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Dymchurch Amusement Park, Dymchurch

Amusement Centre/Theme Park - Address: High Street, Dymchurch, Romney Marsh TN29 0NG

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Review of "Dymchurch Amusement Park, Dymchurch"

published 12/08/2017 | daylehall
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"Delightful Dymchurch"

Dymchurch Amusements are located in the little seaside village on the South East coast of Kent. The amusements themselves are somewhere I have fond memories of from visiting myself when I was a child. About two years ago, I decided to take my own children back to these amusements to re-live them again as an adult.

Dymchurch Amusements
Dymchurch Amusements are located right on the sea front in the little sea side town of Dymchurch. Inside the amusements you will find rides to suit everyone such as the long flume and the ghost train to name a few as well as two amusement arcades. There is also a café that has its own soft ball play area and a snack bar which serves hot and cold food items, ice cream and candy floss.

There isn’t actually a designated car park for the amusements which is a bit of a shame. Having said that, there is ‘Martello car park’, which is located about a five minute walk up the road from the amusements. Car parking charges are actually fairly reasonable in this car park too. I normally park for 3 hours which costs me £3.60 paying with the Ringo app which is slightly more expensive.

Opening Times
The arcades, café and play area are open daily from 10am. The rides become operational at 11am.

Entrance to the amusements is actually free and you can get in and have a walk around, or use the amusements without having to pay an entrance fee. When it comes to the rides, these are operated with a token system. Each ride requires 1 token per person for people to be able to ride. The Dodgems and Twister require 2 tokens per person. Tokens are available for the following prices;

1 x disc - £1.20
5 x discs - £5.00
12 x discs - £10.00
26 x discs - £20.00
40 x discs - £30.00

There is a little kiosk located in the centre of the park where you are able to buy your tokens. They only accept cash as payment so try to have cash with you. There is a cash machine located in the snack bar but this charges you to take your money out.

All the rides are designed to be suitable for children to ride which is great for my family as it means my children (aged 3 and 5) can go on all the rides which is actually quite rare.

Log Splash
This is the log flume ride which is pretty similar to all other log flumes. You can sit in a log shaped carriage and travel around the route which takes you up a hill and shoots you back down, where you get covered in water. My children especially like this one but be warned, you do get wet! My children have been able to ride this ride on their own but I can also get in the same log as them if they want me to. I love the fact that I am able to go on this ride with both my children which allows us to enjoy the experience together.

Hot Air Balloons
The hot air balloons consist of a cage type carriage situated underneath the bubble of the hot air balloon. Once the ride starts you lift up into the air and have an ariel view of the park. The tops of the hot air balloons are nicely decorated and are all different colours which means my children are able to pick their favourite colour to sit in (something that is very important to a three and five year old!)

The teacups are decorated with children’s favourite characters such as the Minions, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and characters from the film Frozen. The cups themselves are quite small perfectly sized for younger children (while still being large enough to accommodate teenagers and adults). If you find yourself in a teacup that isn’t spinning very much then the staff jump out and give you a little spin which my kids love.

Rocket Revenge
The carriages here are designed to look like rockets and each carriage fits two people. Once inside you will find a little button located at the front which lifts your carriage up into the air. When you press it, the carriage lifts up and when you stop pressing it, your carriage lowers again. Each carriage is attached to an arm which allows the carriage to move up and down, each arm is covered in pretty lights which flash for the duration of the ride – something my little girl adores. While the ride is in operation, music is played such a 'bare necessities' from the Jungle Book.

Snake Slide
The snake slide is a helter-skelter which is designed to look like a snake, with rider coming out at the bottom which is the mouth of the snake. The stairs are quite narrow and obviously windy so you might need to walk smaller children to the top which is allowed. You have to sit inside a sack to ride down this slide so again you might need to help smaller children with this. My children are a little nervous of travelling on enclosed slides so I usually ride down with my youngest and encourage my eldest to go by herself in front of us. Once they have been down it once they realise how much fun it is and always want to go again. It takes one token to have a go on this and you are allowed to slide twice with one token.

Pirate Ships
The pirate ships are little carriages which are designed to look like pirate ships. The riders can sit facing each other with one person travelling backwards and one travelling forwards, or next to each other on the same side. There is a bell located in the middle of the boat which your child can ring for the duration of the ride – and my son certainly does ring the bell for the ENTIRE duration of the ride.

Mini Ferris Wheel
This is a much smaller version of a Ferris wheel and is especially good as your children are closed in a cage while they ride so you can rest easy knowing there is no way they can fall out of the ride. Both my children enjoy going to the very top and seeing the rest of the amusements from this position. Each carriage can seat two children so they can choose to ride together or on their own. No adults are allowed on this ride.

The Original Battersea Crooked House
This is a pretty looking little cottage which is crooked. I haven’t actually been inside this myself as I try to save the tokens as much as possible for the children to use but my five year old reliably informs me that there are mirrors and moving floors as you walk around inside. I can always hear lots of laughter coming from inside while I am waiting outside for them to finish.

Ghost Train
On this ride you can have two people in one carriage, either one adult, one child or two children. You travel around the inside of a ghost house in the carriage where you will meet scary ghosts, skeletons and lots of twists and turns. There are UV lights inside the ghost train and both my kids love seeing the white parts of their clothes glowing in the lights. Personally I think this ride is rather tacky but it scares my children just the right amount and they always come out proud that they have been so brave.

Jumping Star
This ride consists of a row of seats which are connected to an arm. Once the ride starts the row of seats is lifted up into the air and then dropped from the top. It then proceeds to go halfway up, drop to the bottom, to the top, drop to the bottom and then repeats this process until the ride finishes. Although the ride doesn’t actually go very high (to an adult) my children always comment on how high it is when they are at the top and how it makes their tummy feel funny when it drops them to the bottom.

Mini Vehicles
This is a large row of different cars and bikes which your child can sit in or on. They can then travel around the set track which goes up and hill and back down again. My little boy is vehicle obsessed and especially likes this ride. They have a good choice of vehicles which include a yellow school bus, a police motorbike, a fire engine and some more girly designed cars such as a pink Jeep covered in Disney princesses.

These are pretty self explanatory. Dodgems rather than bumper cars which I love as it means my children are safe on them. As long as your child can reach the pedal, they are able to ride on their own otherwise they will need to go in with an adult. This ride is one of two that requires two tokens per person to ride.

This ride consists of three arms which each contain four sets of seats. Each set of seats can fit up to three people (which again is great for my family). Once the ride starts, each of the arms twists and spins and throws the riders around all over the place. This ride is quite fast and has my children laughing the whole way round. It does make your tummy feel funny with the fast movement which both my little daredevils love! This is the second ride that requires two tokens per person.

All of the rides are staffed and you need the hand your token to the member of staff before you are allowed to get on the ride. I have always found the staff really friendly and helpful, always willing to help the children on and off the ride which is especially useful when you are not riding on the ride yourself and are not in there with your children.

The amusements are fairly large and have lots of keep the whole family entertained. They have the usual fruit machines, 2p machines, 10p machines and soft toy grabber machines. There is a little kiosk inside where you can change up your money and they also have plenty of change machines dotted around the amusements for changing your money too. One thing I especially love about these amusements is that they have little stools dotted around the amusements which your child can stand on so they can reach the money slot of the 2p machines. This means that my children are able to use whichever machine they wish as if the money slot is out of their reach they can just grab a stall.

The upstairs of their amusements is where the café is located. Inside the café there is also a soft play area which takes up about half of the total space. This is a great little area to grab a bight to eat and let the kids tire themselves out even more in the soft play. The soft play does cost extra at £3 per child for 2 hours of playing which is fairly reasonable.

The café serves a selection of hot and cold food such as sandwiches, burgers, chicken nuggets and chips and fish and chips to name a few. As you can see it isn’t exactly gourmet food but I think it fits in perfectly with spending a day at the seaside and funfair.

If you don’t fancy using the facilities offered in the café then you can bring your own picnic and there are plenty of picnic tables located in the amusements by each of the rides.

The Beach
Although the beach isn’t actually part of the amusements I have to give it a mention purely because the amusements are located right on the beach front. You can access the amusements both from the road and from the beach. I regularly take the kids to the beach here, set up the tent and then head of to the amusements for a couple of hours. This was we make an entire day of our trip and it has everything the kids love – the beach and rides! The beach itself is really nice, with a long stretch of sand (when the tide is out anyway!) and it is usually quite busy with people enjoying the beach throughout the summer months.

In summary I would highly recommend Dymchurch Amusements. I think it makes for a wonderful day out, my kids love it and it always reminds me of being a child myself and spending my summers here. I love the fact that they keep their prices low, I usually buy £20 worth of tokens and this gets my children on everything at the amusements, even with me going on some of the rides with them. The rides are varied so there will be something to suit everyone too. There are toilets and café facilities onsite to keep the parent amused while the children are tiring themselves out.

The biggest thing for me is the fact that these amusements are designed with young children in mind and I love the fact that both my children can go on all the rides. As a single mum, I often have trouble trying to please both children as quite often a child needs an adult to ride with them and with there only being one of me and two of them, we quite often have to skip rides. Dymchurch Amusements allow us to have a day out together as a family where we can all enjoy the rides.

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