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Dyson Supersonic

Dyson Supersonic


I won my Dyson Supersonic hairdryer in a competition on Facebook earlier this year, if I hadn't won it I would never have owned one because these hairdryers cost £299 and that is a lot more than I usually pay for a Bayliss or even a supermarket own brand hairdryer! My hair is quite thick so when I wash it even though I like to let it dry as naturally as possible I have to use a hairdryer most times, especially now I'm working and don't have as much free time for myself as I once did.

When I read about this hairdryer I found out that it was made to be kind to the hair and would also dry hair faster because of a faster air flow than most other hairdryers. I don't think it dries my hair any faster than when I've used a much cheaper hairdryer but I like the way this one doesn't make my hair feel overheated and the hot air doesn't make my scalp burn and feel uncomfortable as very often happens for me when I use a hairdryer.

Even when it's in the best condition my hair is never very shiny and I haven't noticed very much difference since I started using this Dyson hairdryer, I have noticed that my hair is easier to style recently but I think that is a combination of using this expensive hairdryer and also growing out an awkward layered style that was causing me problems. For the moment I have been wearing my hair up but now it's grown a bit I've started experimenting with different styles and the smooth finish this hairdryer leaves my hair with helps me to get a neat and tidy style without having to spend too long in front of the mirror.

This hairdryer isn't exactly quiet but it has a softer and more pleasant sound than most hairdryers, it doesn't roar or feel uncomfortably loud in my ears and I like the fact that this is comfortable to hold because there is no vibration or buzzing in my hand where I hold the hairdryer handle. The motor is built into the handle but you wouldn't know it because it feels so balanced and solid in my hand.

The Dyson hairdryer feels different to others because of the shape so it took me a bit of time to get used to it, now I think the streamlined design is good and it allows a lot of heated air to rush through to dry my hair. It can be used at all angles and the wire is connected to the handle in a way that even if you are twisting and turning to dry your hair it will not tangle up or start kinking. The wire is about 1.3 metres long so you need to have a plug quite close to your mirror, it has a standard UK 3 pin plug like all hairdryers so I use mine in the bedroom rather than in front of the bathroom mirror but if you are braver about electric than me then you could run it through to the bathroom with an extension.

There are three heat settings and four speed settings but even so the controls are very easy and it never feels difficult or awkward to change the settings. The cool shot control is also easy to access so you can get the heat and speed you need exactly when and where you need it. There is a difference that I can feel between all the heat and speed settings so I know they're all useful, because of the thickness of my hair I use the top speed and change between the highest two heat settings. That works well for me but even if your hair is finer then by trialling all the different combinations of heat and speed then you'll be able to find what suits you best.

The hairdryer has a 1600 watt motor so is powerful enough to cope with all types of hair, I'm surprised to find out that the motor is so powerful because you would never think it from the sound and lightness of the hairdryer.

My hair is left soft when I use this hairdryer but not so soft that it becomes hard or awkward to style, like I've said I have not noticed any improvement in how shiny my hair is but I am going to be fair to Dyson and say that I cannot expect a hairdryer to add shine when I have naturally quite dull hair. Most important my hair never feels like it is being damaged or distressed when I use this hairdryer, because my hair is so thick I have to dry it for quite a long time and I can see a difference now I am using this hairdryer because even though the air is just as hot it feels a lot more gentle on my hair and I can tell that no damage is being caused and my hair is being left healthy.

I have used the hairdryer on my daughter's hair and even though she is very young with still very fine babylike hair it has not damaged or been too hot to use on her. I always use a slower speed setting and low temperature as her hair doesn't need to be dried for long because of how thin it is, she feels very grown up when I blow dry her hair and I'm happy that the air coming out of this hairdryer is gentle enough that I can indulge her sometimes. My husband and son have also both used the hairdryer on their short but thick hair and they have had good results, my son in particular likes it because it makes it easy for him to create the spikes he likes to wear at the front of his hair and he's told me that the cool shot setting is good for this.


Included with the hairdryer there are attachments and they fit to the hairdryer using magnets so you only have to hold them in place to attach them instead of turning or screwing them on. The magnetic attachment is very strong and none of the attachments have ever come loose or fallen off while I'm using the hairdryer, you can tell that the connection is strong as soon as you put the attachment on as the magnet feels like it's pulling the attachment towards it and out of your fingers.

You use the smoothing nozzle when you want to style your hair and that will dry it and also give a smooth finish if you use it around a radial brush or to dry your hair while you use a paddle brush. I haven't got good enough coordination to blow dry my own hair using a radial brush so it's a good job I like the smooth and frizz free finish of using a flat wide rectangular hair brush. The effect for my hair is almost as good as when I use straighteners and because I'm not too vain I don't care if it's not poker straight as long as some of my hairs natural fluffiness is controlled.

The concentrator and diffuser also fit using the same magnetic connection, I don't use those accessories and am going to sell them next time I'm using Ebay as even the accessories for this hairdryer are worth a few pounds so I'd rather the money in my bank than the accessories gathering dust in a drawer! The accessories are all very good quality and feel comfortable in the hand, they feel sleek and smooth and are only shaped pieces of plastic so the high quality of the actual things is the main thing to assure the air a smooth flow through them and towards your hair.

I use the heat pad that is supplied with the hairdryer but it doesn't get so hot that I would worry about it burning surfaces, the end does get warm but not in the way a set of hair straighteners or curling tongs do and I doubt it would be a fire hazard. It's useful for me because I dry my hair in the bedroom so do put the hairdryer down on my bed, the mat is quite rigid so it keeps the hairdryer secure and also does cut the risk of fire right down (even though I don't think there's very much risk at all anyway!).

The hairdryer cools quite quickly when you have finished using it so there is no unnecessary hanging around waiting for it to cool down enough to be safely put away.


This is a beautiful looking hairdryer and I think that's why a lot of people have so much love for it, because it's stylish and looks like an ornament when it's hanging up rather than a bulky usually black standard shaped hairdryer. It comes with a hanging hook attached and the wire wraps around the hairdryer smoothly and easily so it never looks ugly or out of place. If I don't use it for a few days I've noticed it gets dusty but if that happens I just wipe it with a dry cloth to clean it up again, one time I got a smudge of hair dye on the handle and didn't notice until it had nearly dried onto the surface. I was upset about that because it spoilt the look of the hairdryer but I was able to fully remove it eventually by very carefully cleaning the area with a bicarbonate of soda solution and a soft scouring pad.

I love my hairdryer and hope it never breaks down because I could never spend nearly £300 on an appliance like this, however good it is and however nice it is to use. If you decide you would like one they are quite often reduced slightly in price and some shops will sell them for £249 or £269, they always go back up in price though just like the vacuums and Dyson do make themselves unaffordable with their very high prices I think. They are available in most electronics shops as well as places like Argos and Amazon, I think one of the supermarkets sells the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer too but I cannot remember where I saw it.

Even though I haven't noticed it drying my hair much faster than other hairdryers it does help to save me time on styling my hair, my style is quite basic now so by using the hairdryer alone to dry it to a damp consistency I can then just add the nozzle and let that smooth my hair into place instead of needing to spend extra minutes finding out just the right brush and getting my hands into the position they need to be in to make my hair smooth and tidy.

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  • MissTopaz published 08/10/2017
    Super review! Cannot imagine spending that much on a hair dryer, mine cost £20 and that's perfect for me :)
  • MrYorkiesWorld published 30/07/2017
    I'm out of Es today I'm afraid! :(
  • beautybuff published 27/07/2017
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