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Review of "Endsleigh"

published 23/03/2009 | soozypie
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Not for me
Pro Cheap, straightforward, offers good rates for students
Cons Terrible customer service, incompetent, departments don't communicate with each other
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"No happy endings with Endsleigh"

I have had so many problems with Endsleigh that I really want to share my experiences. I chose them for my first car insurance provider as they offered one of the cheapest rates and I knew the name as I had used them in the past for student contents insurance. For the first year and a half all was well until a had a minor bump on a roundabout. The accident was not my fault, there was no damage to the other vehicle and as as the only damage to my car was some scratches on the bumper, I decided not to make a claim. I dutifully reported the accident to Endsleigh and said I would not be claiming. I was informed that the other party had not been in touch and would have three months to do so. Six months later my renewal was due but the quote seemed ridiculously high so I called them to query and was told it was because I had made a claim for the incident on the roundabout. I informed them that this was not the case, and my premium was recalculated and resent to me. When I didn't receive the revised quote, I called and Endsleigh resent it once more. When it still didn't turn up, I discovered that they had been sending it to my old address where fortunately my parents still live, and even though the first quote had been sent to my new address. By now my insurance was due in one day's time and despite all this, I felt I had no choice but to renew with Endsleigh. Big mistake.

Two months later, I received a letter from Endsleigh, informing me that someone was making a claim against me, my two years no claims would be removed with immediate effect and that I must pay £267 within the next two weeks. When I called the claims department I was told the claim was from the driver on the roundabout who had now decided to claim six months later. I queried this as I had been told the person had three months and was told that although it was unusual, the other driver actually had 6 years to make a claim. I told them I wanted to dispute this and they said they would set things in motion. I also told them that I was not prepared to pay the higher premium until this matter was settled which they agreed. Shortly afterwards I received a second letter saying that I hadn't been in touch and demanding payment. I called again to explain the situation, emphasising that the matter was under investigation. Shortly after that I received a final letter saying that because I hadn't been in touch they would have no alternative but to cancel my insurance. Incidentally, all letters were signed by a different person, and one was simply initialled. I called yet again and discovered that the matter was being dealt with by two different departments who evidently were not communicating with each other. I was basically told I had to pay or else and that the money would be refunded once my case had been fully investigated (if it was ruled in my favour). At no point was I told what this money was for, or given any options of how to pay until I asked if I could pay in installments as I would struggle to give them a lump sum. Finally, they relented slightly and said I could pay it over a three month period.

For the following few months I continued to receive patchy correspondence from the Endsleigh claims department and the first few letters continued to be sent to my old address. The letters were all written as though the claim had already been settled and the money paid out to the other party. I wrote a letter to complain but Endsleigh continued to treat me as if I was the defendent rather than the injured party. I never felt like they were on my side, or that they were arguing my case. For instance, nothing was ever said or it was never investigated why the other driver decided to claim six months after the accident and for what turned out to be a very minor cosmetic repair. Finally, Endsleigh offered me 50/50 as there were no witnesses to the accident. I said no as the accident was not my fault. On two occasions, Endsleigh sent strongly worded letters threatening me with court if I did not accept 50/50. I still said no.

The case continued to drag on and on until almost a year and a half after the incident. Finally, Endsleigh wrote to me again and said that if I did pay 50/50, this would be £250, my 3 years no claims would be reinstated and I would be refunded any additional premiums I had paid. By now, I was so fed up of the whole thing I called and said that as I had already paid £267, to please refund me the £17 and keep the rest. Unbelievably, I was told that as it involved two different departments, I would have to be sent a cheque for the £267 and then send back the money to the other department. I asked the person if they would kindly check first if it could be done as I had suggested as the other way seemed rather inefficient. He checked and called me back to say that would be fine, a cheque would be issued for the remaining amount and my no claims reinstated. I received a new insurance certificate accordingly.

I was annoyed that I'd had to pay but after almost two years I was just happy that the whole thing was finally sorted (although I am still waiting for my £17). I vowed never to use Endsleigh again and had the perfect excuse when I received my new premium. Once again it was ridiculously high. I called them and discovered that the reason for this was because they had not taken into account my reinstated three years no claims. They revised the quote but it was still very high even though it was only for third party, fire and theft. I've now transferred to another insurance company who have given me a lower quote than this for fully comprehensive.

I hope that I never have to deal with Endsleigh again.

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