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... The main jist of Eager's Nephew: 10 years pass from the first book and a new law is enforced saying that all self-thinking robots should be destroyed. Eager is put into hiding but visits the Bell family often. On one visit a robot called Jonquil stows away with Eager on his visit. He can ... Read review
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Excellent teenage/child sci-fi

Advantagesgreat characters, imaginative future tech

Disadvantagesmay not appeal to everyone

"EAGER'S NEPHEW is a great sci-fi child's book. I suggest reading EAGER first. The main jist of Eager: Eager is a robot that was built to think for itself. It's creator, Professor Odgen, teaches it to understand life, and the world. He quickly finds Eager a new home (with the Bell family) and tries to fit in with them. At the start he doesn't fit in with the family but through the book they create a bond. The main jist of Eager's Nephew: 10 years ..." Read review

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EAN 9780340875858
Publisher Hachette Children's Books
Type Fiction
Genre Children's
Title Eager's Nephew
Author Helen Fox
ISBN 0340875852


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