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Handstick Cleaner - Rechargeable Power Supply

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published 15/04/2017 | Username_Unavailable
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Thanks again to everyone for the great rates and helpful criticism. Hope I'm getting you all back enough :)
Pro Lightweight, loads of attachments, powerful
Cons Expensive, doesn't last 40 minutes
Value for money

"Dyson v8"

Motor head in docking station

Motor head in docking station

I’ve been working as a cleaner for the last 4 or 5 years, cleaning was actually my first real job and I’ve been doing it ever since. I’ve used, maintained and fixed a tonne of equipment. I have my favourites, especially with vacuum cleaners.
Up until last week I’d never had much experience with a Dyson, in either a domestic, commercial or industrial setting...until last week at least.
I’ve been using 2 types of Dyson vacuums these past 14 days extensively, I used to always want a Dyson. I thought they were the best thing around, but for the price I never bought one.

Features and Specs

Okay guys, so I’ve had to do a lot of looking around to make sure the specs are all here! Couldn’t find the manual in work!
  • Weight: 2.61kg
  • Bag less
  • Whole Machine Filtration: Expels cleaner air than what you breath by removing dust and allergens
  • Energy Usage: 425W
  • 2 Tier Radial Cyclones: Arranged in 2 tiers, 15 cyclones work and increase airflow to remove finer dust
  • Max Power Mode: Allows up to 7 minutes of maximum suction for hard jobs
  • Dirt Capacity: 0.54 litres
  • Converts to High Clean and Handheld: Lightweight and compact design allows for high cleans, while removable pole allows for transformation into small, handheld vacuum
  • Hygienic Dirt Ejector: Empty the bin easily with just one step
  • Dyson Digital v8 motor: Makes the most powerful handheld vacuum
  • 40 minutes of Power: A battery made of Nickel, Cobalt and Aluminium helps the vacuum last for 40 minutes, or 25 minutes with a motorised head
  • W x H x D : 224 x 250 x 1244 mm
  • Docking Station: Acts as a charger and storage for the vacuum, the docking station is fit onto a wall for easy access and storage.
  • 3 stage battery showing charge level during use

Using the product

Using the vacuum couldn’t be any easier to use. The docking station has to be screwed to a wall and plugged in, with enough room to let the unit dangle a few inches off the floor. As the guys in work learned all too expensively, if you screw the docking station too low, and don’t properly dismantle the vacuum to fit, you can very easily damage it.

How does it feels?

Once charged you remove the vacuum from the docking station/charger, and to start the vacuum all you have to do is hold it in your hand and press your finger onto the red trigger on the inside of the handle. The handle is small enough to fit comfortably into your hand, but I found after a while my hand would seize up, and the finger holding the trigger does get painful. This isn’t necessarily because of the vacuum, I have suffered with this problem for a while, but the size of the vacuum doesn’t aid the problem.
The vacuum is very lightweight, which is ideal for carrying up and down stairs. It moves like a breeze, I actually struggled using it the first few times because the vacuum moves so easily it took almost no energy for me to push it around. It’s like it had a mind of it’s own, it can twist and turn as much as you want but this vacuum will follow every movement flawlessly. Thanks to the fantastic manoeuvrability, the Dyson can also squeeze under chairs and tables a lot further than a regular vacuum.
Changing parts?

Changing parts, and transforming the vacuum into a handheld can be done in 3 quick steps. Each head has a small red button about 3 inches long where it connects to the orange wand. To remove and change heads, all you have to do is press this button down and pull off the head, then just push another head to replace it.
The orange wand also has this red button on top, and this is how to change from a vacuum, to a handheld. Just remove the wand, click the head you want into it’s place and off you go!
  1. Press red button
  2. Pull
  3. Put new attachment on

Emptying the bin

Like the rest of the vacuum, this is very quick. On the motor head, on top of the bin itself there’s a small red tab. To empty the bin, pull this tab upwards. The cyclone will lift out of the bin, the plastic bottom flap will drop and the dirt will empty from the machine. Then just push the cyclone back down, and close the bottom flap and you’re done!
I’ve found with all these bag less vacuums, it can get pretty messy. Emptying the Dyson, I find that removing the wand so you’re just left holding the motor head and lowering it down into the rubbish bin and then pulling the red tab is much cleaner.
I find the bin pretty small, ideally to make sure it doesn’t clog up and runs perfect every time you need to change it after every use depending on the area you’ve cleaned.


So like most vacuums, you always get a little extra in the box. Dyson give all the little attachments to leave your house spotless.
  • Soft roller cleaner head : Totally covered in soft woven nylon, with strips of of carbon fibre which are also anti-static, this head is made to leave hard floors spotless. This head is capable of picking up fine dust, with the aid of the anti-static strips while also being able to pick up large debris which get covered by the soft material and rolled into the vacuum
  • Direct drive cleaner head: One row of carbon fibre helps to remove the ultra fine dust from deep inside carpets, while a second row of stiff nylon reach deep into carpets to remove ground in dirt and pet hair. This head is also powered with it’s own motor, as well as the vacuum motor making it 150% more powerful than it’s predecessor the Dyson v6
  • Mini motorised tool: made to turn the vacuum into a handheld, this head is the exact same as the direct driver head but smaller. This tool is perfect for cleaning a stairs, car, chairs and your mattress
  • Combination Tool: Made for hard to reach places, with bristles attached to really get in there I find this tool perfect for stubborn dirt that has been ground into a stairs and also for cleaning skirting boards.
  • Rigid Crevice tool: One of my favourites for deep cleans, this tool is perfect for getting between couch cushions, and that awful, awkward gap between carpet and walls/ skirting boards. Probably one of the most underrated vacuum attachments!

Price and Availability

Available in a range of stores including Argos, Currys, Hughes and Dyson.co.uk, you’ll be very hard pressed to get this vacuum for under the £399.00 retail price.
What do I think?

Like I mentioned above, I’ve been using this in work. The new place I’ve been working is an old convent, which has been converted into a school for adults. It’s 4 floors built into several classrooms and offices. About 95% of the building is carpet, with only a couple small areas of hard floor. Vacuuming takes about 1.5 hours twice daily, and that isn’t even vacuuming every room/ floor.

For work specifically, this vacuum is absolutely useless. The only reason we get the work done is because we have 2 vacuums, and one is a plug in and the fact that the classrooms are only used a couple times a week, so they are never filthy. Dyson’s are not for work, unless you’re an accommodation assistant in a hotel. They are not built to last hours of vacuuming, they aren’t built for massive amounts of debris and dirt. If you use a Dyson like you would an industrial vacuum, you are going to overwhelm and break it.

What this vacuum is made for, and advertised for is domestic use. It’s meant to be used in your home. If that’s the case, then this vacuum is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s small and easy to use, it’s very quiet and emits about 72 decibels which according to a comparative study, is quieter than sitting room music (whatever that means?). Less just say it’s quieter than a dishwasher….

Thanks to all the attachments, and the fact it can be used up high and as a handheld, every corner of your home will be spotless. If I had the £399.00 or in my case 600 euro to buy one, I would. When emptying the bin, you notice just how much fine dust and dirt the vacuum takes up. I actually found it pretty shocking the first couple times I used it, especially when I’m only using it on the regular low power setting, in a small classroom for about 5 minutes. I often don’t see as much dust in my own vacuum when I clean half the house. The suction power in these vacuums is pretty outstanding, they really are second to none.

The only problem I have with this vacuum is the battery could last a little longer. I'd recommend this vacuum 100% (if you've got the funds), but if your a manager somewhere and want to by a vacuum to clean your business premises, don't waste your money. Get a Henry!

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Product Information : Dyson V8 Absolute

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Handstick Cleaner - Rechargeable Power Supply

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