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Lets be honest who likes cleaning? I am always on the look out for new cleaning products that make the daily drudgery of cleaning easy especially in the bathroom. As I have already mentioned (about 50 times!) I have 2 young boys and a other half and having 3 males in the house is sometimes ... Read review

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Community Level 6lisa8871


I am now a magic scrubber!

AdvantagesLeaves tiles lovely and shiny

DisadvantagesTo much hassle to use for the bath

", shout & brillo. PRODUCT STATEMENT New duck magic scrubs are the perfect bath and shower cleaning system, no more spraying and scrubbing. Magic scrubs is an easier way to a sparkling clean bathroom, it makes cleaning large bathrooms surfaces twice as fast. Approved by the good housekeeping institute, magic scrubs will help you glide round your bathroom so that it will be gleaming in no time. PACKAGING The starter kit comes in a square ..." Read review

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DUCK that scrubbing

Advantages Brilliant Cleaning

DisadvantagesVery Strong Smelling

"...decided to give these new Duck Magic Scrubs a go. The starter pack cost me £2.99, which included the resuable handle, a storage tub and 4 scrubby pads (these contain a concentrated powerful cleaner). There was an offer on for 3 for 2 in Tesco, but as I was not sure whether or not I was going to like them I opted for just the one this time. The actual handle is green and is made of a sturdy durable foam. It is approx 5" long by approx 4" wide. ..." Read review

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Community Level 7sorehead


Duck out Of This one

Advantagesnone at all I can think of

Disadvantagesquite a lot see review

"Duck Magic Scrubs are not recommended by me as personally I find them a bit of a waste of money. I bought a starter pack for £2.99 for four individually wrapped scrubbers and plastic handle, which you attach the scrubebrs to. The idea is simple in that once the scrubbers are attached to the handle, you just activate the foam by plopping them under a bit of running water. This activates a lot of froth and soap and other chemicals from the scrubber ..." Read review

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Community Level 1debs105


great every day product

Advantagesquick, cleans well

Disadvantagescan't get in to small and arkward spots (taps)

"i will leave all the measuremens etc for the other reviews. i think this is a good product, it leaves my tiles, bath and sink shiny and it is quick. the only problem is you can't get the arkward bits like around taps, is good for an everyday product just to do a once over or if you get an unexpected visitor, but once a week i use my usual to get everything clean. it is very easy to use even my husband can use it. (has used it once, just to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bargainsau...


Duck ... QUACK QUACK and clean

AdvantagesGood price

DisadvantagesAbit too soft

"I have been using duck products for a while so i have faith in their collection of cleaning products When i saw this new product, what attracted me was the word MAGIC ... can it really do what it claims So i put it to the test .. first i was impressed with the handle on it ... very soft and easy to reach to hidden surfaces .. It was also gentle with no need to scrub surfaces hard ... just applying gentle pressure to the area and stains, dirt ..." Read review

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