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In Education & Careers, you can find helpful education & career resources to assist you in your current or future professional life. Resources on higher education, further education, career, placement, internship, gap year and alternative activities can all be found here.

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Work when you like and meeting people

21.05.2016 Review of Avon representative

"I've been an Avon Representative about a year now. I did Avon years ago, but decided to take it up again. In those days you had t fill in paper forms to send the orders off, but nowadays, of course, it's all done online which makes life a whole lot easi ..."

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Learning at your own pace.

19.05.2016 Review of Learndirect

"When I was going through job hunting, one of the issues I said to my Adviser was, although I can type and have the certificates to prove it, I learnt in the days of typewriters. But now we are in the computer age, I said I have trouble with spreadsheets, ..."

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NVQ - Needed. Various. Quality.

18.05.2016 Review of NVQ

"Having either studied for an NVQ or two and also helped to train up some other people in various subjects too, I feel that I am in a fairly good position to be able to write a review on the subject. Of course I may well be writing it from a very slight bi ..."

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Educated further and definitely returning for more.

12.05.2016 (16.05.2016) Review of learndirect.co.uk

"...I am now three quarters of the way through completing a bundle of four courses on learndirect.co.uk which I originally purchased via a Groupon offer. The four course bundle revolved around Sage, a computer software program which facilitates double entry b ..."

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