the skin to release the silky satin gel. I did squeeze the tube a little as well to ensure that some of the product was dispensed. I massaged the product into my skin using circular motions. The rollerballs felt gentle on my skin and they also feel smooth as well. At first I couldn't really tell if any of the product had been dispensed as it's quite hard to see. I continued squeezing the tube every now and again just to ensure that the gel was being dispensed. I massage the product all over my thighs, back and front. I spent my time using this product and repeated the same process on the other leg. I could see very slightly where I had applied the product as my skin seemed to look slightly shiny. When touching my skin it feel a little sticky as well which must be from the gel, this feeling disappeared quite quickly though. I couldn't smell any kind of the scent from the product at all and to be honest I actually wondered if it was going to work or actually be any good. I did wait for a couple of minutes before getting dressed to ensure that the product had soaked into my skin. When waking up in the morning I didn't notice any immediate effects but to be honest I wasn't expecting to notice any effects until I had been using the product on a more regular basis. My legs felt smooth and the product hadn't irritated my skin at all which was a good start.

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After using this product at least 3-4 times a week for about 3 weeks I have already noticed that the skin on my thighs seems to look a lot less dimpled than it was before which tells me that this product does help to firm up the skin. The skin of my thighs where I had been using the product also felt in a lot better condition as well feeling softer. I have only been using the product on my thighs as this is the area that needs some improvement to them! After using this product for a good 6 weeks regularly but not every day there was a definite difference in not only the look but the feel of my skin as well. Please note that I also started eating a lot healthier during these weeks as well so this probably helped with the appearance, feel and look of my skin slightly as well. I didn't expect to be able to get results from just using the product alone. The front and the back in my thighs in particular looked a lot better than they had 6 weeks ago when I first started using this product. This made me feel a little more confident knowing that my thighs didn't look as dimply as they had done before (I hate cellulite sooo much!!!).

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Overall Opinion
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I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this product as I don't often purchase Dive products and the last product I purchased was the Dove Firming Lotion which I didn’t think much of when using it. This product sounded pretty good and as I was able to purchase it at a slightly reduced price I jumped at the chance of trying it to see what it was like. Application of this product is nice and easy and I like how the metal balls massage the product into your skin. I wasn't too sure about the sticky feeling on my skin after applying the product but this did soak into my skin leaving it feeling moisturised and smooth. I used this product around 3-4 times a week in the evenings although you may get quicker results if you use it every day before going to bed. I have to admit that after 3 weeks I was impressed that I was able to notice some results from using the product on my thighs which I call my problem area! My legs looked less dimpled and the skin felt a lot more firm. After using the product for 6 weeks I was very impressed with the results and was extremely pleased with the appearance of the back of my thighs as they looked a lot better than they had 6 weeks ago. This product does seem quite pricey but after using it I have to admit that I am tempted to purchase it again as I have been impressed and pleased with the results.

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  • justarube published 06/06/2017
    Good review
  • KateHurst published 18/11/2015
    A very unusual idea; I had to read this twice to make sure it wasn't a deodorant.
  • shellyjaneo published 15/11/2015
    e x
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