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published 16/08/2004 | angeelu
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I've spent most of today relaxing in the tranquil surroundings of Eden Hall Day Spa in Nottinghamshire. Located 25 miles from the M1 Motorway, or 5 miles from Newark on the A46 Newark to Leicester road or 7 miles from the A1, on the outskirts of Elston, a small village, Eden Hall Spa is enclosed in what, from the outside, seems to be a large old stately home or mansion surrounded by countryside fields.

The day spa opens at 8:30 each day. When making a booking for the day it seems that guests are asked whether they would prefer an 8:30 arrival or a 9:00 arrival. Wanting to get the most from my day I opted for the 8:30 arrival. The reasons for these split times are presumably to stop a huge queue at 8:30 and receptionists having to rush.
A very welcoming receptionist took my name as I approached the desk, then handed me a 'locker card' - this was simply a piece of card with a welcome message and my name on it, as well as a locker number. The reverse of the card explained how to code what would be my locker for the day. The receptionist explained to me that if I headed for my locker I'd find inside it two towels and a robe for use on the day, and an itinerary showing when my treatments would be and what time my lunch was... Off to my locker then!

The Changing Area
As they say, first impressions count - and I was certainly impressed with the changing area. Within the changing room there were plenty of numbered lockers around the edge of the room. There were benches that could be used to get changed on, as well as softer seats dotted around. At the far end of the changing area a water feature trickled away.

A large room off the main changing area was dedicated to changing cubicles for those who preferred more provacy whilst getting changed. This cubicle area probably homed about 15 cubicles and they never appeared to all be full up. Additionally off the main changing area there were two vanity rooms. These rooms were basically areas to dry your hair and do your make-up etc. Around the entire edge of the room was a good sized ledge - around this ledge were hair-dryers, and where there was a hair dryer there was also a chair and on the wall a mirror. This made it a very nice and comfortable area to dry your hair off and get yourself looking human again!

At the far end of the changing area towards the pool and aqua detox area were a number of shower cubicles, each with a selection of hair and body shampoos and conditioners.

The Wet Area!
The first area I visited was the pool and aqua detox area. As soon as I stepped out of the changing area door and into here I knew I was going to have good day! The area started with the aqua detox therapies - that's just a posh word for things like a sauna, but hey, it makes it sound really luxurious!
The aqua detox area contained a sauna, a hot room (similar to the sauna but hotter), a steam room, a herbal room (like a steam room with less steam and smelling kind of like menthol), a tropical rain shower (as it sounds - a fine misty warm rain to cool and refresh you), a warm body shower (jets of warm water blasting your body, but not your head), warm and cold douche (choose your button! If you choose cold you literally get a cold shower, warm, and it's warm - the shower is almost waterfall like), warm foot massage (you're seated on a mosaic tiled bench with your feet in water - your feet hover over little water jets that massage them, and a warm gentle waterfall trickles down your back), cold foot bath (a shallow pool, ankle deep of cold water over a pebbled surface - great for boosting circulation and making you feel refreshed). Well, I think that's about everything in that area!

Within the aqua detox area you are free to use the facilities as you like, or if you choose you can follow a recommended order that's displayed on the wall.

Just past the aqua detox area you'll find the pool. The pool is more an area for swimming about to relax rather than going at it with power laps, however the pool is still a good length, probably 20m. At one end of the pool are two mini circular pools that are joined on to the main pool area - at intermittent intervals water features are switched on in these mini pools, turning one into a bubbling jacuzzi and the other into a, well I don't know actually, but it has a huge gushing, bubbling jet of water in the centre and a hand rail all round the edge - it's kind of fun in a very splashy wet kind of way!
In addition there are jets of water that are switched on at varying intervals that gush into the pool. At the opposite end of the pool to the mini pools you'll find the pool kind of disappears through hanging flaps into the wall - venture through these and you'll find a mini outdoor pool. The outdoor pool is really just a place to go outside and relax rather than swim as it really is quite small, but still, it's nice to swim out into the sunshine for a while!

Situated by the side of the pool are plenty of sun loungers - whilst in the area you're welcome to throw your towel on one to reserve it. Additionally there are some lounger style rocking chairs facing a light wall - this wall basically contains a tangle of fibre optic cables which keep changing colour. It's kind of hypnotic to watch while you relax in the rocking chairs.

The Exercise Area
The spa has two parts to it's gym - a cardio area and a resistance area, which contains weights and the likes. Both areas have plenty of good quality equipment in, and the area is always manned should you require assistance.

There's also an exercise hall which is used for exercise and relaxation classes. Guests are given a timetable for classes in their locker and then can book for whichever classes they choose. The only class I opted for was a yoga class in the afternoon - I choose it as I had never tried yoga before. The class itself was very professionally run and had about 30 people in it. The instructor was friendly made the class enjoyable. Can't say I'll be taking up yoga as I didn't find the actual exercise all that stimulating, but that's no reflection on the quality of the class. All exercise classes are free, included in the price you pay for your day, and other classes include things such as aerobics and bums, legs and tums.

The Treatment Area
There are a huge number of treatments available whilst you're at Eden Hall, all of which need to be booked ahead as it's unlikely there'll be availability on the day. You can treat yourself to anything from a facial, to a massage, to a body wrap, to a manicure or pedicure, and plenty else besides. Many of the 'days' that you can purchase include one or more treatments in the price, though additional treatments can also be booked.

On arrival in the treatment area you are given a lifestyle card to fill in and ushered into a waiting area. The area is softly lit with glowing coals in one corner (not hot enough though to make the room hot, more for visual effect). Once I'd filled in my card and had a drink my therapist came and collected me, taking me through to a treatment room. Again, the surroundings were all luxurious. My treatments included a facial, all over exfoliating treatment and body massage. These were great!! Once they were over the therapist took me through to a relaxation room, only available to those who had had a treatment. In this room they sit you in a huge comfy chair that vibrates to massage you for a further 15 minutes while you relax feeling all pampered after your treatment. The room is kind of like a top floor conservatory, looking out over fields. Although there are a number of chairs and people in the room together, the fact it is so peaceful and the chairs so big and comfy you feel like you're at peace all on your own for the while.

The Food!
The spa has it's own restaurant and juice bar. On arrival the restaurant is open for continental breakfast. As I'd not had any before getting there I took up the opportunity for breakfast. This isn't included in the price, and costs an additional £6.95. The breakfast consists of all you'd expect form a continental breakfast, though I personally didn't think it was worth close to £7 for the three croissants I ate with a glass of juice! Still, they were tasty!!
I didn't sample the juice bar, but it was obvious that it served a variety of freshly prepared juices.
Lunch was included in the day, and was served in the same restaurant area at the breakfast. For lunch you are first given the choice of three different starters (one of which is a veggie option). After this you can choose from one of three main meals (again one is a veggie choice) or you can choose to just eat from the buffet, or if you're really hungry you can have both. I opted for the buffet alone. There wasn't a great deal of choice for veggies, however I got by. There was a dish of roast vegetables, new potatoes, salads (including a couscous salad and noodle salad), a choice of cold meats, a variety of dfferent fish, and more besides.
There were three sweets you could choose from too, as well as being able to help yourself to things such as fresh fruit or cheese and biscuits from the buffet area. I opted for fresh fruit, and chose a few pieces of fruit such as pineapple, passion fruit, blood orange and strawberries!
I was a bit disappointed with the food overall - it wasn't as great as I'd been expecting, but still, it was of high quality - it was just that the choices available weren't really what I'd normally have chosen for my lunch.

Areas to relax
There were plenty of these! Various rooms around the building contained comfy chairs to laze in. For example, an aquarium slumber lounge boasted a large aquarium on one wall and plenty of big comfy arm chairs to snooze or relax on. A big conservatory provided a nice roomy space full of big bean bag type chairs, sofas, and arm chairs, some situated around tables, for people to relax on their own, or sit with friends. A reading room was available for a quiet area to read, as well as other similar style rooms or areas with comfy seating.

The grounds also provided a place to relax. In the main garden area were a number of sun loungers, hammocks, and other garden style furniture situated around tables, again for you to relax on your own or with friends. Within the garden area were also a couple of water features which provided nice scenery as well as a soothing trickly noise if you were sat close to them.

Other facilities
Dependent on time of year, weather, and other such factors Eden Hall have other activities available for their guests. One of these activities is that you can borrow a bike to take a bike-ride of the grounds and local area. On my visit they also offered a go at archery, which I would have loved to do but it was scheduled at the same time as my treatments.

I'm going to be a bit vague so far as prices are concerned as it really does depend on what you want from your day. I had a Red Letter Day (the Deluxe Spa Day one) which cost about £120-£130, and was a very nice treat from my boyfriend.

The Eden Hall website shows the various packages they currently offer - there are 5 main packages:
- Energized - £95 including an Elemis part body ocean wrap and a face and scalp massage (55 minutes).
- Relaxed - £59 no treatments included, just full use of the facilities - this one's recommended if you want to pick and choose all of your own treatments
- Pampered - £155 including Japanese Silk Booster Facial and body massage, as well as a free gift of either a robe or Elemis gift (1 hour 55 minutes)
- De-Stressed - £82 including an Elemis back massage (25 minutes)
- Re-vitalised - £125 Elemis exotic exfoliation ritual for face and body and an energising massage (1 hour 25 minutes)

The website also lists prices for some of the other treatments available.

The Verdict
I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Eden Hall Day Spa, and would love to go again one day. I did, however, learn a few things that I will remember should I ever be lucky enough to have another day of pampering. If I go on my own again I will take a book - it gets a little boring if you're the kind of person who can't just sit in a chair and relax with no-one to tlak to or nothing to do. I saw plenty of other people with books and really wished I'd taken one. Alternatively if I go again I will convince a friend or my mum to splash out and come along too. The majority of people there were with a friend or relative, and it seemed nice to be able to share the experience with someone you know and can talk to during the day. If I go again, I will also make sure that I ring up early to book any additional treatments. I really fancied one of those body wrap treatments that are supposed to slim you down a bit by getting rid of excess fluid or something, but when I rang up to book it they were already fully booked so far as treatments go - you need to ring up at least three weeks in advance.

When I booked my day there was roughly a 6-8 week waiting list. Apparantly this was fairly long because it was during peak times (i.e. everyone likes to go in the summer), and therefore I presume it's probably also very busy around Christmas and the new year periods. If you want to go on a particular date, book very early!

I completed my first spa day feeling relaxed, pampered, energised, and de-stressed. I thoroughly recommend the spa to everyone - it was a great treat! And men - before you start thinking it's just for girls, there were a fair few men there who all seemed to be enjoying their day! For the fact I had such a lovely day, in lovely clean facilities, with friendly staff and great surroundings I'll have to give it 5 stars * * * * *

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  • avacarrdo published 01/05/2008
    Wow, that sounds lovely. I'd get bored sitting in a chair with nothing to read too.
  • mum2boys82 published 25/03/2008
    I don't think you left anything out of that review, I love this place and am going for my second visit next week and am so excited! Rebecca Xx
  • tekin21 published 19/09/2005
    What a great present. Sounds like a wonderful day out, must try one of these spa days myself one day ( just need someone to treat me). Jane x
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