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EMA's - Education Maintence Allowance's

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Review of "EMA's - Education Maintence Allowance's"

published 06/11/2007 | sarahd1111
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EMA is money for students who go into further education.

EMA stands for Education Maintenance Allowance.
EMA is surposs to be for travel and to buy books and help with things at college or further education. It doesn't affect you or your parents so if you have a job as well it doesn't matter.

You can get £10, £20 and £30, depending on how much parents earn and the limit is £30,000 a year.

What happens if your parents earn more?
You don't get anything and to make it even more unfair for the people that do get EMA if they attend 95% and achieve and progress well they get £100 bonus twice a year one at Christmas and one at the end of the year! IF this was your second year then you get another £100 for being on EMA for the second time!

Why do people get EMA?
The government thought that as people weren't going into further education they were going to boast the figure up by offering student up to£30 a week the rules would mean that the young people would then attend more and achieve higher grades.

How to get EMA

You can apply for EMA on the internet, forms from your school/ college. The forms get looked at and then you receive a letter saying if you can get the EMA you then have this letter you have to get signed by the college/6th form to show proof that you are in further education then every Friday you get how ever much you are intitled you get in your account.

The length of time you can receive EMA

Up to 3 years.

How do they know you are attending and achieving well?

The teachers sign the register and then the EMA will then see the results when the bonus comes your personal tutor signs to say you get the bonus.

My option

I started college at 16 and lived with my dad I couldn't receive EMA then the second year was the same and all my mates got EMA and saved the money and went on shopping sprees and brought things e.g. Mp3 players etc. then when the bonus came well they wouldn't stop going on about it! Then again or would I if I could get it.
I did think that the EMA was stupid in some ways as half of the people at the beginning of the year were only there for the EMA and still are there for EMA.
I think that there should be something for the other people that can't get it even though their parents earn more than £30,000 a year doesn't mean that they give it to their children to spend on travel or on books.

I did apply for it this year but you have to be 16-18 years even though I'm 19 there is another service called adult learning fund that is to do with your earning not your parents BUT you don't get any bonuses. You only get £30 a week so it won't matter how much you earn.

Please let me know what you think.

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Thanks Sarah

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  • sarahd1111 published 11/11/2007
    I agree with the comment below and as only one of my parents earn more than £30,000 it still doesnt mean that the students get any money off the parent/s. I do agree what did happen before all this came into place? im sure lots of people still went to college with their parents earning less than £30,000
  • Claiiiree published 10/11/2007
    i disagree with below comment after all what did students do to go to college before it came in and I hardly think £30000 is some way above average earnings, especially if you live wth two working parents, even one it isnt a massive income and hardly a great income for anyone's parents
  • titusbumus published 07/11/2007
    I'm afraid that the aspect of EMA's that you object mostly too, the earnings ruling, was put in there specifically to ensure that it operated fairly. it is designed to support people in education that would otherwise not be able to attend an FE college due to financial problems. The cut off point of £30,000 is actually some way above the average earnings figure, and was set so that people would not be caught out when then earned slightly more than average. instead of complaining that your parent(s) earn too much you should be thankful.
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