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Root8Cyclonetm technology for powerful constant suction. Designed for carpeted homes, the DC07 Origin\'s features include, lifetime filters, full 5 ye...

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published 08/03/2012 | carlz2001
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Pro Suction, Durable, Tools, 5 yr guarantee, no running costs
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"A durable vac which is effective and performs as only Dyson knows how"

When my old Dyson decided to die on me (I had had it for years), was also the evening that my two girls decided to pour all the hamster bedding all over the new carpet! It didn’t look pretty and when I realised my vac was on the blink, my husband was sent to the local Tesco to buy a Dyson upright. When he came home with the DC 19, I was gutted! I had never really used a pull along vac before and didn’t want to start now, but as this was the only Dyson they had, he purchased one.

Dyson: While Dyson have been around since the late 1970s, it is only since the early 80’s that they really started to make a name for themselves and become the ‘Dyson’ brand that we all know today. James Dyson is what like to call an entrepreneur and after failing to sell his vacuum cleaners to any manufacturers he decided to set up his own. It is interesting how someone who has a product that no one wants to make ends up becoming the owner of the market leader. Funny how the world works! Dyson is as we all know, famous for its bag less vacuum cleaners, which makes it a more environmentally friendly option than the vacuum cleaners we had all become accustomed to which required a bag which then had to be thrown away.

Root Cyclone Technology: In comparison to conventional vacuum cleaners that use a bag which invariably clogs, the DC 19 (and in fact all Dyson vacuums), use the Root Cyclone Technology. This allows that the vacuum will have no loss of suction and no clogging. It also sucks the dust out of the air which is perfect for allergy sufferers (this has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation). In my experience, the dust particles in a room which always seem to be most obvious on a sunny day, seems to vastly reduce when I have recently vacuumed. The air once you have vacuumed with a Dyson vacuum can contain up to 150 times less mould and bacteria.

Suction: This is obviously one of the most important things when considering which vacuum cleaner is right for you and for me the reason why the Dyson will always be more superior to other models. There is nothing worse than buying a vacuum cleaner and it has rubbish suction. I often find that hand held vacuum cleaners are a prime example of this, which is another reason why the DC 19 is perfect (with a constant 280 airwatts suction level). The only time I ever used a hand held was to clean out my car, but I often found that the suction was so rubbish it didn’t lift the tiny grains of grit or dust that you will find in the foot well of your car, this is where the light, compact and mobile DC 19 is perfect and will have any car looking like new again (I should know with two very messy children!). The DC 19 also has the option to adjust the level of suction which is perfect for different types of flooring such as hard wood and carpets. I find that the variable suction comes in handy if I want to spruce up my curtains but not take them down to wash, as the suction can be reduced so that it doesn’t just suck the material up the wand.

Compact and Mobile: The bonus of the DC 19 which I have actually come to love is the fact that it is fairly compact and fits easily into cupboards or small areas. I actually hide mine under the breakfast bar which I wouldn’t have been able to do with an upright as it would have been too tall. The cord length is 6.5 metres which allows that I can plug my vacuum in the living room and do my stairs at the same time without having to unplug and mess around. The weight of the vacuum is 8.5 Kg which in comparison to some is very light, and it glides along behind you with ease.

Tough and Durable: Being quite clumsy I have on occasion dropped this vacuum cleaner down the stairs (twice!), and as the vacuum is made from tough materials it hasn’t suffered any damage. I’m not recommending that you throw it down the stairs to check how strong it actually is, however you can feel relatively satisfied that it will withstand a bit of clumsiness! The clear bin (which I would expect to be the first to give in to damage) is made from polycarbonate which is the same material used in crash helmets - so it's strong!

Tools: As with all Dyson vacuum cleaners the DC 19 has a good selection of tools that can be stored on the vacuum. The combination brush, crevice tool and stair tool are stored on the long handle so they are always on hand. I often vacuum the floor and then change the tool to do the edges and on top of the skirting boards, and it takes only seconds to switch between the tools. The tools are clicked into place securely so you don’t need to worry about them constantly falling off and becoming lost. The Flat Out tool is what you attach to the wand for it to function the same as an upright model to clean carpets etc. This is the tool that I use the most often and then I alternate to smaller tools when I need to clean upholstery or the stairs. The Flat Out Tool is thin enough that you can get under beds or sofas and chairs with ease which you wouldn’t obviously be able to do with a conventional upright.

Running Costs: None! All Dyson models are bag less and so don’t require the constant changing of bags. The only thing you need to do around once a month is empty the clear bin cylinder which holds the dirt (2 litre capacity) and give it a quick clean. The other cost I always remember as a child with my parents vacuum, is the belt. The amount of times I would hear my dad cursing that the belt had gone on the vac again – part of childhood memories that the people of Dyson have robbed from my children!! The 5 year guarantee allows that you should definitely get your money out of this vacuum and you have the peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong (within reason) it will be covered by the guarantee. For me, I have never needed to use the guarantee, but I feel satisfied that if a manufacturer guarantees a product for 5 years, that I am buying a quality product. Dyson test their products before they are released to the equivalent of 10 years of use to ensure they are durable.

Main features:

· Root Cyclone™ technology - Advanced Dyson cyclone technology

· No clogging. No loss of suction

· British Allergy Foundation Approved

· 5 year guarantee

· No running costs

· Tough, durable construction

· Clean exhaust air

· Variable suction

· On-board tool storage and Flat Out Head

I can only recommend this vacuum cleaner, despite my initial disappointment when my husband bought it. It is more versatile and functions well to different needs around the house, and even aids a car clean with ease. 5 stars Dyson!

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Product Information : Dyson DC19

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Root8Cyclonetm technology for powerful constant suction. Designed for carpeted homes, the DC07 Origin\'s features include, lifetime filters, full 5 year guarantee, 3 accessory tools, hygienic remote bin emptying and a detachable hose that stretches up to 6

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Cable Rewind: with Automatic Cable Rewind, without Automatic Cable Rewind

Bagless Technology: Cyclonic Filter, other Bagless Technology

HEPA Filter: without HEPA Filter, with HEPA Filter

Multifunctional: without Multifunction

Type of Dust Container: Bagless

Maximum Volume of Dust Collector in Litre: 2

Power Supply: Mains

Variable Power: Variable Power, without Variable Power

Controls in Handle: without Controls in Handle

Tube Material: Metal Telescopic, Plastic Telescopic

Integrated Tools: with Integrated Tools, without Integrated Tools

Turbine Brush: without Turbine Brush, with Turbine Brush

Power Brush: without Power Brush

Hardfloor Brush: with Hard Floor Brush, without Hard Floor Brush

Animal Brush: without Animal Brush

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Maximum Volume of Dust Collector in Litres: 2

Long Name: DC19T2 Animal, DC19T2, DC19 Allergy Parquet



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