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published 04/06/2016 | littleowlski
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Pro Cooling, softens skin.
Cons Spray top turns on too easily. Not much product in it.
Does it smell good?
How easily is it absorbed?
Value for money

"Good Moisturisation in a Cooling Spray"

E45 Derma Protect 24H Spray Moisturiser

E45 Derma Protect 24H Spray Moisturiser

As a Bzz Agent, I get sent free products to test, review and generally spread the word about. This E45 Derma Protect spray is one of the latest products I've been given to try. I received a 200ml spray for free along with a number of money off vouchers. At the moment, you can buy this size spray for £5.99 at Boots.

Packaging and Ingredients

The moisturiser comes in a spray can, which is unusual for a product of this kind. I expected it to be like a dry oil spray, but it still comes out looking like a regular white moisturiser. The can has a nozzle top with an on/off setting - which is quite smooth and loose. At first I thought this was a bonus, but as I will come to, it definitely isn't. The can is packaged like most of E45's other products - white, almost clinical looking with their striking blue logo on the top. The can does stand out as it's completely different from most of the other moisturisers that I use. It looks almost serious, trustworthy and makes me think that it's likely to be more effective because of this.

However. There is a large problem with the spray top. It was an initial concern of mine that the action seemed a little too smooth and loose. Unfortunately, on arriving back home from holiday and unpacking my toiletries today, it seems that the spray has managed to be turned back on in my bag.

The entire can has been emptied inside my toiletries bag. Most of my things are covered, and I'm left with a completely empty can. I salvaged what I could and gave myself one last moisturisation with it (it is good stuff, after all). I'm very disappointed though at such a waste of the product. I think this is something that will need to be looked at, and it does put me off buying the Derma Protect again.

This also made me realise just how little product you get in the can. Despite it being marked as 200ml, the main ingredient is water so looking at what was in the bottom of my bag, it doesn't seem that you get much for your money. Again, this would put me off repurchasing it or recommending it to others.

Those ingredients in full for those who are interested: Aqua, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric, Triglycerid,e Glyceryl Stearate, Phenoxyethanol Ethylhexylglycerin Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Xanthan Gum, Ammonium, Acryloydimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxid.
Using the Spray

The spray action is a novelty but it does have benefits to use. It's easy to angle the spray and therefore the product directly where you want it to be. I found that the first time I used it, I sprayed far too much product on as I pressed down far too hard onto the spray top. I was pretty much basted with the stuff! After this, I was much gentler with pressing the spray and not treating it like a shower... It is a little bit tricky to get all of the product onto your skin without making a little bit of a mess. I didn't realise that I wasn't being too accurate with my spraying until I managed to cover my other half in it as well one morning. With a bit of practice, my aim and coverage much improved and I began to really like the spray.

Until we had a cold day. And suddenly, the novelty wore off as I realised that the E45 product was coming out flipping freezing! It's the last thing I wanted on a chilly morning. So to alleviate some of this coolness, I began spraying it onto my hand to then spread onto the rest of my body. Which then makes the whole spray thing slightly redundant. The saga continues with going on holiday, and finding that it was the most wonderfully refreshing thing to spray this on after a day spent in the sunshine on the beach. So, it's both a good thing and a bad thing. At the right time, it's lovely and cooling. But spraying it onto my hand to directly apply elsewhere seems silly, and removes the whole point of the spray in the first place. What I'm trying to get at is: use it as a spray selectively and it'll be a good experience.
Is It Any Good?

Yes, it is actually. The first time I used it (and covered myself in it) I did feel like my skin had a bit of a strange film on it afterwards. This was despite spreading it out as much as possible. Once I'd sorted this out though, I was actually pleased with the Derma Protect product. My skin did feel very hydrated and moisturised, without feeling sticky. It certainly felt softer and the dry patches on my knees and elbows feel much better too. Not soft, but less like scouring pads. The can promises this to last 24 hours - I don't think it lasts that long but I can still feel that my skin is softer at the end of the day having applied this in the morning.

I like the fact that this doesn't have a scent. I'm not a big fan of scented moisturisers and hand creams, preferring to smell my perfume instead. So, for me, this is a positive but I'm sure others would like there to be more of an associated fragrance.

Another positive for me is that it seems to spread out quite a long way, and is quickly absorbed. I can apply it and give it a quick rub over, then be confident that I can get dressed without getting it all over my clothes.

Any negatives?

What, apart from the fact that it turned itself and emptied into my holiday carrier bag of toiletries...? Well, no. That kind of trumped anything else that could have gone wrong. Obviously, I can't say how long it would have lasted overall thanks to that little mishap. And because of that - and the seeming lack of product that came out - I'm unlikely to buy it again to find out.
Final Thoughts

Would I recommend this product? Yes and no. I don't think it will serve as an intensive moisturiser to anyone with particularly dry skin, and I'm also unclear as to what 'Derma Protect' is actually supposed to do. It doesn't have an SPF in it, so I think the word 'protect' is a bit of a misnomer. However, it is lovely and cooling to apply (on certain days) and does make my skin feel a bit softer. The spray, frankly, is a bit of a novelty and it's a bit like solving a problem I wasn't aware I had. It's not necessary and I think the spray action requires there to be so much water in the product to allow it to be sprayed, that it becomes less about the effects and more about the action of spraying.

If you want something to cool you down and moisturise a bit after a hot day, or a shower after the gym then this is probably the moisturiser for you. Just don't carry it around in a bag, and make sure it is definitely turned off if you do put it in a bag. Otherwise, I'd probably just stick to a more traditional product.

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  • Nar2 published 04/07/2016
    Excellent review. One to remember!
  • Scotlass712 published 10/06/2016
    Back with the "E" as promised :-)
  • ryeb published 07/06/2016
    I was put off by the spray idea when I first saw this, and that was a lucky escape by the sounds of it!
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