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published 14/06/2017 | kiss_me2070
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Pro watchable, easy to follow, reasonably good storyline
Cons some may not like the violence, Not Cage's best film that he's done
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"Despite the Negative Reviews, I Thought It Was OK."

Dying of The Light (DVD)

Dying of The Light (DVD)

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About the Film
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Dying of the Light is a 2014 American psychological thriller film written and directed by Paul Schrader and starring Nicolas Cage, Anton Yelchin and Irène Jacob about a government agent who must track down and kill a terrorist before he loses his full memory from a disease which was caused from his torture 22years earlier. The film received extremely negative reviews, with controversy surrounding the heavy tampering and reediting of the footage by the studio, who denied Schrader final-cut privilege and led him and principal members of the cast to disown the released version and campaign against it. This film appeared on ‘Netflix’ the other week under ‘Recently Added’, so I thought I would give it a watch whilst my boyfriend was out for the day.

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Main Cast
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Nicolas Cage as Evan Lake
Anton Yelchin - Milton Schultz
Irène Jacob - Michelle Zuberain
Alexander Karim - Muhammad Banir
Irene Jacob – Michelle Zubarin

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The Film
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The film has a slightly violent start to it with us seeing Evan getting interrogated by terrorist Muhammad Banir. This scene only lasts around a minute before forwarding to 22 years later and a classified CIA training facility, which is when we see Evan again. Evan has given a talk at the training centre and as he is driving to the CIA Headquarters, we see some of his flashbacks of when he was being interrogated. This flashback shows why his ear right ear now looks mutilated, so yes, we do see a little more violence and blood. Evan, despite being a highlight-decorated veteran CIA agent and Intelligence star recipient is now reduced to a desk job with his close friend Milton, whom we see shortly at the beginning of the film. We can see that Evan is suffering from the early stage of front temporal dementia, due to the trauma he sustained under torture and due to this his boss now considers him as a liability to the agency.

Back in Romania, we see police following a male whom is carrying a USB drive on his keys. It’s not clear yet in the film whom this male is but it’s obvious that the police have a keen interest in him or what is on the USB stick. This leads to a police car chase so has some action scenes during this part of the film. Although they manage to recover the USB drive it is sent to the CIA due to the data on the drive being corrupted. Milton is asked to fly to Virginia to help solve the case with the USB drive and the people whom may possibly be linked to it. Evan is struggling with hearing the diagnosis of his dementia and he refuses to take the drugs that are suggested to help stop the behavioural problems he may start experiencing. We see Milton trying to ring Evan and at first Evan ignores his calls but eventually answers and they meet up when Milton tells him that something has come up that he needs to talk to Evan about so they meet up to discuss what Evan has found.

Milton has found out about an experimental drug that treats thalassemia and they suspect that Banir is ordering the drugs as he has a hereditary illness that the drugs can treat. Banir is apparently dead so when Evan tells his boss about the information Milton has found out, he disregards it and refuses to look into the fact that Banir may be alive. It’s obvious that Evan wants to track down Banir and wants him to pay for what Banir did to him as well as killing other innocent people as well. Evan starts getting angry when his boss won’t help him track down Banir and when they bring in a medical doctor to talk to Evan about his condition. It’s obvious that Evan knows he is ill but he doesn’t want to admit it and he also wants Banir tracked down and to pay for what he did. Later on, in the film Evan gets escorted out of the building by security which Milton witnesses. Milton tries to convince Evan to enjoy the rest of life and to stop chasing up on this lead; how-ever Evan is determined to find Banir and prove that he is still alive. Milton agrees to help him.

Evan and Milton meet an old friend of Evans (Michelle) and it’s obvious that something may have happened between them in the past by the way they look at each other and they also share a passionate kiss together. Michelle agrees to help them to try to track down Banir. The rest of the film focuses on Evan, Milton and Michelle trying to find Banir. We see Banir, struggling with his health as he is desperate for the drugs which haven’t yet arrived. He is deteriorating quickly and needs the drugs. It’s really sad in the film seeing Evan struggling with his dementia as he forgets things and can’t remember even some small details. You can’t help but really feel for him. Milton is worried about Evan and doesn’t like seeing Evan deteriorate but all he can do is be there for him and make sure than Evan takes his medicine.

Evan does get to Banir when he poses as a fake doctor and he soon reveals himself to Banir and Banir remembers exactly who he is. Whilst Evan is with Banir, Evan starts getting confused and forgetting things and we see his hands shake as he struggles with his dementia. It’s clear than Evan wants to do something to Banir, how-ever will he be able to get his revenge on Banir for him torturing him in his earlier life or will he back down? During the final part of the film we see Evan having more flashbacks to when he was being tortured by Banir. There is a bit of an action scene about 10mins before the ending of the film which involves a lot of shooting, so there are scenes of violence, during this part of the film. I wasn’t expecting the action scene at the end of the film and although I had some idea of what the ending of the film might be, it didn’t end entirely, how I expected it to.

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Evan is a likeable character and one that wants to get his own back on Banir who clearly tortured him 22 years ago which is what has caused Evan’s dementia. Evan knows he is sick and he doesn’t like what the doctors tell him but he knows he has to deal with the dementia and face the facts that the dementia is only going to get worse over time.

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Overall Opinion
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This film doesn’t have very good ratings, but I actually didn’t think the film was too bad. The film was certainly watchable and the storyline was easy to follow. I personally didn’t find the film that boring but at the same time it wasn’t all that exciting either. The actors played their parts well in the film and Nicholas Cage played his part very well too; although I have seen him play other characters better in other films. Despite the ending of the film being slightly different to what I expected it was a good ending. The final scenes of the film are a little sad although not so sad that I shed a tear. Overall this film is watchable, and it’s worth a watch if you can’t find anything else to watch.

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• On IMDB the film is rated 4.4/10 by 7,689 users.
• On Metacritic, the film has a rating of 31/100 based on 12 critics, indicating ‘generally unfavourable reviews’.
• On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an average rating of 3.9/10 based on 34 reviews and only14% of people liked it.

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Other Information
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Director: Paul Schrader
Running Time: 94mins
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Release Date: 2nd Jan 2015
Certificate: 18

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