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Review of "Download Festival 2005 (Castle Donington)"

published 17/02/2006 | harton
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Pro a really great weekend. one of the best ive ever had in my life
Cons none really
very helpful
Booze and nosh
Variety of music
Accessibility to various stages
Facilities (campsite, toilets, creche, etc.)

"download festival 2005"

well, all i can say about download was IT WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE IVE HAD IN MY LIFE. the bands, the atmosphere, the crowds, the people, everything was awesome, seriously the best and i wish i was back there now. firstly we saw queen adreena, who id never seen in my life but who actually turned out to be a good band overall, but then we moved over to the other stage to see one of the bands i had been dying to see, FOZZY, who had a massive ovation and loads of poeple chanting "y2j y2j"(as chris jericho, the wwe wrestler is the lead singer), they were brilliant and put on a brilliant show, i loved it, and there were still 2 and a half days of music to go.
we went to see the third band of the day,UNDEROATH, who again i had never seen before, but i was blown away by their performance and they were great, we then went to my mates campsite for a little while, chilled out, had a beer, had a laugh etc, then made our way back to the stage. we got there in time just before the next band started, and alot of people had been waiting all day to see them, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, who had the whole crowd involved in their performance, they did a brilliant performance doing alot of songs from their second album, starting with "helena" and finishing with "im not okay" which had the whole crowd shoutin and singin to it, they played a fuckin awesome show. after they were done, i pushed my way nearer to the front as people were coming out for the next band who were on, THE USED. i didnt really listen to this band much, i only really listened to a few songs by them, but their performance was brilliant and got alot of people starting a "hardcore pit" lol, this is the first time i have really ever considered liking the used, all thanks to their brilliant performance. after a good day of music there was only one band or singer left on either of the three stages, and for some reason we chose to go with the band that were a bit like outsiders at download, FEEDER lol (we could have chosen feeder, billy idol, or napalm death, what a bad choice). basically what we did through this performance was sit on the hill and listen to some dull songs, so we went to buy some freshly made hot crisps with barbeque sauce mmmmmm, then we had nothing much to do so we went back to see feeder, but as it was the last 2 songs they had left they finally started getting ok, considering what i thought of them at first...i liked the last 10 minutes, very upbeat and very entertaining. well that day of live music was over so we went to a nightclub called THE AFTERSHOCK ARENA and as soon as we stepped foot in there, system of a down caused a mosh pit which was quite unexpected so i was pushed around alot through that (which was very fun lol). we stood over by the bar for most of the night, for some reason we couldnt get into a real party mood, partly because we werent drunk, so i stood there nodding me head along to the music. so 2AM came and it was time for the club to close, we thought we may aswell go back to the tents since we had an early morning of bands to get past, so we made our way back to our tents, which by the way was a bitch , the vip campsite was meant for added comfort and easy access, but we had to walk 20 minutes back to our campsite from the stage area with an acheing back and legs, but we got there and i fell right to sleep.
DAY 2 - well i set my alarm for 10 in the morning so i had enough time to get up and dressed and make my way to the stage, i got to the stage in good time for the first band of the day who i had been really wanting to see for a while now, TRIVIUM, who put on one hell of a performane, they had one of the biggest crowds of the concert so far and one of the biggest crowd reactions, they caused a load of circle pits and were basically just awesome, when they had to go the crowd kept on chanting "we want more", they were awesome. when they had finished i made my way up to the signing tent where the bands were signing autographs and hour passed and i was still in line, and from what i could hear i was missing some kick ass performances on stage from people like mad capsule markets and american head charge, but i wasnt moving from the line. i finaly got to the front of the queue and was looking in at bullet for my valentine..... when the guard said that they had to go, so i caught a quick photo of the band and they went off, and in came trivium. i got in and met the band, took photographs of the band sitting there in front of me, i then talked to each one saying that their performance was brilliant and they are some of the nicest guys you could meet saying that they really appreciate it and love the uk fans, i then got autographs of the whole band. i then made me way to the stage and watched "A". id heard this band before and thought they were ok, their performance was cool and i enjoyed it. we then laid on the floor for a while and then the next band came on, BOWLING FOR SOUP, who people were a bit skeptical of, they were surprisingly cool, and did alot of crowd interacting e.g talkin about a guy who was naked on another guys shoulders sayin he had dick cheese on his neck now because he was naked and hadnt washed for a few days ..........oh and taking someones blow up sheep and sticking a banana in its ass hole, then they did a tribute to DIMEBAG DARREL rip. we then got closer to the stage ready for the next band to come on, ALTER BRIDGE, who i had heard alot of over the past few months and really wanted to see them live, they proved to loads of people that their not just creed2 but an awesome rock band, they played brilliantly and got a massive cheer, they also did a tribute to led zeppelin which was good, but overall they were brilliant. afterwards we decided to have a break and go down the local shops for food etc.........anyways, we got back got to the stage and the band were doing their last song, so we watched the last act of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, so that was twice i just caught em and basically missed em. we made our way back to the main stage. we got there thinkin it was time for velvet revolver but we were wrong so we sat on the hill again and watched the next band or rather nearly fell asleep to the next band, HIM. they came on with ville looking and sounding drugged up and not givin a fuck really, they played their set which was really quite boring overall, the only decent song they did was buried alive by love, but the rest was boring and they had a couple of bottles thrown at them. when that borefest had finished, it was then time for a totally better band all over, VELVET REVOLVER, they had one massive bitch of a crowd for their performance and i was lucky enough to have quite a good position in the crowd, this was simply an awesome performance and brilliant songs were played such as "slither, fall to pieces and dirty little thing" being the best, this was one of the best acts of the whole weekend. it was then time to be in the presence of legends and the people that started it all off, so i made my way through and found myself being one lucky son of a bitch being right near the front for the next act, BLACK SABBATH. i swear there is no other experience like it, being in jump/mosh territory for ozzy osbourne and black sabbath, this was probably the best act of the whole weekend and i got really into it, moshing with everyone else ( for the first real time in me life to a big concert crowd) and singing along to the music and shouting and headbanging etc, ozzy was amazing and you could tell he enjoyed it aswell with the size of the grin on his face, seriously that was one hell of an experience and there was awesome music played like "paranoid" for example, i was really happy to be near the front of about 80,000 fans (although it looked like alot more was packed in there), this is a once in a lifetime experience (well actually ive seen ozzy twice but the first time ive ever been that close to a legendary band). then the music came to a close after an awesome act by ozzy, so i walked over to the camp entertainment area, we went and got a couple of beers each and then we went off to the napsterstage to see the freakshow, got a few more beers and made our way over to the aftershcok arena, where this time, after havin some beers, found myself very relaxed and i was now able to party like hell, singin along to the music, headbangin, drinkin, dancing, and we started off the mosh pit which was Brilliant . 2AM came and it was time to leave the club so we decided to go back to our mates camp and have more beer. on the way we started talking to random people which was awesome because we didnt know them and they didnt know us but we were having the most funniest conversations ever and gettin along with everyone even if we didnt know them. we got to the tent...but after a little while there we decided to go back to our campsite, we walked for about 25 minutes from one side of the whole place to the other side but we finally got to our campsite about 5 in the morning
DAY 3 - i got up at 1 in the afternoon ready for the first band of the day that i wanted to see. there had already been one band on called society 1 who broke their own world record of performing a whole live set while the singer was hung from the stage with meat hooks in his back, but anyway we got ready and set off to the arena. we went to the stage ready for the first band of, well my day anyway, PAPA ROACH. they were brilliant and havent lost anything about their live performance since the days of infest, theyr still causing mass mosh pits and putting alot into their performance, and it was brilliant to hear them do older songs like "broken home" and "last resort" along with newer stuff like scars and getting away with murder, overall they were awesome and was a great start to the day. after they had finished i pushed my way even nearer to the front of the crowd and we actually got a brilliant view of the next band, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. this was a really sinister performance with the singer putting alot of effort and energy into it which made the act alot better, and was a brilliant performance altogether, this was a brill performance and were spot on with their songs such as "rose of sharyn" "breath life" and "the end of heartache" and i didnt want them to end. my bro really needed to charge his phone so we went to the special phone charging tent , and had to line up for an hour, so i went to the main stage for a while to watch the next band on, NIGHTWISH. id listened to a bit of their stuff before and was quite looking forward to seeing them, and how right was i to look forward to it, they were brilliant, they had a massive crowd and they put on one hell of an act, the singer got into the whole performance and she loved the reaction she was getting, they were awesome altogether with songs like "nemo" for one. i then walked back to my bro at the phone place, then listened to the next band, SHADOWS FALL. this band was brilliant and even though they were on a lower capacity stage area, they had a massive audience which shows how good they played, they played amazingly and their songs were brilliant, the crowd loved them and i thought they were brill. when they had finished their set, after waiting another half an hour, and after listening to a bit of LACUNA COIL's cool set, we went over to the main stage and laid on the ground again for the next band, SLAYER. they were ok i guess, some alrite songs and the heavyness of their songs was good, but i just cant seem to get into what they were playing, and nearly all of their songs had the same two chords played in all, but they did have a very big audience so i guess they were doing something right, but i didnt know what it was so we went back to the other stage for the secret mystery band of the weekend. we got to the stage and the secret band was.......... FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, although many people think they werent much of a secret band because their advertisements were posted everywhere, they played a kickass set with loads of their most well known songs and ones that are to come out on their new album (just released), but they played one bitch of a set and the whole crowd loved them, i thought they did brilliantly and they showed that they didnt need a secret band label to get an audience, partly because people knew who it was so that must mean they did a good job and had the audience for the music, and i thought they were awesome. after seeing them we went over to the main stage to see one of the main events of the whole weekend, SLIPKNOT. this had to be one of the best acts ive ever seen a band do. as soon as the first member came on the whole crowd went crazy for them, then when every band member had made it onto stage, as the first note hit, a massive explosion of fire and pyro went up and slipknot had begun, they had an amazing set of songs ranging from "duality" "before i forget""people=shit" "pulse of the maggots" "left behind" "wait and bleed" and "heretic anthem" and loads more, and i cant forget about joey, he played one of the best drum solos i have ever seen, they raised him and his drum kit high up in the air and turned him vertical so he was playing the drums facing the floor and everything was sideways, then they turned him round so he was playin drums towards the sky, not to mention how bloody brilliant he was in his solo, oh and everyone that was watching slipknot is now a part of history with the largest ever crowd jump/mosh, corey told everyone to go down to the floor and shockingly every person went down to the floor when he said, then he said were gonna make history and when i say jump i want all of you to jump up and go crazy, so when he said the words, everybody jumped up at the same time and went crazy(80 000 people jumping at the same time is crazy and was seriously cool to take part in ), and after an hour or so of great music, alot of crowd interaction and a brilliant show slipknot was finished. after one of the best shows of the weekend, it was now time for SYSTEM OF A DOWN. i got a pretty well decent view of the stage ready for system. everybody was waiting quite a while for system to come on, 45 minutes after the schelduled time in fact, and during that time everybody entertained themselves, for instance, i made a comment about one of the pictures that came up on the big screen and some girl laughed so me and her had a talk for a while and kept on having a laugh about different pictures that were coming up on the screen, pictures ranging from peoples boobs, to a mans head on a womans body with big boobs, then while everybody was fixed on the screen watchin boobs, 3 naked guys turned up on screen and the whole crowd groaned lol but we were just having a laugh with it, this then caused about 20 different women from around the massive crowd to sit on peoples shoulders and get their tits out lol. after all the excitement of all those boobs, SYSTEM finally came on stage and rocked the hell out of eveyone. they played a whole host of their best songs including "byob" "aerials" "toxicity" "chop suey" "science" "psycho" " the prison song" "sugar" and loads more from their mezmerize album, which was a brilliant performance and they were amazing, and again this was another of a few bands that i really got into so i was headbangin and jumping along with everyone else, they played and performed brilliantly and was a great way to sadly close download for another year, and as they finished off their last song that was the story, download was finished for another year........... well the music anyway. we walked around the main area for a little while taking one last look at the stage and the surroundings, then we left and went to the bar and had a load of drinks, and we set off to the aftershock arena one more time. had some aftershock shots and headbanged away to the music, this was a brilliant last night. the time had finally come where aftershock also had to close for another year, so we left and walked around for a couple of minutes. as we were walking about we found Ed (my bros girlfriends mate) with his acoustic guitar and his mate with a set of bongos, they were playin their own little concert around the entertainment area so we went with them and supported their rocking act haha. they then made their own little stage area and played a small concert for everyone, there was the worlds smallest circle pit of about 3-4 people, then the bloody guards told us to move so we made our way back to the campsight village. as we were walkin up to the entrance to the campsite village, ed and his mate started playin tenacious D's "tribute" and suddenly a whole bunch of people came over and we all started singin along to it, even a few of the security guards, they then finished their song and were clapped by everyone. we then walked through the whole area talking to random people on the way while Ed played a few songs, and then in the distance we heard some freestyle drumming goin on, so we went over and had a check, and what do you know, there was a load of other people outside the chinese food tent making on the bins and barrels etc. Ed and his mate joined in playin the guitar and bongos, and a whole massive crowd came over and made like a tribal style party. about an hour later we went over to the waltzers and there was a crowd of about 30 people there at 5 in the morning ready close this years download in style........ with a brutal game of british bulldog. everybody ran over to what was once the 5-a side (more like 19-a side) football pitch and played what was THE most brutal game of bulldog i have ever seen in my life, the rules to the game were that the only way to get someone out was to spear or take em down to the floor, and they certainly did that... and more, one guy was speared over and onto the fence, one guy nearly smacked his head off the floor, one guy was bundled by about 20 guys and the rest of the guys were just dragged down to the floor, it was a real brutal game and was brilliant to watch. well 6-7 in the morning came and we had to pack up later on so we told the people we were goin and recieved our fairwells, and off we went on the long walk to the campsite.
i was woken a few hours later, about 2 in the afternoon by me bro saying me dad was waiting outside the campsite in the car, so i had to quickly get up, dressed and washed, then take my camp bed apart and pack it away, then put me clothes in my bag, then finally got to puttin my tent away. we took our stuff out, packed it in the car and, sadly that was the full end of download 2005. about 2 hours, and one coffee stop later, we were home, but i wanted soooooooo much to be back in donnington and at download
this seriously was the best thing i have ever done in my life, and i recommend other people going aswell (well rock lovers anyway). i was amazed at the views i got for nearly every band and always quite near the front area, but black sabbath had to be my biggest accomplishent, i got right near to the front of the stage for one of the most legendary rock/metal bands in history and i got into the action area for sabbath so that was cool. i seriously have to go back next year if its going to be anything like this year.

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  • VampirePrincessLizzy published 19/02/2006
    Ace review, few great bands there xXLizzyXx
  • HotBabes published 18/02/2006
    Its a good review but would be so much easier to read if you could break it up into paragraphs. I got lost a few times trying as I sctolled down. Sounds like you had a fab time though. :-)
  • pinkmatchstick published 17/02/2006
    You win todays Longest Review award.......sounds like a fab weekender though
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