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published 09/01/2012 | daisyleex
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"Ed Sheeran - Plus"

Ed Sheeran - Plus

Ed Sheeran - Plus

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran, full name Edward Christopher Sheeran is a twenty year old singer song writer from Halifax, West Yorkshire. Despite having being on the music scene for around five years and having played at numerous gigs (over 300!), releasing several indepenant extended plays and producing & directing a music video all on his own, he only recently became a well known name, thanks to his single The A team, which was the first of his songs that got lucky and made it onto the radio. Ed definetly isn't the most well known of singers and is classed as a 'rising star' however he is slowly but surely getting there and he well and truly deserves every ounce of fame he can get. I honestly think that Ed is an amazing music artist, he is incredibly talented with a highly versatile voice. He is able to sing, rap, beat box and also plays the guitar.

His music genre also hugely varies, ranging from folk, acoustic and rock to hip hop, rap and grime. Ed also writes all of his songs himself, which I love as I know that every word that comes out of his mouth is personal and means something, rather than him blurting stuff out for the sake of it. He also has numerous songs that are cover versions available for purchase on iTunes. Some of these covers include Skinny Love originally by Bon Iver, and Wayfaring Stranger by Johnny Cash. He is able to put his own twist on these songs though and even adds a bit of beat boxing to Wayfaring Stranger which works suprisingly well!

Plus is Ed Sheeran's debut album, it was released in early September 2011 through the recording company Warner Music. The album sold over 102,000 copies within its first week of release which I think is amazing considering he is not the type of artist who is hugely hyped up on tv or on the radio. The album has twelve full lenth songs on it, most of these songs are 'new' and only a couple of of them have been released on any of his previous releases (he has five extended plays) however these songs have been slightly changed anyway so they do actually sound new and different apart from having the same lyrics. The only songs on here that I was familiar with before buying the album were The A Team, The City and Lego House. This is because they've been on the radio so much recently so I think most people will recognise atleast one song on the album, but apart from that it feels like a new and fresh album full of brand new material.

I think that this album brings out alot more of Ed's pop song side, as most of his previous work has been very grimey and rap orientated where as most of the songs on this album are about love, break ups and generally things of a more sensetive and touching nature, there's a few more rnb type songs though so I think this album will appeal to most people due to the mix of genres throughout the album. Most of the songs on this album tell a story, and you can just tell how much thought and emotion has gone into it. In some of the songs you can hear the hurt in his voice and it’s just pure, raw emotion. I also like that there's a bit more of a range of instruments in this album as his previous EP's have mostly consisted of guitars, where as in this album there's more variety. "Wake Me Up" really shows how versatile Ed's voice is as he sings beside a grand piano.

Album Artwork
There is nothing really very special about the album artwork in my opinion, it is simply a picture of Ed's face with a small plus (+) sign in the right hand corner. The colour scheme is predominantly orange which I think reflects Ed's hair colour (ginger). The album does stand out from the other cd's purely because of the bright colour, and I don't think the picture is very exciting or 'differen't' howevever I don't mind because it's the music that counts and the music is blimmin' amazing!

Price and Availability
This album is really widely available, i've seen it in music shops such as CEX, HMV etc and even supermarkets. It is also avalable on websites such as Amazon, Play, eBay and iTunes. Prices seem to vary quite a bit, with the most expensive i've seen being £12. I got my copy from iTunes and paid £6.99 which I think is a bargain! Individual tracks from the album can be purchased seperately for 99p each.

The Tracks
Track 1 - The A Team
Track 2 - Drunk
Track 3 - U.N.I.
Track 4 - Grade 8
Track 5 - Wake Me Up
Track 6 - Small Bump
Track 7 - This
Track 8 - The City
Track 9 - Lego House
Track 10 - You Need Me, I Don't Need You
Track 11 - Kiss Me
Track 12 - Give Me Love

My Favourite Songs
My first favourite song on the album is track 1, which is titled 'The A Team'. This song is probably one most people will of heard of due to it becoming so overplayed on the radio during the summer of 2011. The song tells the story of an un named, young, homeless drug addicted girl who begs on the street for spare change during the day and sells her body at night. She became addicted to drugs at eighteen, slowly deteriorating into your typical portrait of a homeless person which is demonstrated in Ed's lyrics - "Ripped gloves, raincoat". Ed's voice in the song is absolutely amazing, it oozes emotion and the build up is brilliant. He has such a gentle, sensetive but powerful voice that is just makes me slow down and listen whenever I hear it on the radio. I know this sounds a little wrong, but it is actually a song that cheers me up when I hear it, despite the subject matter, as it's such a recognizeable and easy to sing along to song, and it's also really relatable. I don't mean the bit about drug addiction, but the part where he sort of merges in 'everybody' with the girl; the chorus throughout brings the audience into the story and it demonstrates how everyone is under the influence of some sort of addiction in there life, whether it be alchohol, drugs, shopping, sex, etc, and the feeling that things can't get any worse.

Despite the dark content, it is a very touching and suprisingly relatable song, which has definetly got Ed recognised much more widely than his other work, which is all amazing so that definetly says something about this song. The overall sound is very mixed; there's some folk, indie, acoustic and some lovely instrumentals mixed in there. Despite how depressing it sounds from my review, it is actually a rather uplifting song, which really does make you think. I also think that the title of the song is genius, with 'A Team' reffering to people who are addicted to class A drugs. I love the fact that Ed doesn't glorify drugs or women selling themselves like alot of rappers do, and seeing as he is only 20 years old, he handles the subject with care.

Another favourite of mine is Small Bump (track 6). This song was written by Ed for his friend, who had a miscarriage when she was around four months pregnant. Ed sings the song as if the child was his own, which may sound a bit odd but I just think he put himself in those shoes to make the song more touching - which is it. Had he not added alot of personal lyrics in there I don't think it'd be as touching and because of the lyrics it adds more emotion to the song. He talks about holding the baby in his arms after its birth as well as different scenarios of if the baby had being born, for example he talks about the baby wrapping its fingers around his thumb, and sitting with the baby on his lap. He sings about what the baby might look like, hoping it would have its mums' eyes and the same dimple that she has on her chin.

It's a very sad and touching song. The guitar in this song is flawless, it's very strong and goes amazingly well with the lyrics. I am pregnant and also lost a baby in my early teens and the song just hits all kind of emotional points for me, so maybe I am a bit biased in my love for this song. I was quite confused at first as the song sounds like Ed is singing to his child but it all makes sense at the end of the song with the ending lines being "you were just a small bump unborn for four months then torn from life, maybe you were needed up there but we’re still unaware of why."

All of the other songs are equally as brilliant, each tells a story and keeps the listener entertained, some are a little depressing but they all have depth and meaning to them, even the serious songs which are about break ups etc are amusing at times with little references that everyone will be aware of such as Shrek. The only disadvantage I can think of is that there's the odd swear word here and there, nothing too bad but the F word is used a couple of times in a more comedic way than anything. I think this is a shame though as Ed's voice and clever lyrics are good enough without swear words and I do think they're unnecessary, the fact there's a few swear words definetly doesn't effect my overall opinion though.

I highly reccomend this album, each song is in a league of its own and it's incredibly easy to listen to the whole of the 49 minute album without for a second getting bored. All of the songs tell a story and are incredibly catchy, they all have meaning and I didn't get the impression that any of the songs were overdone or too try hard. I like that Ed doesn't use auto tune in any of his songs and most actually sound acoustic. I also like that the album will appeal to so many people - fans of rap, indie, folk, pop or r&b will all love this album. It is a very affordable album too and I highly reccomend it.

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  • Coloneljohn published 22/01/2012
    An excellent review. John
  • DonPaolo published 16/01/2012
    Great review - only heard a couple of these tracks but he's certainly shot to fame recently!
  • Pmshack99 published 10/01/2012
    Two Es in a row from me! Stop it - I won't have any left to give to anyone else! ;-) Great review.xx
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