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“Hello, my name is Lord Frederick Jack-Russell of Chudleigh Manor and I am here today to tell you all about my favourite chew toy, the Dyson DC27 All Floors vacuum cleaner. Having practiced writing about the Dyson, I’ll give the Acer laptop a go next.

For those poor unfortunate souls who have not previously had the privilege of being introduced to me, I am a most aristocratic and incredibly intelligent three year old Weimeraner, fluent now in four languages – German (naturally) English, Polish and Devonish, I am currently practising with the Dyson language and expect to be fluent by the time the latest batch of replacement parts arrive for it.

I’m having to dash this out rather before Richard catches up with me and kicks me off of the laptop – he doesn’t really appreciate me playing with his toys you see, especially when mine are already strewn about the house, waiting to be picked up before the Dyson can go about its business.

In actual fact I’m really rather fond of all Dyson vacuum cleaners, my Devon servants have one of those ball type ones that rolls along just nicely, in my Brighton city pad however, they have a ‘proper’ upright Dyson, the DC27 which was bought from Argos last year, at a bargain price, to replace a very elderly (about 18 years old) DC01. Apparently they loved the DC01, but, when the motor burned out, decided to treat themselves to a new one. At the £179 they paid for it (currently £199), and with a five year guarantee, this was something of a bargain – especially as it came with £50 worth of Argos vouchers thrown in, my favourite chew toy actually cost them a mere £129.

Much to my amusement, the Brighton servants, I don’t know, just can’t get decent staff these days can you, decided that the Animal version of this cleaner was not required and saved a few pounds by getting the standard All Floors one. After all those years, both they and I were surprised at how very similar this model is to their original DC01, Mr Dyson’s famously successful first attempt at designing and building an upright, bagless vacuum cleaner. Sadly he built them rather better then than now, more anon.”


“I spend most of my time on the Devon estate and, quite sensibly, the servants there decided on an Animal version of the ball cleaner. As with the DC27, the Animal version has an independently powered brush roller / beater bar on it. Mr Dyson says that this is much more effective at picking up pet hair than the switchable (hence the All Floor – you can turn it off and vacuum a hard floor) brush bar on the standard DC27 reviewed here……

……Who’s he calling a pet anyway, surely can’t have ME, Lord Jack-Russell in mind?


“FRED! What on earth are you doing with the laptop? Let me see…..

……oh no, come ON, you don’t expect them to believe that do you?”

“But you did only pay………”

“No not that! I’ve told you this before Fred, you’re a coarse haired Jack Russell, you don’t speak German and you only bark at the Dyson – we’ve never known if you bark at it in Polish or Devonish actually……How on earth can you speak ‘Dyson’ anyway? Thanks to its 1300 watt motor, it makes a hell of a lot of noise, but it is all the same noise though – apart from the annoyingly loud squeak of course, but there is a part in the post, on its way to fix that!

I’ve also warned you about sharing your fantastically exaggerated (or should that be fantasy?) shaggy dog stories with our readers here – you’ll get us both banned from doing this if you carry on like this – that or MY next review will be entitled “The Dog Psychiatrist”

“Bringing us back on topic Richard, you’ll clean up with a review title like that”

“Very funny Freddie Boy, before they start heading for the Off Topic button we’d better start telling them how we clean up with this Dyson.”

“It’s quite simple Richard, you or Mrs R push it and I simply chase it around the floor having a damned good chew. That’s all there is to it, the Dyson even adjusts for depth of carpet pile automatically.”

“With you attached to the front right hand corner of the DC27 it is incredibly hard to push Fred. Mr Dyson did not, however, design it this way – heavy as it is to lift at 8.3kg - it is incredibly well balanced and when you are safely out of the way, our floors can be vacuumed very quickly and efficiently – thanks to the 9.35 metre long power cable we are even able to vacuum the whole ground floor without un-plugging the machine from the central socket in the hall. The cable wraps (manually) very neatly around the back of the vacuum cleaner too, there is a quick release on the top hook, unlike you Fred, Mr Dyson knows what people – your servants – need in a vacuum cleaner.

Adding to the convenience is that the DC27 carries all the tools it needs on-board without having to dig about in cupboards for them. In order to extract your hairs from the deepest crevices in the furniture the magic wand, forming the handle, is released at the press of a button, the crevice tool attached and the job done. It is all so incredibly convenient. The crevice tool has a clever bush which extends out from it too. Also included is a wide stair tool, which Mrs R has found many uses for including, on occasion, grooming you.”

“Yes and why is that Richard? Because you are too mean to pay £40 for the optional Dyson Dog Grooming Tool!”

“I have read reviews on that Fred, apart from the fact you wouldn’t like it, Mr Dyson appears to be better at designing floor cleaners than he is dog grooming equipment. You can in truth spend plenty on optional tools for the DC27 – they are usefully interchangeable with all Dyson cleaners, but in practice you will find that everything you really need comes in the box with the vacuum cleaner when you buy it.

Talking about the box – we didn’t show it to you, you were quite young at the time and would only have chewed up the thick cardboard, destroyed the box and spat it out everywhere, but Dyson vacuum cleaners come very well packed. Compact in dimensions and with a stout plastic carry handle, inside the box you will find that the DC27 requires some assembly, a degree of strength actually being required for this, keeping inquisitive pets out of the way. Showing an incredible eye for detail is that the carry handle is not positioned centrally on the box – but at the point of the centre of gravity, obviously the suction end of the cleaner, where the motor is positioned is much heavier than the longer handle section.”



“Serves you right, Fred, standing there two feet up on the dustbin when I press the button and empty the fluff and dust into the bin! If only you weren’t so damned nosey…..

……emptying the plastic dust canister is childsplay and requires no more effort than pressing a button twice – the first time to release the canister from the cleaner, the second time to hinge open the bottom of the canister sending the contents into the bin. Unlike any bag type vacuum cleaner, of course you are able to see the contents of the bin and empty it when appropriate.”


“One thing I like about this cleaner Richard is that the air coming out of it is 150 times cleaner than the air sucked into it.”

“How on earth did you come up with that extraordinary statistic Fred?”

“I had a word with my friend Mr Dyson, apparently, thanks to the double HEPA filtration system, it filters the air so efficiently that the filters will even trap the particles contained in cigarette smoke…..well it would do if yourself and Mrs R allowed guests to smoke in my home.”

“Talking of Mrs R, the Dyson Service Technician told her that it was imperative that the filters were kept clean, he didn’t actually need to as we wash them far more often than at the recommended six monthly intervals. Unlike the original DC01 filters these are a thick washable material and are not intended to be replaced on a regular basis.”


“Why do you need a guarantee Richard? I don’t have one!”

“You Fred are a DOG and have a pedigree instead! If you had have arrived with a guarantee, there are some occasions on which I would have taken you back and demanded a more efficient model, as it is we have to make do with you, faults and all……

…..Much publicised is the Dyson five year guarantee. Our DC1 ran for about eighteen years, the only replacements on that being the disposable (washable) filters and the expanding plastic tube (twice). Nothing else wore out, only after very many years did a harmless crack appear in the dust canister, at some stage one side of the beater bar unit had also become detached from the body of the cleaner – this did not in any way impede its function. On the strength of this fantastically reliable service we did not even consider replacing our much loved Dyson with any other make of cleaner.

The DC27 looks like an altogether different kettle of fish. In this day and age, we have gotten used to appliances, usually kettles and the like, not even lasting the length of the manufacturers guarantee, that was not what I expected of this vacuum cleaner however following our previous experience.

Well before it was twelve months old, the motor simply blew up, melted down more accurately speaking. When Mrs R described to me the noise it had made, I took one smell at it and knew that the motor had burned out, a major catastrophe.”

“Catastrophe? More like two weeks peace and quiet! Saved from that dreadfully noisy 1300 watt motor”

“You weren’t here at the time Fred,
Pictures of Dyson DC27 All Floors
Dyson DC27 All Floors 1 Dyson DC27 - Dyson DC27 All Floors
Our Dyson DC27 in all its grey and orange glory.
fortunately as we would have had no way of removing your shed hairs from our home. Dyson treat guarantee claims in an unusual way. We expected to be sent back to the retailer – Argos, indeed we approached them first and were given a contact number for Dyson. The lady there took our details and made an appointment for an engineer to call. When he arrived, although he had every other working part on his van, unfortunately they do not carry motors. Apparently they expire incredibly rarely, this was only the third that he had ever replaced on a DC27, the first apparently caused by blocked filters that had never been washed, the second, unbelievably, the owners had sucked water with it!. Our filters were clean and the engineer actually found a piece of metal inside the motor that had sheered – a rare manufacturing fault apparently had killed our DC27.”

“At least I didn’t get the blame this time then!”

“No Fred, nobody was to blame – just one of those unfortunate things, we had to wait another week for him to come back and install a new motor though. Whilst he had the machine in pieces he also replaced the bottom filter (a fixed, maintenance free part on this model) as it had ingested disintegrated tiny motor pieces. Once put back together, it worked faultlessly, but took a good couple of weeks for the nasty burning plastic motor smell to go away each time that it was used.”

“What about the awful squeak?”

“Thanks for the reminder Fred, as if it were needed. Mrs R did have a word with the engineer about it – he said that he would send us a new base plate, unfortunately it never arrived – the machine squeaks on to this day with no loss of efficiency.

On Sunday, I pulled out the magic wand to discover a large hole in the top of it where the extendable plastic tube meets the handle. For some reason the plastic appears to have become very dry and brittle, having changed from being clear to opaque in patches. Our DC01 had this part replaced twice – but nowhere near as early in its life as this. The lady at Dyson Customer Service diagnosed the squeak over the phone – apparently it comes from the small rollers on the beater bar cover and is posting both the beater bar base plate and a new tube to us.”

“I have chewed this and the roller ball Dyson and I have to say that both are much more durable than my usual tennis balls. It is much more fun when the cleaner is in use, switched off it is just a boring lump of innate grey and orange plastic.

Well, cheerio folks, see you soon, time for my walk now – while I’m gone the Dyson can go about its work without being chewed, barked and growled at……just in time for me to come home, have a good shake and start dropping hairs all over again……

…..oh it really IS a dog’s life!”


Mrs R, Fred and I all agree that the Dyson DC27 is a great vacuum cleaner. Not only does it very effectively vacuum carpets, but, on this model, with the hard floor wheel set to position, it also very efficiently sweeps laminate, wood or tiled floors too.

We were interested to hear that if you call upon the services of a Dyson engineer there is a fixed charge of £75, that applies should he apply a squirt of WD40, or replace the motor.

However, after all these years, it offers remarkably few advantages over the already brilliant DC01, which proved such a faithful servant. That we have had to call on the five year guarantee twice now in little more than a year is worrying and reduces what should be a five star rating to a mere three. In this particular case, that does not however prevent us from unreservedly recommending this model to you.

© FRED & RICHADA 30.06.2012.

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Maximum Volume of Dust Collector in Litre 5
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Maximum Wattage 1200, 1300 Watt
Power Supply Mains
EAN 5025155007990
Animal Brush without Animal Brush
Hardfloor Brush without Hard Floor Brush
Power Brush without Power Brush
Turbine Brush without Turbine Brush

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