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published 29/01/2012 | gemax2
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Pro Great outdoor hot tubs & yummy cakes & scones
Cons The time given for treatments, the service & needs upgrading
very helpful
Staff service
Price level

"Not my idea of Eden"

I regularly visit spas sometimes for the day or sometimes for the night what ever I feel like at the time. Eden Hall Spa is never anywhere I have really considered as it is quite near to home for me so I normally prefer a drive out but as it was for a friend’s birthday it wasn’t my decision.
So two weeks ago I logged on to www.edenhallspa.co.uk and had a look through there 2 locations 1 in Nottinghamshire and 1 in Staffordshire. The one I am reviewing today is Nottinghamshire.

The website is very easy to understand and simple to navigate around you cant book on there but you can do just about everything you need to and see everything that you need to such as facilities, treatments and prices, contact information and you are able to request a brochure online if you require one. I found the website informative and very easy on the eye the pictures were very alluring and the descriptions were very lovely so I was left excited to make a booking.

The party I was going to had decided that they only wanted to go for a half day experience so for that we paid £45 and were allowed to arrive at 13:30 and had to leave for 18:30 this included full use of the spa and facilities, afternoon tea and your robe and towels which I didn’t think was too bad in comparison to other spas I have been to.

If you wanted a full day which I have to say I prefer then you can have a full on lazy day snoozing and watching the world go by you pay £75 but you do get a 3 course lunch included with that.

If your looking for packages including a bit more or a more specific deal then they have a range of different priced packages which all include the normal day delights and then extras
- De-Stressed for £75, which includes either, a 25-minute back massage.
- Beautiful Bump for £120 which includes either a mother to be massage or a pregnancy pamper to help with the skins stretch marks and elasticity the treatment lasts for 1 hour 10 mins.
- Made for Men for £125 and for this you get an hour and 10 minute facial.
- Heavenly Body for £125 you can enjoy a body wrap lasting 55 minutes.
- Sheer Indulgence for £155 you can go all out and this is probably the one I would have gone for if going for the full day you get a continental breakfast to start with followed by a back massage and a facial lasting for 1 hour 25 minutes and to end the day you get a glass of champagne and some Eden chocolates.
- Eden’s Pure Pamper Day for £220 you get the supposed full works for 2 hours 55 mins a facial, massage and a manicure sounds ok but to me a bit on the expensive side.
The prices are fixed but if you go online you can get the odd special offer when I looked they were doing late availability for in a weeks time with £10 knocked off which is good if you were going to book anyway. They were also offering 25% off all pre booked treatments over 55 minutes.

Once you have decided on your day package you can then make your mind up on treatments that you would like to have (if any because I tend to just relax and chill on half days as I find there is little time to enjoy this side of the spa when you have an hour treatment eating into your relaxation by the pool)
Eden Hall provide treatments by Elemis, Thalgo, Spa Find, Jessica, Bodyography and the Eden Signature Range which basically determine the products that are used within your treatment. The treatments are broken down into sections as follows
- Body you can have massages, wraps and exfoliation
- Face for the face you can have numerous different facials, Hopi ear treatments, back, face and scalp massages.
- Feet the feet can enjoy a nice pedicure or some reflexology
- Hands the little handies can have a lovely manicure with or without massage
- Beauty in the beauty suite you can have an eyebrow shape, eyelash tint or an eyebrow tint
- Made for Men the men can have a lovely time too with massages, facials, Hopi ear treatments or reflexology
I haven’t gone into full details of every treatment possible as these are available to read online and I haven’t experienced these treatments at Eden Hall Spa so would not be able to make a fair comment either way but prices range from the lowest end being around £36 for 25 minutes £55 for around 55 minutes depending on the treatment and £80 for an hour and 10 minute depending on the treatment. I didn’t find the prices to be very different to any other spa I have been to, I think prices have increased a lot over time and you can get better deals from your salons these days but I suppose you are paying for the whole experience of being at the spa.

I called the spa about 2 weeks before my visit and booked my half day visit over the phone providing my card details. The booking went smoothly and I was asked if I wanted to book any treatments and was advised of the cancellation policy and that I needed to bring swimwear, slippers or flip flops for around the spa and gym kit if I wanted to take part in any classes or use the gym facilities.
2 days later my payment was taken and I received details on the spa, a price list of all packages and details about what my day was going to offer.

When I made the booking I was made aware of the cancellation policy and it is also on the Internet. I think its very fair and would be happy to adhere to it the say if you make a cancellation a month before your visit they will refund you in full however if it is within the month they put the money over into an account they hold on your behalf till you have chosen a date to rebook to. If you need to cancel within 48 hours you incur a £10 charge which can be expected after all they maybe fully booked and turn business away because your taking a booking up.


When we drove up to the building through all the road works it was lovely looked very old and very grand was really in a strange place as all on its own, you had to talk into an intercom to get the gates opened to enter the car park of the building which we found quite strange and pointless when I just said booked for day and spa and they just let us in so surely anyone could do that?
We entered into the reception and straight away it was very calming and the walls were a lovely cream colour with roman type props and wall displays. We arrived at 1pm and were told we had to wait 30 mins to go into the spa, which was fine, as we knew we were early. In the mean time were asked to complete a menu card for our afternoon tea. We had to choose if we wanted cheese, salad or ham sandwiches and what cake we wanted Victoria sponge, cheese cake or cream and jam scone. It was all very exciting as have never been asked to do that before. Whilst we waited in the reception area we noticed one of our party have booked a 55 minute body wrap for £60 and had not received any discount even though it said online that she would so we queried it at reception and we were told that a mistake had been made and they would put the discounted amount onto an account card so at the end of the day it would come off her final bill. This would be all well and good if she was planning on buying something but what if she wasn’t I have been to spas and spent a penny this seemed a little unfair to me but she was happy so that’s all that mattered.
Once our time came we were given account cards that we had to keep with us all day so anything we purchased could be put on this and paid for at the end. We were also given locker numbers and advised how to use them, as they were very much like electronic safes. We were advised where to go to the lockers and that there would be 2 towels for us with a robe and that these had to be returned to the desk at the end of the visit or we would incur a £30 charge onto our cards! We were then asked if we had been to the spa before when we answered no I expected the offer of a tour but instead we were given maps! Not much of a personal service but anyway we made our way through to the changing rooms which I have to admit were very nice there was a vanity area where could look in mirrors and dry your hair (no hair straightners though which I think are a total must in this day and age) there were cubicles were you could get changed in private and then there was a communal area where the lockers were. In our lockers were 2 towels a small one and a medium one and there there was a list of activities you could participate in. One of our parties towels was so wet she couldn’t use it so she went to reception where the happily changed it for her.

Booking treatments on the day
Some of our party hadn’t booked treatments but wanted to so they asked how they went about doing this we were told to go to the treatment reception and ask what was available so we did and were told they could do a 25 minute facial for £35 or a nail file and paint for £25 she chose the facial and was out 15 minutes later which she wasn’t very pleased about but after reading about the treatments it stated time included preparation and consultation time so she had paid £35 for a 15 minute facial. We also read that before any nail paint they ask that you remove all nail polish so you care paying £25 for someone to paint your nails! Up until now I thought treatment was reasonably priced but I think that is very expensive my local salon does a nail paint for £5 and it takes 10 minutes maximum.
My friend who prebooked her treatment also wasn’t too happy when her 1 hour 10 minute treatment also had 10 minutes knocked off for so called preparation and consultation. I was actually quite glad I just stuck to lazing around the pool.

Getting started
Once your ready to indulge in your day of doing absolutely nothing you have to consider and then draw out any classes that just sound painful when you are thinking of pools and steam rooms, the classes they offer are
  • Stretch, Flex and Tone
  • Bums, Tums and Legs
  • Zumba
  • Step and Tone
  • Wind Down and Stretch
  • Power Chi Yoga
    If you are into classes and fitness they seem a nice selection and there is something running all of the time if you fancy it. There is also a gym, which is open from 9:00 till 14:30 and 15:30 till 18:00.
    Its best to decide what you want to get out of your day and then plan what your going to do

Relax relax relax
This is my personal favourite and the only reason I go to health spas the relaxation and here are my views on the general facilities offered by Eden Spa

Rose Infused Steam room – This is a steam room where you are immersed in a cloud of rose infused steam. There is a rose quartz in the room, which is meant to strengthen the heart, and the lovely fumes are meant to uplift your soul. This was my favourite steam room as it smelled stunning.

Sauna and Swimming Pool – Both, which are quite self explanatory they were quite a decent size. The pool being quite cold with an indoor Jacuzzi at the end and the sauna banging out the heat getting you into a sweat perfect for jumping straight into the pool.
There were also hot and cold showers around to give you the ultimate hot and cold experience which was very enjoyable under the tropical shower but not so much stood under the bucket of freezing cold water!
Massage jets – These are great you walked around in a circle whilst the jets hit you on your feet and worked their way up to your chest they were medium in temperature so you weren’t running round!

Salt Marine room – This is a room with 84 essential trace minerals, apparently the salt ions released from the pebbles create a micro climate that cleanses the skin and if inhaled for 1 hour its meant to be the same as a day at the seaside but without the fish and chips obviously.

Herbal Caldarium – Room filled with very hot lavender aromas allowing you to be soothed and calmed by the smells

Outdoor hot tubs – These were pure heaven especially as it started to get dark outside they were positioned quite close to the doors so you could rush out and get straight into the boiling bubbles total bliss!

Relaxation areas – These were lovely there was a separate slumber room and also a slumber area at the poolside with around 8 rocking chairs pointing towards a wall when you sat and rocked it was so relaxing and calming.

I personally think there is a bit of a much ness and I have been to places with more facilities and that are more spaced out as everything is just bunched together if the spa had been busier I probably would have been a bit annoyed with seeing the same people all the time. Luckily it was quite quiet so we got to enjoy the facilities at our leisure.

Drinkie poos ?
After an hour we were after some light refreshments so headed in the direction of the juice bar we followed the map to the point and ended up in what looked like a coffee shop kitchen. After two staff just stared at us we said erm I think we are in the wrong place they said you need to sit down in there its table service! Ohhhh sorry we made our way to the relaxation room where we sat and waited for some “table service” it was quite strange as there were people around us chilling out reading books, sleeping and just generally lying around whilst we were chattering away ordering a drink. The room was lovely and big with lots of lovely windows looking out onto gorgeous green fields then you look around the actual room and you are a bit let down there are heads and faces on the walls made out of clay except one was broken off and the nail was still sticking out of the wall where they hadn’t been bothered to replace the so called art work. There was then a clear cabinet with fake food in and bottles of drinks etc to show you what you could buy. I know this is something you may find in a local café but not in a lovely spa. When we were finally served we were just asked what we wanted but as we couldn’t see a menu we didn’t know so we saw a poster for champagne and strawberries and as it was our friends birthday we enquired but this wasn’t available till after 4pm ?? So we asked what there was and she said j20, orange juice, apple juice and cranberry juice. To me it wasn’t very juice bar o they were juices but I was expecting smoothies and yummy fresh drinks not j20’s! We all ordered apple juice and hoped for the best. Whilst we were waiting for our drinks we saw people being served drinks similar to slush puppies L I think it would have been nice if we had been given a full list of drinks perhaps ??

Afternoon Tea
Once we had finished our drinks it was about time for out afternoon tea there was a little slip of paper in our lockers like a voucher, we asked if we could just have our afternoon tea or did we have to fetch it we were told to fetch it as they needed to tick our names off the list? Bit strange we thought when we could have just told her our names. So we fetched our slip and admired the lovely rooms set out looking beautiful and ideal for afternoon tea very sophisticated and swish to be told to go back to the relaxation room as they were going to serve it to us in there, huge disappointment!
After another wait our vouchers were taken and we were served with tea and coffee, sandwiches and cakes. The sandwiches were not made up which made things very hard, as the tables were low so you were affectively eating from your lap. The bread was very dry and seemed like it had been out a while and the cheese went everywhere as I tried to make up my own sandwich. The scone I had however was simply divine but top be fair I have never had a bad clotted cream and jam scone yum yum. There was enough tea for about 2 cups, which sufficed, but it wasn’t exactly the atmosphere and environment we had hoped for especially when people were trying to relax and some lovely lady lets out a huge burp on the table across from us not nice! If I hadn’t have been in a party and was visiting the spa with my partner which is normally what I do I would have been very unhappy to be sharing the chill out room with people eating sandwiches from there laps.

Goodbye Spa
When we had finished at the spa we headed towards the changing rooms which were now quite packed and not so nice as there were bags everywhere and no one seemed to have any consideration for anyone else. I was very disappointed that there was soap and body lotion provided but it wasn’t branded and it was in really grotty push containers stuck to the walls, when I go to a spa I expect good quality products smelling divine not cheap rubbish, so I opted for using my own products which I have never had to do in a spa before. As we for dresses on the way out a laundry lady took our towels and robes which I thought was odd as we had been told if we didn’t give these to reception we would be charged when I queried it the lady just laughed, wonder if it was just some scare tactic (not that I would have wanted to steal a wet towel I have enough of them at home!) As we made our way out we had a quick sneak peak in the spa shop as if you have had a treatment you get a 20% discount on any product they have recommended to you. It was a nice little shop with some lovely smelly samples out of a lot of the products but they seemed a little overpriced I always just note down anything I like and order it online when I get home. As we handed back our account cards we were charged for anything we had had and given a code for the pointless gates that were in fact open anyway hehehe.

Overall we had a nice half a day I think if I had been there a full day I may have been a little bit bored as there wasn’t much variation in things to do unless you have booked a treatment, for me the best bit was the outdoor hot tub absolute bliss!
Afternoon tea was lovely but needed some tweaking in the service department but I have never been anywhere that is 100% perfect. I don’t think I will be back as there are other places that are better for the same price. I think if the place is upgraded a little and the service is improved then I would consider changing my mind.

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    Brilliant review, very thorough! x
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  • ryeb published 01/02/2012
    Thorough review. Sounds like you dont get a lot for your money there.
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