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Type Non-Fiction
Genre Travel
Subgenre Travel writing
Publisher Lomond Books
Release Date 01.03.2009
Author Karen Fitzpatrick
Title Edinburgh
EAN 9781842042113
ISBN 1842042114


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A brilliant take on British eccentricity and normality
I guess a shared sense of the absurd might be required in places (*)
A great combination of humour, sightseeing, social commentary and invective
Not enough on the western states (*)
Lovely photos and intersting
Hard to find specific places as not much logic in the set out (*)
A very readable and honest account of her travels
Needs a map to put things into context (*)
Some amazingly different places to stay
Some you would have to pay me to stay in! (*)
similar by Genre (Travel writing)
Interesting and educational at the same time
Too educational in places to make it a wholy light read (*)
A real story of love and affection
If you hate cats, steer clear (*)
informative, well reported historical facts and interesting encounters with locals
too much personal life of the journalist in the book (not inherent to the context) (*)
Some great food writing and accounts of Tuscan life
Boring analysis of their marriage (*)
Its not funny, tells me little about New Zealand (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (E)
It's the one that works for me - colourful, inspiring and comprehensive.
Any guide to the whole country is too big to carry around with you. (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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