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I've reviewed a few anti-perspirants of late because my trusty Sure, which I've used for years, seemed to stop working. Unfortunately, nothing else seemed to work for me either, so I decided to bring out the big guns. Although this product had a downside or two well noted, the reviews suggested it would be powerful and effective; this has actually worked so well for me that I'm over the moon with it and would highly recommend it if other anti-perspirants are failing you.

I bought mine as a 75ml roll-on, which came boxed with instructions. Inside is the bottle itself, which is very basic and minimalist in its white design with blue lettering. It looks fairly professional but it's not a modern, trendy anti-perspirant; I actually prefer knowing in this case that I'm paying for an effective product rather than just fancy packaging and a fashionable brand name.

This is designed for 'the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration)' and is produced by Stiefel, which doesn't really mean anything to me. The product is made from aluminuim chloride hexahydrate, though it also contains ethanol and purified water. The hexahydrate is an anti-perspirant that stops you sweating by blocking the sweat glands. These remain blocked during the day and gradually unblock during the process of natural dead skin cell shedding, which sounds delicious. This makes intuitive sense, but I wasn't entirely convinced until I tried it for myself.

This is used a little differently to a normal anti-perspirant because it lasts for days rather than hours. As per the instructions, it should be applied at night before going to bed so it has enough time to work, though you should give it a little while to dry naturally before putting your pajama top back on (not ideal when it's cold weather admittedly!). Make sure that you apply to dry skin, so if you often shower in the evening, make sure it's well in advance of using this as it needs dry, unbroken skill to work well. In the morning, you can shower as normal as it is suggested that you wash it off, and simple soap and water will do the trick just fine. After this, even if it may be tempting, do not reapply.

Because Driclor is quite powerful to combat excessive sweating, the frequency of use is a little different too. At first, apply this every night until you find daytime sweating to be under control and then reduce the frequency of application. I think I used this every day for about a week, then reduced it to every other day for a week, and now I use it maybe 2 times a week. It will vary across individuals as to how often you need to use it, so go by how well this controls your sweating.

Driclor isn't fragranced, so you may still want to use a deodorant if you want a pretty scent as opposed to being fragrance-free. Having said that, make sure it's a simple deodorant, not an anti-perspirant you're using.

This can also be used on your hands and feet in addition to your underarms, though it shouldn't be applied elsewhere because sweating is still an important function for your body. Still, it's good to know this could be multifunctional if needed. It should be noted that you should try to avoid shaving or using hair removal creams 12 hours before or after applying Driclor; this isn't as bad as it sounds because when you reduce the usage, there are plenty of days in the week you can defuzz. Obviously, you should avoid the eye and delicate areas but it's also advised that contact with clothing, jewellery, metal and polished services should be avoided as it may discolour them. Driclor is flammable so try to store at a reasonable temp (under 25°C) and don't go lighting up a cigarette next to it. Driclor doesn't seem to have any known harmful effects when other medications are used, when pregnant or when breastfeeding, which is good to know. It's a well-tested and reputable product, so I trust that it's safe and good quality.

On to the effects of the anti-perspirant... This is where the negatives were noted in the reviews I read. Due to the aggressive nature of this on excessive sweating, it's quite powerful and can cause skin irritation. The first night I used this I didn't really notice anything, the second night and thereafter I did. It was very itchy and because I'd inevitably end up scratching and such my underarm skin became quite red. After washing it off in the morning I'd apply some E45 and it would feel a lot better. What I've found is that you really don't need to use much of this; treat it as a scarce resource and only roll on your skin once or twice to cover the underarm area, don't be tempted to overdo it thinking that more will work better. Irritation for me has reduced significantly, but if I use it more often during the week, or use more of it than necessary, it starts to itch more and redden my skin. It's a good way of knowing to reduce the amount/frequency, but admittedly it isn't all too pleasant to be trying to sleep only to have super itchy skin!

The itchy side-effect, however, was definitely not enough to put me off this. As I've said, it gets better when you figure out what works for you and realise you don't need to be using very much of it to get good results. After just a couple of days, even the first day actually, I noticed that I was dry during the day. It was like a miracle, as cheesy as that sounds. I've never had a sweat problem before and I'm not entirely convinced I sweat profusely now, but no other anti-perspirants worked. I thought that maybe that had just stopped absorbing in to my skin and that was what caused wetness. Either way, it was embarrassing and limiting to have that problem, because 2 minutes after leaving the house I'd want to change my top and be embarrassed to take off my jumper for fear of wet marks.

When used sparingly and over time, the negatives reduce and for me, I would put up with them anyway because I am so happy to know I can wear whatever I want now without worrying about it! At first I thought it was quite pricey for such a little bottle, but having gone through so many that don't work, including a Sure Max protection spray for a similar price that was useless, this has been a fantastic investment. Not needing much each time also means it lasts a long time, and reducing applications to one or twice a week, maybe less even, gives me a peace of mind and so much less hassle.

I couldn't recommend this highly enough if you're struggling with wetness and anti-perspirants just aren't doing the job any more. Don't be too put off by the itchy/red after effects - use it as per the instructions, don't use too much, and try it for yourself because hopefully you'll be as thrilled by it as I am!

Sells for £6.19 (Boots)

Overall... This is a fantastic solution to problematic sweating - one to try if other anti-perspirants are failing you!
[Also reviewed by me, Cazkins, on DooYoo]

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Absinthe_Fairy 22.03.2012 22:35

Sounds really good - I might give it a try!

mozzie76 22.03.2012 22:19

A good detailed review

carlz2001 22.03.2012 20:51

E review x

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