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Prison Break Excellent TV Series

19.03.2016 Review of Prison Break

"Favorite TV series and that's saying a lot. If you liked John Doe then this is basically him in prison. Was sad when the show ended which has never happened to me before. You'll see the membership of Micheal Scofield, in making ideas to cope with their pr ..."

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Long Running Australian Soap

02.08.2015 Review of BBC1 - Neighbours

"Ok so Neighbours might not be about to set the world on fire with it's storylines BUT I would miss it in the afternoons if it wasn't around anymore. I've been watching Neighbours for years and while I've dipped in and out over some of them, thanks to ser ..."

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Fact or fiction?

30.06.2015 Review of Murder, She Wrote

"Murder She Wrote is an American murder mystery television programme that ran for around twelve series or thereabouts, between 1984 and 1996. It follows the life and times of Jessica Fletcher who is a nationally known crime writer, but also gets called in ..."

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Prison Break - Perfectly Brilliant!

01.04.2015 Review of Prison Break

"...Well, wow. I got into this from watching another prison series called 'Orange is the new black' which is admittidly very different from Prison Break, but netflix suggested it as a similar series! I gave it a go, and i have been hooked on the series; priso ..."

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