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published 20/06/2017 | NBCMad92
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Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios

Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios

May 2017, I had a holiday with my bestie to the lovely island of Jamaica. What a beautiful place that it is. The scenery, the atmosphere, the sunshine. Everything about it is lovely. We both decided that this holiday was going to be a relaxing holiday, rather than a sight-seeing holiday but we still wanted to do a few things. We made a little list and picked three things that we would do during our time there. My mother had visited Jamaica before and told me that I needed to visit Dunn's River Falls. We saw a deal for a catamaran trip to the falls and quickly snatched it up. I must say that it was truly one of the highlights of our holiday.

Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls is a waterfall in Ocho Rios in Jamaica. It is a popular tourist attraction with thousands coming to visit it every year. It is 180 feet high and 600 feet long, quite a climb I can tell you. The cold water empties out into the sea, trust me, it's cold. The falls are surrounded by beautiful green scenery with the sun peeking through every now and again; amazing for photographs.

It is also famous for its use in movies such as Tom Cruise's Cocktail and the James Bond film Dr. No.


We booked through our holiday provider, First Choice where we were able to book the catamaran trip; which is a full day. This trip is where we were driven by a coach driver to a location where we would have lunch then board a catamaran to the falls, climb up and get the catamaran back to land where we would be driven back to our hotels.

However, if you would prefer not to do a catamaran trip you can simply book to visit the falls as a half day experience. You can also mix this in with another trip to make it a full day such as combining it with the Mystic Mountain tour, which we know some people did.

Another way to book is through the Dunn's River Falls website.

What Do You Need

- Money
Jamaica prefer using US dollar to their own currency. They have to accept Jamaican dollar but for arguments sake, I would recommend taking US dollar with you.
There are stalls at the falls which sell t-shirts and ornaments that you may find interesting. Also purchasing your DVD, if you wish or photographs ($10) that are taken during your time up the falls. Take some money with you, you probably will not need more than $50 depending on the amount of people going with you.

- Sun-cream
Make sure you take sun-cream. It is extremely hot in Jamaica and you will need to lather yourself in the stuff. Also, because you will get very wet at the falls, it is best to have it on you to reapply.

- Protection for your camera
There is no way you will not get wet. You are able to take your camera up the falls to take your own photos but you will need something to protect it. At our hotel, they sold waterproof cases for our phones and we were still able to take good photos so invest in one of these if you decide to take your phone. It shouldn't cost more than a few dollars.

- Swim shoes
There are no flip-flops, ballet shoes, trainers or likewise allowed on the falls, only swim shoes. This is because the falls are very wet and slippery so you need shoes that have good grip. The tour guide and at the location will recommend you purchasing these (costs around $10). I went put the falls in my cheap converse shoes and they seemed fine with that. I did hide my feet as they were walking past, in case they did not let me up. My shoes had very good grip on them and there were others that had taken their trainers and they were fine going up. However, swim shoes are recommended whilst climbing.

- Towel
You will get wet. Maybe a change of clothes as well.

I would say it is probably best to try and take as little as you can up the falls with you. It is a big climb and if you go with a tour guide, you will be asked to hold hands. The less you have on you, the better.

Our Trip

We was picked up from our hotel by coach around 9-10am. The coach driver was very friendly and whilst we were driving, he was telling us interesting facts about the island. You will probably find that a lot of coach drivers will tell you about the island to the point where you will become a tour guide yourself. Remember the Jamaican's say "YEAH MAN" for yes and "NO MAN" for no.

We were taken to a location where we was given lunch and a drink which was very nice. Jerk chicken and rice. It was very tasty. There was a vegetarian option but apart from that it was jerk chicken and rice or nothing at all. You will find that this is the main food that they will give you on trips in Jamaica. Jamaica is most popular for its jerk chicken, amongst other things.

Sweltering in the hot sun we finally was able to board our catamaran to the falls. This roughly took an hour. We were able to jump into the sea and go snorkelling to see the little fishes. My nano-ring extensions exclude me from this fun so I had to sit on the boat and look at the nice blue water. Whilst on the catamaran there is no drinking to the falls, for health and safety reasons. When we finally got to the falls, we were told we had to hold hands climbing up, for support. My friend and I found that it was more dangerous holding onto each other rather than simply climbing up yourself so by the end of it, no one was holding hands and it was every man for themselves.

We climbed to the very top of the falls, looking at the scenery, taking dunks in the lagoon parts, we even saw a small vulture, casually chilling in the sunshine. You will see a lot of spiders, these will most likely be banana spiders. They are harmless, but look disgusting. It did not take long to climb up the falls and there were parts where we had to wait for the rest of our group to climb up but during this time you can have a little look around or sit down in the lagoon parts.

It was a trek to get down again but eventually we made it back to the catamaran were we were finally allowed to drink a delicious rum fruit punch and sing along to songs on the ride back. I will admit, we got very drunk. We thought everyone was partying with us but it turns out, whilst we were watching the videos, it was only us and a few northern people in their 50-60's partying with us. I miss those guys. We were given a Jamaican patty as well which was so good, my friend made out she did not get one so we could have another one. Cheeky!

You then get your coach ride back to the hotel. Our coach driver did take us to a bar where we purchased more drink, probably was not the best idea for us. You will find that the coach drivers are so friendly and if you ask them, they will take you to places on the way back for food or drink. We arrived back to our hotel around 5 - 6.

Friendly Fun

Definitely. It was fun, fun and fun.

I would say children will enjoy it but I would take extreme caution with them because it is wet and slippery and some rocks can be quite sharp. Some parts of it were deceiving as well. We thought there was a rock, turns out there was not and dunked in the water more than we expected. I would say this is the same with elderly people as well but hopefully that should not put anyone off of going.

Unfortunately, this is a trip that is not good for physical disabilities. There is lots of climbing up as well as climbing down.


It definitely was an experience. I was lovely going up the falls and very refreshing too. The scenery was beautiful and the water nice and cold. It was a little dirty do not get me wrong but that just means do not go and drink it. It was lovely to experience the locations of Jamaica, such a beautiful place. I would recommend making it an actual trip rather than just going up the falls because it is an amazing day out.

As it is right by the sea, you are able to take a dip in the ocean as well.

There was stalls around the falls where you can purchase things and the photographs that were taken by the professional were really good. I have a lovely one of me and my friend.

My friend and I had a situation where she left her phone on the coach. We were frantic and worried and the coach driver luckily, came back to the hotel to drop it off. Such a lovely person for doing that.


I would not say this is much of a negative but the tour guide seemed a bit pointless. We were mainly going up the falls by ourselves but I am putting this down to the fact that he was helping up an elderly lady and was probably more focused on her than anything else. Still though, it probably is something that you could do on your own.

We did have someone taking a video of us but all of a sudden he disappeared. We do not know what happened to him but at the end of it, it seemed pointless buying a DVD because he did not seem to be filming anything.

Not that this is anyone's fault but you probably will not be the only person climbing the falls. The falls attracts so many people, including locals. There were a lot of local children at the falls and other groups. Sometimes it made it difficult to walk around as they were getting in the way but no one was rude about it, which was a plus.

Would I Recommend?

I would definitely recommend this to anyone going to Jamaica. It is a lot of fun and a great experience. It does not cost a lot and anyone would be able to enjoy it, adults and children. It would be a good day out with the family or as a couple or with friends.


For our catamaran combined trip, it was around £80. We did not book this before we left and we booked it through our rep when we got to our hotel.

To book through the website it is $20 (for the Jamaican equivalent) (roughly £15 at the time of writing) and $12 for children (or the Jamaican equivalent) (roughly £9). I believe if you simply book through the website, you will go up the falls on your own, without a tour guide.

Opening Times

8:30am - 4:00pm


Ocho Rios, Jamaica, W.I.

110km from Montego Bay
90km from Kingston
110 km from Port Antonio
116 km from Mandeville



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