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EAN 9780263882872
Type Fiction
Genre Romance
Title Dressed To Slay
Author Harper Allen
ISBN 026388287X


Listed on Ciao since 26/05/2010

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Wonderful empathy with characters, moving, thoughtful, descriptive, leaves a good feeling
A little long-winded at times (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (D)
Last Book in the Cutler Family Saga
None (*)
too many to recall
none (*)
Gripping storyline, intense atmosphere, amazing language.
Fast paced (*)
Light hearted, easy to read
Didn't keep my attention, predictable throughout. (*)
similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (A)
Continues the heart breaking saga in this the third book
The weakest of the series, somewhat disjointed in parts (*)
good read
much the same as others (*)
A strong, successful ending - no disappointment there!
None! (*)
Brings the series to a satisfying conclusion
You do need to read the other books first! (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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