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In Education & Careers, you can find helpful education & career resources to assist you in your current or future professional life. Resources on higher education, further education, career, placement, internship, gap year and alternative activities can all be found here.

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Effective research paper writing help

17.10.2017 Review of college-writers.com

"I like writing. It's my passion. Actually, I am going to earn money writing. So, sure, I have to write as much as I can and improve my skills every day. And I do. I write every day, I look for stories, talk to people, spend my time reading history books a ..."

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Stafforshire University - Glad I Went! It's Been Renovated!

27.09.2017 Review of Staffordshire University

"Staffordshire University was always my first choice when I first applied to go to University. There was always something about the University that I fell in love with since I read its prospectus and attended the open day. I'm currently in my 4th year at ..."

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Sexist, no, choosy, maybe...

05.07.2017 (09.07.2017) Review of Manpower.co.uk

"Anyone job seeking will know most jobs now com through employment agencies and most high street agencies are closing down. Even Manpower has disappeared from Northampton town center, the world biggest employer ahead of the NHS and the Indian Railway. Thos ..."

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The housing lottery that is costing lives

26.06.2017 Review of Working in Social Housing

"I only briefly did a temp job in social housing and so this review not about that so much. It was mostly around the non payment of council tax and housing the very poor. You will be surprised who doesn’t want to pay it. The poor can’t afford it and so no ..."

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